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Published on February 5, 2014

Author: ValentinosFilippou



The Greek letters.
These slides present all the letters of the Greek language (not only the alphabet) and their sounds. Exercises are included in the slides.

The Greek Letters ● Simple and two letters vowels ● Simple, double and two letters consonants ● Combinations

Simple Vowels α a as in bat η, ι, υ i as in fatigue ε e as in pen ο, ω o as in lofty

Simple Vowels (Uppercase) Can you match the letters in lowercase with the letters in uppercase? 1 2 3 α η υ a b c Ω Υ Ο 4 ι 5 ο d Α 6 ω e Ι 7 ε f Ε g Η

Simple Vowels (Uppercase) Easy!! Isn’t it? Now read aloud the letters. α η υ ι ο ω ε Α Η Υ Ι Ο Ω Ε

Two-letter vowels ει, οι i as in fatigue αι e as in pen ου u as in lubricant

Two-letter vowels (uppercase) It is very easy!! You just use the uppercase of the first letter. ει οι αι ου Ει Οι Αι Ου

Synopsis of the vowels ● Α, α sounds a as in bat ● H, η /Ι, ι/ Υ, υ / Ει, ει / Οι, οι sound i as in fatigue ● Ε, ε / Αι, αι sound e as in pen ● Ο, ο / Ω, ω sound o as in lofty ● Ου, ου sounds u as in lubricant

Task Time Write down the five “i” the two “o” and the two “e”.

Simple Consonants The Greek language has 15 simple consonant. Let’s go to study them!

Simple Consonants Β, β v as in voice Λ, λ l as in live Δ, δ th as in them Μ, μ m as in meet Ζ, ζ z as in zebra Ν, ν n as in need Θ, θ th as in thick Π, π p as in peep

Simple Consonants Ρ, ρ r as in run Σ, σ, ς s as in soft f as in fox h as in happy Κ, κ k as in key t as in tea Φ, φ y as in year Χ, χ Τ, τ Γ, γ

Task Time Read aloud the syllables: τα τε το τι φα φε φο φι μα με μο μι βα βε βο βι θα θε θο θι κα κε κο κι σα σε σο σι να νε νο νι δα δε δο δι γα γε γο γι ρα ρε ρο ρι

Double Consonants Ξ, ξ ks as in beaks Ψ, ψ ps as in shops Ξ, ξ and Ψ, ψ are called double consonants because they sound as two letters together Ξ, ξ= k+s and Ψ, ψ= p+s. Read aloud: ξα, ψα, ξο, ψο, ξε, ψε, ξι, ψι, ξου, ψου

Two letters consonants μπ b as in beat ντ d as in dignity γκ/γγ g as in go τσ ts as in its τζ dz as in beads

Task Time Read aloud the syllables: γκο, ντο, μπο, τσο, τζο, γκε, ντε, μπε, τσε, τζε γκι, ντι, μπι, τσι, τζι, γκου, ντου, μπου, τσου, τζου

Combinations The combinations of the letters α and ε with υ produced four different sounds. “αυ”, “ευ” are pronounced “af”, “ef” before γκ, κ, ξ, π, σ, τ, φ, χ Read aloud: αυτός, αυξάνω, εύκολος, ευχαριστώ, ευκαιρία

Combinations “αυ” “ευ” are pronounced “av”, “ev”, before a vowel or before β, γ, δ, λ, μ, ν, ρ Read aloud: αυγή, αυλή, εύνοια, αυγό

Listen and repeat

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