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Published on May 28, 2008

Author: ipping


Slide 1: VIEW THE GREATNESS OF ALLAH Slide 2: But man will never be able to create the beauty of colour in these leaves Man may have created this road path SUBHANALLAH Slide 3: But who was it that put colour in these fields ,who was it that made these fields to grow?? Man may have designed the lay out of these fields SUBHANALLAH Slide 4: ALLAH (s.w.t) doesn’t need the seasons,snow or even colour to change the colour of nature SUBHANALLAH Slide 5: ALLAH (s.w.t) doesn’t need the water to make ice ..or don’t need the sun to melt the ice SUBHANALLAH Slide 6: All of these flowers where developed from seeds,they all where initially the same seed ,but than why the different colours? Where did the colour come from?? SUBHANALLAH Slide 7: Place this same water in a glass bottle and see the colour of it? you cant comprehend the greatness of ALLAH (s.w.t) SUBHANALLAH Slide 8: You saw the water in the previous picture now how did this lake of water become a mirror?? SUBHANALLAH Slide 9: This is not man made..this is the direct greatness of ALLAH (s.w.t) how much more proof do you need to prove the truth of Islam just look!! SUBHANALLAH Slide 10: Who went in the heart of the desert to design this ?? SUBHANALLAH Slide 11: Constantly look around you and see who your allah is …when you find allah you have found everything……… By reading this email you have already praised allah s.w.t 10 times by reciting “Subhanallah” The reward for reciting 1 Subhanallah with firm yaqeen that only ALLAH is free from faults ..ALLAH (s.w.t) plants for you 1 tree in Jannah the size of this tree is such that if u travel with the fastest Arabian horse under the tree it will take you 500 years to cover the shade of the tree!!!!!! So don’t deprive your self of easy reward and forward this mail to all the muslims you know… SUBHANALLAH

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