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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: PSGray


PETER GRAY EESL 545 MINI-LESSON: PETER GRAY EESL 545 MINI-LESSON THE GENERATING WRITING STRATEGY MARCH 10, 2014 OBJECTIVE : OBJECTIVE S tudents will be able to elaborate on a topic by expanding their ideas, words, phrases, and sentences. Students will be able to use the brainstorming technique. 1. INTRODUCE THE STRATEGY : 1. INTRODUCE THE STRATEGY How do you find something to write about when you have something to write? The thing that you write about is your topic . One way to find things to write about your topic is to brainstorm . When you brainstorm you write down all the things you can think of on that subject. These things can be ideas, words, phrases, sentences. Maybe you will not use all of these things when you write but you will have a place to start writing. 2. DEMONSTRATE THE STRATEGY: 2. DEMONSTRATE THE STRATEGY Let’s take a look at a topic. I will give you one to start with: what I did on my holiday. Let me brainstorm a little about what I did. 3. GUIDE PRACTICE WITH THE STRATEGY: 3. GUIDE PRACTICE WITH THE STRATEGY Now what about you? Anyone want to volunteer one thing that they did on their holiday ? Don’t tell us a story. Just an idea, a word, a phrase, a short sentence. Right now let’s just talk. Normally, you will write all these down. 4. APPLY THE STRATEGY IN MEANINGFUL PRACTICE: 4. APPLY THE STRATEGY IN MEANINGFUL PRACTICE Let’s break into groups. With your group, brainstorm some about what you did on your holiday. Try to think of the different things you did . Write down at least 10 ideas, words, phrases, or sentences. Right now, they do not have to be perfect— y ou are just starting to think about what you will write. Remember to take turns talking in your group! Remember to write down individually the things you come up with. 5. ASSESSMENT AND REFLECTION: 5. ASSESSMENT AND REFLECTION What did you think about your group brainstorming ? Was brainstorming easy or difficult? Why? Hand in your work. I will look at it and return it next time we meet.

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