Gravity Blockbuster Movie Review. Stars Actress Sandra Bullock.

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Information about Gravity Blockbuster Movie Review. Stars Actress Sandra Bullock.

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: yetagain



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This is a Christian movie review of the Blockbuster Movie "Gravity" starring actress Sandra Bullock and George Clooney.

What makes this movie review a bit unique, was because a series of events that happened to me before I decided to go out with my family to see this film.

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Gravity Christian Movie Review This is a Christian movie review of the Blockbuster Movie "Gravity" starring actress Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Full Review found here: What makes this movie review a bit unique, was because a series of events that happened to me before I decided to go out with my family to see this film. Then events that happened after, viewing this film. A revelation "clicked". The Lord revealed a deep revelation on the real message underlying this seemingly "Innocent" film production. Online Full Movie Downloads: Photo Credit: Pubblicato il 26 dicembre 2011 Where is your Home? Is "Gravity" Holding You Down from Rising Up? Those who are Earthly Look Down, but Those Who are Born Again from Above, Look Up. The Lord had been dealing with me about my "Focus". I was at times becoming worn down and worried about the things of the world that my relationship with Jesus was becoming bland. I was reminded to shake off the things of this world. Not to be burdened down with, what shall I wear, what will I eat, worries, how can I provide for my family. There are so many voices in the world that I was listening to that it became so hard to hear from God and to trust in Him in every area of my life. The Lord told me that I was listening to "too many voices". So, the Lord put me on a "Media" fast. This is not my first media fast, and I know it won't be my last. So I turned off the television and spent more time in His word and listening to the still small voice of the Holy Spirit that was previously being drowned out by the screaming commercials, news reports and celebrity scandal reports. The world around me became quiet and peaceful. I felt like I woke up and was living in the real world around me and that everyone else was still "caught up" in the matrix of a false, fabricated world of Hollywood Movies, Hollywood news and Hollywood video and tabloid circus. I felt like I was in the world by myself. One of the very few that had been freed from the strong delusion of lies. I thanked God for setting me free so I could totally start living. Then I had a dream... I dreamed that I was taken out of the world and hovered over the blue planet longingly looking down on it. Jesus was next to me on my left. He observed me longing for earth. Jesus asked, "Why do you want to go back there? That is not your home." I thought the most logical response any human being would think. I knowing that there is no air in

space. I told him, "I need to breath!" Jesus calmly responded, "I am your air." I thought logically again, and responded back. "I need to eat!" Jesus calmly responded, "I am your bread." Then I responded back, "I need water!" while looking at the ocean masses of earth below us. Jesus, calmly responded. "I am the living water." I suddenly woke up from this dream and realized. I am born again, earth is not my home anymore. The basic elements that this old body needs to live is found on earth, but I am lifted up into heavenly places in Christ and Jesus is all the basic elements my new man needs to survive in Heaven's atmosphere. My "Media fast" came to an end. I wasn't as "Caught up" in what the world had to say anymore, and felt free in my spirit to live outside of the "Tube" more often. Then, my family came together and said that they wanted to see "Gravity" with Saundra Bullock and they invited me to come along. I though it quite odd that my family was inviting me to go with them. I don't go to the movies much anymore and they are always going and never really ever asking me, because they know I like buying movies and building up my home movie collection or just reading a good, informative book. I asked Jesus, "Okay, what's going on? Should I go watch this movie?" I then remembered my sister Lisa went to see it earlier and told me she like the movie, it was "family friendly" and some other Christian movie reviews gave it good grades, but warned a little about the spiritual confusion of showing Budda and Jesus as if Sandra needed to make a "spiritual" choice, but in the end seemingly chose neither. Still, not choosing Jesus is choosing a false way and Budda is a false way. I know, Budda and Jesus are NOT in the same category. Jesus is the son of God who sits on the throne in Heaven on high and all will have to answer to Him in the end of time, even Budda. Budda is a man and Jesus is God revealed in the flesh. Still, I felt lead to see the movie myself and to just enjoy this family time together and not over analyze. At the cinema, popcorn in hand, family excited, the film begins! It was innocent enough, the special effect were great, Sandra was her sweet usual self, got to love her! George Clooney, seemed to me to be the voice of her conscience, even the subtle voice of the enemy seducing her to hold on to anything other then Jesus. Sorry, George, I love you, but you represent the "Devil" the voice of the "Enemy" in this movie. You seem innocent enough, but you are not. Sandra, in the movie lost her child and was still grieving that experience. George seemed to be trying to help give her something to hold on to or something to live for, back on earth. True the physical man needs all the things on earth to survive. Who wouldn't want to get back to earth? But, I know that this was a spiritual choice this movie was hinting at, because they flashed the image of Budda and the image of Jesus. I've worked in the entertainment business in various areas of production, celebrity, music and dramatic productions for over 20 years and I am a writer. Nothing is overlooked in writing and production of a film. Nothing that appears on camera is a mistake or just thrown in to fill up a time limit quota. Everything is strategically thought out and placed in the frame. Each frame is painstakenly analyzed to take the viewer where the writer and director wants them to go. That's the "Magic" of Hollywood! So, I can tell you spiritually what they are trying to get you to do. And, you thought it was just for your entertainment!

They want you to make a decision to reject Jesus and chose the way of the earth. Period. It's spiritual warfare and will be until Jesus returns again and sets up His final kingdom for 2000 years, then Satan released for a little time after, and those still needing to make a decision makes their last stance against the King of Kings and are thrown into the lake of fire that burneth forever. With Jesus there is power, If Sandra's charactor had been shown who Jesus really was, in the time of life and death decisions, she would had reached out to Jesus and be saved, that even if she died out in space, she would have been ushered by the angels into the presense of the Lord and Heaven, which can not be compared to earth for it is so much better a reward. That would have been the happier ending. The end scene of Sandra laying in the wet sand and anchored to it gave me a twing of sadness inside. Sandra, if you only knew the deep spiritual choice you made in rejecting Jesus. It felt like I was ushered into a funeral of a friend I knew who recently died and I knew was not saved. John 3:16 is the start on that new journey to a new home in Heaven. Because, Jesus says that this old world will soon pass away. Only those who have life in Him will truly live forever in Heaven. Full review found here:

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