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Published on May 20, 2016

Author: rachelesterline


1. Navigating Social Media

2. Social media is a storm you can’t ignore

3. A few of the countless options:  Facebook  Pages  Groups  Live video  Twitter  Periscope  Twitter chats  LinkedIn  Instagram  YouTube  Snapchat  Pinterest  Blogs  Mobile apps But you don’t need to be everywhere….

4. Your audience is key

5. Kids these days…  Gen Z will account for 40% of all consumers by 2020  Eight second attention span  Twice as likely than Gen Y to shop on mobile and to use YouTube  3x likelier to open a chat message received through a push notification (rather than an email)  Very involved with volunteering and want their jobs to impact the world  Concerned about humanity’s impact on the planet Source: Social Media Today Photo credit: Danny Nicholson

6. Why you need a social strategy  To help you evaluate and select the best social channels for your audience  To help you set SMART social media goals  To help you evaluate your current social media use

7. Before you begin  Take a baseline:  Audit your current social media presence  Note key metrics for future reference  Evaluate the social media and marketing of your competitors and/or peers  Listen and learn  What are people saying about your business online?

8. Setting SMART goals  Specific  Measurable  Attainable  Relevant  Time-bound

9. Examples of Goals Reach Engagement Build awareness Demonstrate thought leadership Shift sentiment Gain feedback Drive traffic Increase likes/follows Drive referrals Increase attendance Recruit members Garner feedback Build a community Serve as a resource Develop relationships Amplify other marketing efforts Generate views

10. Determine your voice  Is your brand serious and professional? Or, is it personable and upbeat? Influenced by your audience and their expectations  Different topics can require different tones Crisis communication versus a celebratory announcement

11. Set a timeline  Focus on the long haul Building a social media audience takes time and consistency  Consider short-term campaigns that are integrated into your main channels Don’t create new channels for each new campaign

12.  Post content that aligns with your goals:  50% | Content that inspires, entertains, engages or informs your audience  30% | Conversation and interaction  20% | Self-promotion and sales 50/30/20 formula Reach and engage your audience with the

13. Ask yourself the 5 W’s of Social Strategy when creating content  Who are you trying to reach?  What are you trying to achieve and/or what do you want them to do and/or how do you want them to feel/react/think?  When do you want this to happen?  Where do you want these people to go?  Why?

14. “Facebook has said publicly that its new algorithm is intended to leverage historical data about individual users to predict which content is most likely to be perceived as interesting.” The Light Digital

15. What it means for you:  Determines whether or not your posts are seen in a person’s newsfeed  Prioritizes “relevant” content  High preference for video (especially live)  Less likely to show click- bait, memes or ad-like posts

16. What is “relevant content?”  Engaging  Interesting  Emotional  Personal  Timely The content that fits these buckets will vary depending on your audience.

17. Aligning content to the algorithm:  Post content that you predict people will like, comment, share, click, etc.  Pay attention to time of day due to “time decay”  Don’t try to game the system  Don’t link all your social channels together

18. Find Content For Each Quadrant  Fuel your audience’s passion and interest  Involve your audience so they feel an authentic connection  Support your audience by providing relevant information and resources  Share content that originates from your audience

19. Fuel  Inspire your audience with content that surrounds their points of passion and/or interest that are related to your organization. Entertain them with content they find interesting.  Invoke an emotional response.  Inspire someone to take action.

20. “Fuel” Examples  Post relevant stories from internal and external news channels  Share information about exciting industry trends  Post creative infographics  Share videos  Develop top 10 lists  Share inspirational or motivational quotes or stories from people your organization impacted

21. Involve  Feature real people with authentic stories that connect back to your core brand  Ask questions and provide opportunities for the audience to engage with you.  Make it personal  Drive them to take action (register, volunteer, etc.)

22. “Involve” Examples  Photo gallery or video from an event  Use of “brand” ambassadors or influencers  Feature of a person or group  Periscope/Facebook Live interview with a guest speaker with a Q&A  Behind-the-scene look  Challenges or takeovers

23. Support  Provide resources and news that resonates with and impacts your audience  Seek to anticipate their needs  Give them the information they need to take the next step

24. “Support” Examples  Post about upcoming events  Create a checklist to help people plan ahead, take action, etc.  Post a guest speaker’s presentation online  Answering FAQs  “How-to” instructions  Responding promptly to questions

25. Share  Share the news about awards and highlights  Utilize pre-existing content  Repost content created by others

26. “Share” Examples  Recognizing people for their achievements  Retweeting a related post about an event  Sharing ideas and information  Posting a photo gallery

27. Amplify reach and engagement  Be a helpful resource: Post information, inspiration and resources that your audience wants or needs  Use tag-worthy and shareable visuals  A specific call-to-action  Read more  Sign up  Donate  Stop by

28. Bite-sized content  Designed for short attention spans (skimmable)  Linking out to more information  Intended to educate, engage and/or entertain

29.  Create  Once  Publish  Everywhere COPE Great content is consistent:

30. Content calendars  Google Calendar, Excel, Word, Trello, etc.  Pre-write content to ensure it’s balanced  Use social media tools to schedule content Photo credit: Matt Hamm

31. “Pages should avoid encouraging people to take an action (such as encouraging lots of clicks), because this will likely only cause temporary spikes in metrics that might then be rebalanced by feed’s ranking over time.” Facebook

32. Target key posts

33. Broaden or refine reach

34. Keys to Success  Determine the goal: Why are you using social media? What do you expect it to achieve?  Quality versus quantity: Pick and choose channels; Post your best content  Remember the “social” in social media: Talk to people, not at them  Engagement is more important than followers: 1,000 followers who don’t engage means nothing  Few posts go viral: Success is more than likes and shares

35. Tactic ideas for channels

36. Facebook  Ask people to engage with your brand  Try prizes and giveaways

37. Instagram  Post photos that align with what users expect to see on the channel  #Do #not #hashtag #everything

38. Twitter & Periscope  Post company and industry news  Listen and respond to potential customers  Try Periscope to engage with users live or to show a “behind- the-scenes” look at a process or event

39. Pinterest  Pins can drive traffic back to your website or blog  Be sure to include keywords within the pin for searchability  Good content marketing platform

40. LinkedIn  Connect with others in the community  Use blogging as a way to establish yourself as a thought leader

41. Blogging  Fantastic for SEO  Use lists  10 things…  5 reasons…  Show different perspectives

42. Events

43. User-generated content  People post or submit content (photos, testimonials, etc.)  Use the content on other social media channels or for marketing purposes

44. Ties to pop culture or holidays  Popular TV shows  Flashbacks: ‘90s, 80s’, etc.  Unusual holidays or recognition weeks

45. Scheduling tools   

46. Image tools     

47. Contests, voting, events, etc.    

48. A few things to keep in mind  Do one channel well rather than five at half effort  Mobile is key  Facebook is not dying, it’s shifting  You don’t have to join every new, shiny channel (Snapchat, etc.)  Social media doesn’t work in a silo  For SEO purposes, occasionally incorporate the “where” in your posts. Photo credit: Margaux-Marguerite Duquesnoy

49. Workshop resources View the presentation, resources & more at: Password: chamber

50. Rachel Esterline Perkins 989-330-1201 |

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