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Published on January 7, 2009

Author: aSGuest9555


Grassroots Marketing : Grassroots Marketing Developing WIC as a Community Investment Outreach Successes : Outreach Successes Maintaining a caseload close to 50,000 per month Obtaining OAF for $297,174, Flex-E-Grant for $10,000 & $4,000 from Dept of Ed in 2007 Good partnership with many community/faith-based agencies Met all performance measures for FY 2006 Monthly Caseload : Monthly Caseload Funding : Funding Percent of Population Being Served : Percent of Population Being Served Statewide WIC is serving 61% of eligible participants who also receive Medicaid; 68% of all eligible state residents Medicaid data contends the state could serve 74,336 participants This would contribute $7.7 million more to the administrative budget Grassroots Marketing Strategies : Grassroots Marketing Strategies Inclusive to Agency Tell a Story Identify the Need Creates Partnerships Has its Roots in the Community Grassroots Marketing Structure : Grassroots Marketing Structure Posture Position Presence Performance Key Indicators of Success : Key Indicators of Success Client Access Are we unique? Are we relevant? Does our organization facilitate change?

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