Graphite, an introduction

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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: jamesrwu



An introduction to graphite and why it's so great.

Graphite: An Introduction Scaling real-time monitoring

The purpose today

What is graphite

Why it’s so great

How to graph (It’s really easy!)

How we use graphite

First, a definition

Alerts+Metrics=Monitoring Graphite Cacti Munin Nagios Icinga Both Zenoss Hyperic Zabbix PNP4Nagios Alerting Metrics

What is graphite

About graphite ● Django web application consisting of 3 parts: ○ carbon (relays, caches, aggregates metrics) ○ whisper (graphite’s equivalent of RRD files) ○ Web UI (graph composer, simple dashboard)

Why graphite?

Why graphing? Discover trends and patterns What time of the day do we get the most users? When x happened, what was the effect on y? How many hits am I getting per hour? How does this compare to last week? last month? Predict future events When will we need to add more servers? Databases? Negative feedback Did the release into production fix problem x?

Cacti SUCKS A few reasons: Ancient user interface (no javascript/ajax), terrible workflow, cannot push metrics, no formulas, no graph introspection, cannot push metrics, cannot feed out of sequence metrics, ugly graphs, no API, expose system/os metrics on host via snmp, no graph composer, no custom graphs, predefine metrics, predefine graphs, static polling interval, unscalable, tons of work to create one graph, no 3rd party ecosystem, etc.

Graphite ++



Functions (sum, derivatives, integrals, timeshift, mostDeviant, scale, averages, etc.)

API (Nagios integration, 3rd party custom dashboards)


Easy to feed data

Wide ecosystem of 3rd party tools and dashboards







Graphite --

No poller

No all in one solution

No easy backups

It probably will become business critical

How to graph

There are tons of ways to feed graphite your data

Bash #!/bin/bash timestamp = `date +%s` value = 10 echo " $value $timestamp" | nc -w 1 graphite. 2003 Python def send_msg(message, HOST, PORT): sock = socket.create_connection((HOST, PORT)) sock.send(message) sock.close() Python using graphite-pymetrics from metrics import timing @timing("heavy.task") def heavy_task( x, y, z): # do heavy stuff here

Ruby require 'socket' Host = 'somegraphitehost' conn = Host, 2003 conn.puts 'Metrics value timestamp' conn.close Java import; import; Socket conn = new Socket("somegraphitehost" , 2003); DataOutputStream dos = new DataOutputStream(conn .getOutputStream()); dos.writeBytes("metrics value timestamp" ); conn.close();

How we use graphite

700K + metrics per minute

A Common Graphite Stack Graphite-web Collectd Poller(s) Applications Carbon Whisper Dashboards Statsd Scripts Nagios

Collectd Agent for system/hardware level metrics Growing repository of plugins for a wide variety of applications: disk i/o, disk space, cpu, memory, mysql, JMX, java, Redis, file sizes, load, etc. Write your custom plugin in python

Nagios integration You can write Nagios plugins that can alert off of metrics values Nagios can also feed graphite performance data, events (ie: update counter each time email is sent), etc.

What to collect?

Hardware/OS metrics


Disk space

Disk I/O

Network data

Application metrics

How often function x is called

Average value of function x

Average running time of function x


performance metrics

number of records with value == ?

number of slow queries



send a 1, draw as infinite

Log files

http access logs (2xx, 3xx, 4xx, 5xx)

Application logs Exception counts, results, important events, hits

Final Musings

Treat graphite like ‘Big Data’

You don’t know what metrics you need until you need it

Get Raid 10 SSD’s once you decide to scale

More devopsy

You can start graphing today!

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