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Published on March 19, 2014

Author: bobcharley



x as [ks], x as [gz]


Even just the name “Caleb” is soft, ordinary, boring. “Xavier” evokes excitement, Extra-ordinariness, exclamations of sexy exasperation, excellence, explicit exploration. But with all of that exhilaration, disappointment trails along. Disappointment because I am not worthy of something so wonderful, someone so perfectly imperfect, someone whose very flaws are poetic. Chapped lips Firm kiss Round belly Iron deficiency Lies Preceding sincerest Apologies Penniless Craziest Irresistible nevertheless… Poems don’t have to rhyme; they’re more beautiful that way, And he doesn’t rhyme either. I’m better off with a Caleb, a Mark, an Andrew or a Josh. Plain toast Skim milk Polo shirts Steady work. No X’s.

X is the only grapheme that corresponds to more than one sound. • X is a combination of k sound and s sound. [ks] •X is a combination of g sound and z sound. [gz]

 Whenever x is between a vowel and a consonant, and is the final letter of a word, then /ks/ is going to be the way to say it.

[ks] Experience Extend Expose Box Tax Expert Excavate Notice that the stressed syllable of the first 3 examples is the second syllable. So the way you pronounce the letter “E” at the beginning of each word is [I], instead of [ɛ]. E as [ɛ] because stressed syllable is the first syllable

 X is pronounced /gz/ when it is between two vowels, and when its stressed syllable begins immediately after the letter x.

[gz] Exact Examine Exhort (silent h) Exit Exile Execute Exercise Exhibition but Because the stress is in the second syllable, the E is pronounced as [I]. E as [ɛ] for the stressed syllable is the first syllable Each word’s stressed syllable is the first and/or third syllable. Ergo, even if x is between two vowel sounds, it is still pronounced as [ks]. And letter E as [ɛ].

On a ¼ sheet of paper, copy the words below and beside each, write the corresponding pronunciation of E as the beginning of each word, [I] or [ɛ]; and the pronunciation of x, [ks] or [gz]. Example: expect – [I], [ks] 1. Excavate 2. Examine 3. Exhibit 4. Execute 5. Exercise 6. Experience 7. Exhaust 8. Exact 9. Extend 10.Exposure

1.Example – [I], [gz] 2.Examine – [I], [gz] 3.Exhibit – [I], [gz] 4.Execute – [ɛ], [ks] 5.Exercise – [ɛ], [ks] 6.Experience – [I], [ks] 7.Exhaust – [I], [gz] 8.Exact – [I], [gz] 9.Extend – [I], [ks] 10.Exposure – [I], [ks]

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