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Published on March 15, 2014

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GRAPHS and CHARTS IN PEDIATRICS : GRAPHS and CHARTS IN PEDIATRICS DR MANDAR HAVAL D.C.H. D.N.B GENETICS: GENETICS PowerPoint Presentation: A -  Cheyne -Stokes: may follow diffuse cortical injury, but more often reflects bilateral thalamic injury. B - Central neurogenic hyperventilation:  pontomesencephalic  region C -  Apneustic : lateral  tegmentum  of the lower half of the pons D - Ataxic ( Biot’s ):  lower  dorsomedial  medulla PowerPoint Presentation: LIGHT REFLEX PowerPoint Presentation: ACCOMADATION REFLEX PowerPoint Presentation: CAPNOGRAM PowerPoint Presentation: CAPNOGRAM PowerPoint Presentation: CAPNOGRAM PowerPoint Presentation: CAPNOGRAM PowerPoint Presentation: SPIROMETER TRACE PowerPoint Presentation: Image of flow-volume curves . PowerPoint Presentation: AUDIOMETRY PowerPoint Presentation: Conductive hearing loss PowerPoint Presentation: SENSORINEURAL HEARING LOSS PowerPoint Presentation: FOREST PLOT PowerPoint Presentation: Forest plot (forest plot shows information from individual studies that went into meta-analysis at a glance. They show the amount of variation between the studies and an estimate of the overall result. Each square symbol represents a study contributing to metanalysis and the area of square corresponds to the weight of the corresponding study to the metaanalysis . PowerPoint Presentation: The horizontal line through the square shows the confidence interval. The solid vertical line represents no effect. The diamond represents the overall estimate from the meta-analysis. The centre of diamond represents the pooled point estimate and the horizontal tips represent the confidence interval. PowerPoint Presentation: SCATTER PLOTS PowerPoint Presentation: (a) 'shotgun' scatter, with low correlation, (b) strong positive correlation, (c) strong negative correlation, (d) and (e) low correlation, with very little change in one variable compared with the other, (f) this scatter would generate a spurious high correlation because of the effect of the five points enclosed by the shaded area PowerPoint Presentation: 'BOX AND WHISKER'  PowerPoint Presentation: Cardiac pressure/volume loop corners: A)  Mitral valve  closes B)  Aortic valve  opens C) Aortic valve closes D) Mitral valve opens PowerPoint Presentation: Pulse Waveform PowerPoint Presentation: Pulse Waveform PowerPoint Presentation: BERA TEST PowerPoint Presentation: 1. Cochlear nerves - waves I and II 2.  Cochlear nucleus  - wave III 3. Superior olivary complex - wave IV 4. Nulclei of lateral lemniscus - wave V 5. Inferior colliculus - waves VI and VII PowerPoint Presentation: TABLE I : CRITERIA FOR PASSING APPETITE TEST Body weight Minimum amount of RUTF (kg) to be consumed for passing the Appetite Test ( mL or grams) >4 15 4 –6.9 25 7 –9.9 35 10 –14.9 50 SEVERE ACUTE MALNUTRITION PowerPoint Presentation: Calculation of Target Height and Target Height Centile . Measure the parent’s heights and make a note of their heights on the chart. Calculate the child’s target height (TH) and plot it at 18 years and mark it with an arrow on the growth chart. This represents the child’s projected height and the target range is produced by plotting two points 7.5 cms above and below for a boy and 6 cm above and below for a girl (representing the 10th and the 90th centile for that child) . In the example shown above, the 50th percentile for the general population is the 90th centile for the child measured and the 10th centile for the child is below the 10th centile for the population. Source: Cowell CT. Short Stature. In: Clinical Pediatric Endocrinology, 3rd edn . Ed. Brook CGD. London, Blackwell Science, 1995; pp 136-172. PowerPoint Presentation: Principles of Development  Cephalo → Caudal  Proximal → Distal  Simple → Complex  General → Specific  Involuntary → Voluntary  Continuous  Sequence same, Rate varies  Maturation AND Environment PowerPoint Presentation: VENTURI MASK PowerPoint Presentation: THANK YOU

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