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Published on March 3, 2014

Author: SergeyEnin



Introduction to the applications of graph databases   Sergey  Enin   /pankrat   /sergeyenin  


Graph  Databases   Graph Databases

Graph Databases: HISTORY Leonhard Euler (1707 –1783) Swiss mathematician

Graph Databases: HISTORY

What is Graph?

Graph Databases: GRAPH A   B   Ver%ce   (Node)   C   Edge   (Rela%onship)   D  

Graph Databases: WHAT IS IT?

Graph Databases: WHAT IS IT? Joins   VS   Traversals  

Graph Databases: CHARACTERISTICS 1 Good for semistructured connected data Index freeadjacency 2 3 The underlying storage The processing engine 4


ApplicaFon:  social  graphs  

Application: PAGE RANK

APP: Collaborative filtering

Neo4J: CHARACTERISTICS   true  ACID  transac%ons;     scales  to  billions  of  nodes  and  rela%onships;     high  speed  querying  through  traversals;     declara%ve  graph  query  language;  

Neo4J:   who   use   Neo4J: WHO USE it  

Neo4J:   who   use   Neo4J: NETWORK ARCHITECTURE it   Neo4J:  network  architecture  

Neo4J:  architecture   Neo4J: ARCHITECTURE

Neo4J:  architecture   Neo4J: Internal storage Node   Rela%onship  

Neo4J:  architecture   Neo4J: Internal storage

APP: Collaborative filtering Neo4J: CF

APP: Collaborative filtering Neo4J: CF

Neo4J: CYPHER MATCH    (p1:Person)-­‐[x:RATED]-­‐>(m:PRODUCT)<-­‐[y:RATED]-­‐ (p2:Person)   WITH    SUM(x.ra%ng  *  y.ra%ng)  AS  xyDotProduct,   SQRT(REDUCE(xDot  =  0,  a  IN  COLLECT(x.ra%ng)  |  xDot  +  a^2))   AS  xLength,  SQRT(REDUCE(yDot  =  0,  b  IN  COLLECT(y.ra%ng)  |   yDot  +  b^2))  AS  yLength,  p1,  p2   CREATE  UNIQUE    (p1)-­‐[s:SIMILARITY]-­‐(p2)   SET    s.similarity  =  xyDotProduct  /  (xLength  *  yLength)   Thank  you!   /pankrat   /sergeyenin  

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