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Published on November 5, 2007

Author: Coralie


Slide2:  Images and Voices from The Dust Bowl Slide3:  Photographs of Migrant Workers in California 1936-1939 by Dorothea Lange Slide4:  And Voices from the Dustbowl a collection of actual recordings from Government Camps in California Slide5:  Downloaded from the American Memory Project The Library of Congress Created by Ms. Margaret Boyle and Mr. Gary J. Whitehead Tenafly High School, Tenafly New Jersey Slide6:  One of the westward highways migrants drove, 1938 Slide7:  Migrant family on U.S. Highway 99 between Bakersfield and Famoso, 1936 Slide8:  Between Tulare and Fresno, migrants on the road, 1939 Slide9:  Former Missouri farmers, now migrant workers in California, 1936 Slide10:  Children of migrant workers, California, 1937 Slide11:  Migrant pea pickers, and all their worldly possessions, 1936 Slide12:  Migrant cotton picker from Kansas on highway near Merced, California Slide13:  Tom Collins, manager of Kern camp, California, with migrant mother and child, 1936 Slide14:  Man in Maryville migrant camp, figuring his year’s earnings, 1935 Slide15:  Oklahoman family vehicle, stranded by side of the road in California, 1936 Slide16:  Squatters along a highway camp (Hooverville) near Bakersfield, 1935 Slide17:  Migrant family outfit on U.S. 99 between Bakersfield, California, and the Ridge, 1939 Slide18:  Migratory family in auto camp, California, 1936 Slide19:  Migrant laborers, Brawley, Imperial Valley, California Slide20:  Migrant worker entertainers, in blackface, Shafter camp, 1938 Slide21:  Family, one month after leaving South Dakota, on road in Tulelake, California, 1939 Slide22:  Oklahoma drought refugee children, migrant camp, California Slide23:  Arkansas family, seven months in California, washing dishes, 1936 Slide24:  Arkansan girl in migrant camp near Greenfield, Salinas Valley, California. Slide25:  Pregnant migrant woman, squatter’s camp, Kern County, California, 1936 Slide26:  Motherless children, cotton pickers, California, 1935 Slide27:  Drought refugees in migrant camp, California Slide28:  California migrant camp, 1936 Slide29:  Son of destitute migrant, American River Camp, near Sacramento, California Slide30:  Migrant worker’s home, California, 1937 Slide31:  Eighteen year-old mother from Oklahoma, now a California migrant, 1937 Slide32:  Freight car converted into house in “Little Oklahoma,” California Slide33:  Pea ranch camp near Calipatria, Imperial Valley, California Slide34:  Migrant cotton picker, California, 1938 Slide35:  Housing for workers of the Frick Ranch, California Slide36:  Camp council, FSA camp for migrant workers, Farmersville, California Slide37:  Kern County migrant camp, California, 1936 Slide38:  Migrant child, FSA camp, Shafter, California, 1938 Slide39:  Halloween party, Shafter camp, California, 1938 Slide40:  FSA migrant labor camp, Calipatria, Imperial Valley, California Slide41:  Migrant pea pickers on the road with tire trouble, California, 1936 Slide42:  Destitute family of pea pickers; mother of seven, age 32, Nipoma, California, 1936 Slide43:  Works Cited Lange, Dorothea. The American Memory Project. “America from the Great Depression to WWII: Photographs from the FSA-OWI, 1935-1945.” Library of Congress. 12/15/03. (9/28/04). Voices from the Dustbowl. The American Memory Project. “The Charles R. Todd and Robert Sonkin Migrant Worker Collection 1940-41. American Folk Life Center, Library of Congress. 1/8/98. (9/28/04).

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