Grape Seed Oil

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Information about Grape Seed Oil

Published on March 18, 2014

Author: GoodWithBeauty


PowerPoint Presentation: get me the goodies! TM presented by Light & nutritious Grape Seed Oil © PowerPoint Presentation: © It takes 750kg of grapes to produce 1 kg of grape seed oil No wonder grape seed oil is expensive! But it helps that it is a by-product of wine making, otherwise wasted. 750kg of grapes 15 kg of seeds 1kg of oil 735 kg of juice , skin, pulp PowerPoint Presentation: © It doesn’t matter if it’s red or green… The fatty acid and phytochemical * profile of grape seed oil is similar, irrespective of the type and variety of grapes used * - phytochemical : phyto – plants, therefore chemicals from plants Source: PowerPoint Presentation: © Grape seed oil is well suited for cooking! Works well for dressings Great for making mayonnaise Is heart-friendly compared to many other oils PowerPoint Presentation: © Why is it good for cooking? Has a neutral flavor Emulsifies well (mixing with water) High polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-6) and presence of antioxidants such as Vitamin E PowerPoint Presentation: © Grape seed oil is a treat for your skin… PowerPoint Presentation: © Grape seed oil is a treat for your skin… Excellent moisturizer Prevents wrinkles and other signs of oxidative damage Absorbs very well Mild astringent, non- comedogenic . Hence will not aggravate acne Skin repair in sensitive areas, such as the skin around the eyes Great for massage and in aromatherapy as a carrier oil PowerPoint Presentation: © …and also for your hair! Moisturizes the scalp . A nourished scalp is a prerequisite for healthy hair Light and non-sticky. Does not weigh your hair down Doesn’t have a smell PowerPoint Presentation: © What makes grape seed oil a beauty must-have? Rich in linoleic acid – an unsaturated fatty acid that makes it: light textured easy to apply penetrate skin easily, and stay liquid at skin temperature, so that nutrients are available for skin One teaspoon of grape seed oil contains 1.3 mg of Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant and essential skin nutrient Helps support cell membranes and maintain healthy structure of the epithelial cells on the skin PowerPoint Presentation: © How to get grape seed oil goodness for yourself Use directly where moisturization is required. Just dab a little and gently massage. Great for relieving dark circles under the eyes! Mix with other oils for use as a light hair oil Look for products with grape seed oil, such as: Face wash Creams Moisturizers Sun creams – especially good because of antioxidant properties PowerPoint Presentation: TM © / goodwithbeauty / goodwithbeauty

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