Granite The perfect natural stone that has it all

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Information about Granite The perfect natural stone that has it all

Published on January 23, 2018

Author: rsgstones


Granite - The perfect natural stone that has it all!: Granite - The perfect natural stone that has it all! Natural Stone in Architecture: Natural Stone in Architecture Natural stone is a material that is made unique by the fact that each piece of stone is made exceptional by the inherent variances caused by Mother Nature. Although historically, locally quarried stones were used, in today’s day, it is quite possible to use natural stone from anywhere in the world. The usage of natural stone in architecture includes functions like flooring, cladding, facades, platform-tops, curbing and surfaces etc. India has a variety of natural stone depending upon the region, including granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, slate etc. Aesthetical Qualities of Granite: Aesthetical Qualities of Granite Granite is a popular example of natural stone used for architectural interiors. It lends a beautifully classic look to any space it adorns. The stone comes in soft hues of grey, green, pink etc. and is available in a variety of sizes. Granite slab prices vary depending upon the composition of the grains as well as the quality of the stone. Advantages of using Granite: Advantages of using Granite Although they look similar, granite slab prices are lower than that of marble slabs. The material is also heat resistant and highly durable. Due to the low maintenance required for this material, it is quite worthy for a long lasting luxurious living space. Thank You…: Thank You…

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