Grammar Book Chapter 13 Part 1

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Information about Grammar Book Chapter 13 Part 1

Published on January 30, 2009

Author: Rvan


Wh- QuestionsChapter 13, Part 1 : Wh- QuestionsChapter 13, Part 1 ENGLISH 5050: English Syntax and Morphology Robert F. van Trieste, Ph.D. All quotations, unless otherwise noted, are from chapter 13 of The Grammar Book, 2nd edition. Wh- Questions : Wh- Questions Called wh-questions because most use a wh-question word. sometimes called interrogative words or wh-words Request a missing piece of information Can be a constituent (phrase structure) or part of a constituent . X lost his keys. Who lost his keys? The X boy lost his keys. Which boy lost his keys? The wh-word used depends on the missing element. who(m), what, whose, when, where, why, which, how, how much/many/old/often/etc. Subject wh-questions : Subject wh-questions Predicate wh-questions: 1 : Predicate wh-questions: 1 Predicate wh-questions: 2 : Predicate wh-questions: 2 end : end

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