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Information about Grails Views

Published on February 25, 2016

Author: NexThoughts



2. Modal And View  Modal  Difference between forward and redirect  Scaffolding  Templates  Layouts  Taglib

3. [book: Book.get(] render(view: "display", model: map) <g:each in=”${list}” var=”list”></g:each> <g:select optionKey="id" optionValue=”name” from="${Book.list()}" value="${author?.books}" noSelection="['null': '']"/>

4. Forward Forwards a request from one controller to the next without issuing an HTTP redirect. forward (action: 'show', params: [fromIndex: true, bookId: 200])

5. Redirect Redirect flow from one action to the next using an HTTP redirect. redirect(action: login)  Flash.message

6. Scaffolding grails generate-controller Book grails generate-all com.bookstore.Book static scaffold = Book static scaffold = true

7. Layouts <html> <head> <title><g:layoutTitle default="Grails"/></title> <g:layoutHead/> </head> <body> <div id="header">HEADER</div> <g:layoutBody/> <div id="footer">FOOTER</div>

8. Templates For multiple use <g:render template="/email/welcome" model="[username: username]"/></h2>

9. Taglib grails create-tag-lib format  static namespace = “ls”  def renderFieldError = { attrs -> def a = attrs?.a def b = attrs?.b out << a+b }

10. For Services PageRenderer groovyPageRenderer groovyPageRenderer.render view: '/email/confirm', model: [username: findUsername()] LinkGenerator grailsLinkGenerator grailsLinkGenerator.createLink(action=””,controlle r=”” )

11. Thank You

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