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Information about Grails Plugins

Published on February 25, 2016

Author: NexThoughts


1. Plugins

2. Mail plugin • Install: grails install-plugin mail Dependency: compile "org.grails.plugins:mail:1.0.7" sendMail { to "" subject "Hello Fred" body 'How are you?' }

3. Mail plugin sendMail { to "" subject "Hello John" html '<b>Hello</b> World' } ======================================= sendMail { to "" subject "Hello John" html g.render(template:"myMailTemplate") }

4. Mail plugin async sendMail { async true to "" subject "Hello John" html g.render(template:"myMailTemplate") } =========== sendMail { multipart true to subject "The issue you watch has been updated" body "Hello Watcher!" attachBytes "Some-File-Name.xml", "text/xml", contentOrder.getBytes("UTF-8") //To get started quickly, try the following //attachBytes './web-app/images/grails_logo.jpg','image/jpg', new File('./web- app/images/grails_logo.jpg').readBytes()

5. Mail plugin Configuration(grails-app/Config.groovy) grails { mail { host = "" port = 465 username = "" password = "yourpassword" props = ["mail.smtp.auth":"true", "mail.smtp.socketFactory.port":"465", "mail.smtp.socketFactory.class":" ", "mail.smtp.socketFactory.fallback":"false"] } }

6. Mail plugin default grails.mail.default.from="" grails.mail.overrideAddress="" grails.mail.poolSize=5

7. Quartz plugin Quartz plugin allows your Grails application to schedule jobs to be executed using a specified interval or cron expression. Dependency: compile "org.grails.plugins:quartz:1.0.2" compile ':quartz:1.0.1' (build.config)

8. Quartz plugin Job Scheduling: class MyJob { static triggers = { simple name: 'mySimpleTrigger', startDelay: 60000, repeatInterval: 1000 } def group = "MyGroup" def description = "Example job with Simple Trigger" def execute(){ print "Job run!" }

9. Quartz plugin cron Cron expression: cronExpression: "s m h D M W Y" | | | | | | `- Year [optional] | | | | | `- Day of Week, 1-7 or SUN-SAT, ? | | | | `- Month, 1-12 or JAN-DEC | | | `- Day of Month, 1-31, ? | | `- Hour, 0-23 | `- Minute, 0-59 `- Second, 0-59

10. Quartz with cron class MyJob { static triggers = { cron name: 'myTrigger', cronExpression: "0 0 6 * * ?" } def group = "MyGroup" def description = "Example job with Cron Trigger" def execute(){ print "Job run!" } }

11. Quartz configuration quartz { autoStartup = true jdbcStore = false } environments { test { quartz { autoStartup = false } } }

12. Console plugin Console plugin provides a web-based Groovy console for interactive runtime application management and debugging. Dependency: compile "org.grails.plugins:console:1.5.7" plugins { runtime ':console:1.5.7' } Local Storage uses HTML5 Web Storage. The files are serialized and stored in the browser as a map under the key gconsole.files. Remote Storage uses the filesystem of the server on which the application is running.

13. Console plugin Implicit variable: ctx - the Spring ApplicationContext grailsApplication - the GrailsApplication instance config - the Grails configuration request - the current HTTP request session - the current HTTP session out - the output PrintStream restricting access to localhost Ips: grails.plugin.springsecurity.controllerAnnotations.staticRules = [ "/console/**": ["hasRole('ROLE_ADMIN') && (hasIpAddress('') || hasIpAddress('::1'))"], "/plugins/console*/**": ["hasRole('ROLE_ADMIN') && (hasIpAddress('') || hasIpAddress('::1'))"] ]

14. Console plugin

15. Console plugin command Key Command Ctrl-Enter / Cmd-Enter Execute Ctrl-S / Cmd-S Save EscClear output Link:(For properties and their description) console/blob/master/

16. DB migration plugin The Database Migration plugin helps you manage database changes while developing Grails applications. The plugin uses the Liquibase library. Dependency: runtime "org.grails.plugins:database-migration:1.4.1" plugins { runtime ':database-migration:1.3.6' } All of the scripts start with dbm- to ensure that they're unique and don't clash with scripts from Grails or other plugins.

17. DB migration plugin To generate changelog • grails dbm-generate-gorm-changelog changelog.xml To sync db with changelog • grails dbm-changelog-sync Database Migration plugin uses ./grails-app/migrations as the default. So, you can either move your scripts or add this setting to your grails-app/conf/Config.groovy file: • grails.plugin.databasemigration.changelogLocation = "whereEverYouWantLocatin"

18. DB migration plugin Link:(Configurations) grails.plugin.databasemigration.reports.updateOntart = true grails.plugin.databasemigration.reports.changelogFileName = changelog-reports.groovy

19. DB migration plugin • You have a few options with dbm-gorm-diff: • dbm-gorm-diff will dump to the console if no filename is specified, so you can copy/paste from there • Gorm support(Grails object relational mapping ) create-drop, create, and update • It's very pessimistic and won't make any changes that could lose data. So it will add new tables and columns, but won't drop anything. If you remove a not-null domain class property you'll find you can't insert anymore since the column is still there. And it will create not-null columns as nullable since otherwise existing data would be invalid. It won't even widen a column e.g. from VARCHAR(100) to VARCHAR(200).

20. DB migration Dbm-gorm-diff This command provide a script that will compare your GORM current domain model with a database that you specify, and the result is a Liquibase changeset - dbm-gorm-diff. This is the same changeset you would get if you exported your domain model to a scratch database and diffed it with the other database, but it's more convenient.

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