Graham Sibery, South Australian Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure: Supporting light rail in the delivery of state transport plans

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Published on March 4, 2014

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Graham Sibery, Executive Director – Rail Operations & Safety, Public Transport Services, South Australian Department of Planning, Transport & Infrastructure delivered this presentation at the 2014 Light Rail conference in Melbourne. Across the globe the conception and delivery of light rail projects has been growing at an incredible rate. Seen as an efficient and sustainable way to alleviate the congestion that cripples the expansion of many key urban zones, light rail is fast becoming a central solution in the evolution of Australia's major urban areas. In order to work towards a congestion free future, it is imperative that federal and state governments support light rail projects.

Light Rail 2014 explored all the possible funding options for light rail projects, while also looking at international case studies, the latest rolling stock, braking technology, among many more. For more information about the event, please visit the conference website:

Before  and  A+er  Design   3/4/14

Barn  Bypass  Track   Construc<on  of   Roads  4  &  5  facing   south  –  June  2010   #   Barn  Bypass  (Road  5)   before  construc<on    –  December  2009  !   Construc<on  of   Roads  4  &  5  facing   north  –  June  2010     "   3/4/14

South  Yard  Construc<on   $   Par<al  comple<on  -­‐  June  2010     3/4/14 $   South  Yard  completed  -­‐  March  2011  

North  Yard  Construc<on   Weekend  closure  –     June  2010  !   North  Yard   complete  –  March   2011   #   Roads  1  &  2  rebuild   –  July  2010   "   3/4/14

Tram  Wash  and  Spray  Booth   Flexity  Tram  enters  Tram   Wash  from  north  end  on   test  –  May  2010   3/4/14

Pit  Reconstruc<on   $   Roads  1,  2  &  3  South  Pits  -­‐  Before   reconstruc<on  –  December  2009   3/4/14 $   Roads  1  &  2  South  Pit  –  During   Reconstruc<on  –  June  2010  

Pit  Reconstruc<on   $   Roads  1  &  2  South  Pit  -­‐  Complete  –   March  2011   3/4/14 $   Road  3  South  Pit  –  Reconstruc<on   complete  –  March  2011  

Road  3  North  Li+ing  Construc<on   $   Road  3  North  –  Before  reconstruc<on   –  December  2009   3/4/14 $   Road  3  North  Li+ing  –  Tes<ng  Flexity   Tram  –  October  2010  

Road  3  North  Li+ing  Construc<on   Citadis  tram  raised  during   Road  3  North  for  li+ing  test   -­‐  February  2011  !   Road  3  North   Li+ing  Jacks  –   March  2011   #   Bogie  Drop  Trolley   being  tested  –   February  2011     "   3/4/14

Barn  Office  Reconstruc<on   First  floor  –  North  end   reduc<on  -­‐  July  2010  !   Ground  Floor   rebuild  –  July  2010   #   First  Floor  –   South  end   extension  –   July  2010    "   3/4/14

Further  Upgrade  Projects   •  Installa<on  of  JIB  Crane  on  Barn  Road  1  central   3/4/14

Further  Upgrade  Projects   •  Pit  Guard  Rails  and  painted  walkways   3/4/14

Further  Upgrade  Projects   •  Migra<on  to  a  new  computer  based  maintenance  and   inventory  management  system   •  Acquisi<on  of  MiniProf  Wheel  measurement  system   3/4/14

Today   3/4/14

An investigation by SKM for the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure has calculated additional productivity based benefits associated with the project. The investigation found that there was a close correlation between the tram extension to the City West Precinct just west of the Morphett Street Bridge, and the density of employment along the tram route. Evidence from around the world suggests that increases in employment densities in inner cities, referred to as agglomeration, results in increased productivity due from the closer interaction between businesses. In the case of the tram extension, the SKM work provided an indicative estimate of these productivity benefits being at least $ 85 million (net present value).

•  The  dra+  Integrated  Transport  and  Land  Use   Plan  was  released  21  October  2013   •  Consulta<on  closed  17  January  2014  a+er   being  extended  for  a  period  of  seven  weeks   •  South  Australia  is  currently  in  a  period  of   caretaker  government  ahead  of  an  elec<on   on  15th  March   •  Future  direc<ons  await  government   outcomes  and  planning/funding  decisions      

Integrated  Transport  and  Land  Use  Plan   % ITLUP identifies significant investment overall in: •  Adelaide’s North-South Corridor and Road Network •  Modernising and Expanding Public Transport •  Upgrading Regional Transport Infrastructure •  Encouraging Active Travel Choices and Sustainability

Integrated  Transport  and  Land  Use  Plan   % Modernising and Expanding Public Transport includes: •  Completing the electrification of the north-south backbone of Adelaide’s public transport system, new trains, an underground rail link in the CBD, and the relocation of the Keswick passenger terminal into Adelaide Railway Station •  Bringing back the trams to Adelaide by creating the AdeLINK network, including a loop in the CBD (CityLINK), to the northwest (PortLINK), to the west (WestLINK), to the south (UnleyLINK), to the east (EastLINK), and to the north (ProspectLINK) •  Redesigning and modernising the bus network, including better access into the CBD for the O-Bahn, bus interchanges and ‘Super Stops’, bus priority and more new buses

Tram Network circa 1950s

AdeLINK %  CityLINK %  PortLINK %  WestLINK %  UnleyLINK %  EastLINK %  ProspectLINK

CityLINK %  North Tce %  Frome St %  Halifax St %  Sturt St %  Morphett St %  Currie St %  West Tce

PortLINK Along existing rail corridor %  Outer Harbor %  Semaphore %  Port Adelaide %  West Lakes %  Grange

WestLINK %  Henley Square %  Adelaide Airport

UnleyLINK %  Unley %  Mitcham shopping centre

EastLINK %  The Parade %  Magill (University of SA Campus)

ProspectLINK %  North Adelaide %  Prospect %  Blair Athol

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