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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: chetanamehta56



This presentation addresses graduate employability related issues for students.

Graduate Employability 1

Overview  What is graduate employability?  Why is it so important?  What do employers look for?  What are the skills required for graduate employability?  What are the opportunities in market today?  Conclusion 2



You are a “Professional”! 5


What is Graduate Employability?  A set of achievements  skills  understandings  personal attributes  That makes graduates more likely to gain employment and be successful in their chosen career  Which benefits  themselves  the workforce  the community  the economy 7

What is Graduate Employability?  Ability to  demonstrate knowledge and understanding in the field of interest  apply the knowledge in professional manner  collect and interpret data in order to formulate judgments and arrive at decisions  communicate information, ideas, problems and solutions to specialist and non-specialist audiences  develop learning skills needed for further growth with a high degree of autonomy 8

Why Is It So Important?  Growth of knowledge economies  Shift from production to service-driven economies  Less certainty among employers regarding the future requirements  Call for improved forecasting of skills needs  Move away from the traditional job-for-life  Trend towards greater civic participation 9

What Do Employers Look For?          Acting with integrity Taking ownership Communicating Motivation and resilience Continuous learning Building relationships Problem solving Delivering quality Business focus 10

Personal attributes that contribute to overall employability  Loyalty, integrity, reliability, commitment  Professional attitude  Ability to deal with pressure  Motivation, enthusiasm, ownership  Adaptability  Proactive and inquisitiveness  Positive approach, can-do attitude  Positive self esteem 11

What are Employability Skills?  Communication  Oral, written, listening skills  Email writing  Presentation skills  Meetings and conference calls  Document writing 12

What are Employability Skills? (contd.)  Self-management  Time management  Work-life balance  Organized, methodical  Leadership and working in team  Large picture and attention to details  Emotional intelligence  Out-of-box thinking and problem-solving 13

What are Employability Skills? (contd.)  Technology that contributes to effective execution of tasks  Having a range of basic IT skills  Applying IT as a management tool  Using IT to organise data  Willing to learn new IT skills 14

What are Employability Skills? (contd.)  Numeracy  Use simple statistics  Calculate percentages  Exercise: A certain jacket was marked down 20% the first week and another 20% down the next week. What percentage of the regular price was the final cost of the jacket after the two markdowns? (Options: 0.36, 0.4, 0.60, 0.64)  Multiply and divide accurately   Read and interpret graphs and tables Manage a limited budget 15

What are Employability Skills? (contd.)  Judgement/decision making skills  Planning & organising  Business awareness  Enterprise and entrepreneurism  Hard skills     Using numbers effectively Using words effectively Using technology effectively Speaking a foreign language 16

Opportunities in Market  All industries  Automobile, IT / ITES, BFSI, BPO, Pharma, Healthcare, …  Types of jobs  Market research  Marketing  Business development  Operations  Human resources … 17

Very Important  Know your passion  For the function  For the role  For the industry  Prepare yourself  By developing awareness for the industry  Reading / listening to business news  Keeping up-to-date with market happenings 18

Very Important (Contd.)  Understand the difference between a job and a career  Learn to be transformed into a professional from student life  Do NOT hop jobs  Be open to learning new function / skill / role  Develop organizational perspective 19

Conclusion  Graduate employability skills are very important – not only for the first placement but also for growth in career.  These skills can be developed through observation, introspection, adaptation, conscious efforts.  Opportunities exist in market but with changing economies and globalization, requirements have changed.  So… 20

Conclusion Let us prepare ourselves for the years to come… TODAY! 21


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