Grads and Dads Bowling Scores

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Information about Grads and Dads Bowling Scores

Published on June 19, 2009

Author: boblevine



For the throngs of bowling fans, here are the scores of your Grads and Dads bowling team.

League Weekly Recap DateBowled 614109 7:00PM Thursdav Strikers Summer Week Number 2 2-Pin Busters AVG/ Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 HDCP Pla)'ers EA TOTAL 52 lob Head t52 108 J Rybnikar 90 11 Wark Tisdale t24 29 (eriny Rybnikar t]1 Scratch Total 5,f3 Handicao 266 266 266 798 Flandicap Total Match Points Points:-9t4:,48 Pointi toCt : Pointi::tl:irAS,$,i* :,- Opposing Team Captain Signature 9-Grads and Dads Lane | 6 - AVC/ Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 HDCP Plavers TOTAI- 51 tay Wilson 146 40 3b 38 1t 118 mily Levine 78 (^b tul tDo &70 66 lob Levine 136 r4 A0lc tqr 44s 25 llake Wiison 182 1-9 2t 95 5qz Scratch Total 542 E3q 57 5bl Iln't HanolcaD 266 266 266 798 Handicap Total g0I 6'1( 62-, )9-n Match Points lf pging5.=Wr).n Points Loit nts Unassigned Opposing Team Captain Signature 5/3012009 2:07:28PM

League Meekly Recap Date Bowled 6/18/09 6:50PM Thursday Strikers Summer Week Number 3 Team I l-Grads and Dads rr-E ianC | 3 AVG/ Game I Gunez Game 3 HDCP Plavers EA TOTAL 61 tay Wilson 142 h4 l4o 4e4 113 lmily Levine 84 -71 to q6 2t1Z 6l lob Levine 1Aa t+L l4* l0 I t^a 5lt 26 llake Wilson 181 l-70 7;7- L75 btv <_ Scratch Total 549 570 Io42 ("qq lilr4 Handicao 261 261 261 783 Handicap Total VB z1) lLo 'l)t, Match Points f,niitlq1ll#ou ii',r",. i Foino f,osf I Opposing Team Captain Signature 8-Strikin Is A Habit AVU/ Game I Game 2 Uame 3 HDCP Players EA TOTAI 20 )anin Whetsel t87 154f ?s 221 tr-]0 (evis Tanner 22 185 rbq l-l lq0 r )wisht Thomas 22s trl nq 7ua ^af) Io2-l liffany Croone )66 t<A 1t) u^A lonya Joseph 226 Scratch Total 823 4qL hQq 8qq 23H) Handicao 42 42 42 126 Handicap Total Match Points tsWog, l nts Lost ' ', Unassigned E Opposing Team Captain Signature 619/2009 3:11:06PM

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