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Published on November 20, 2008

Author: sritikumar


Grading Rubric for C++ Programming Assignment Total Score: 100 For the code submission make sure that there is a tagged version if your repository that we can clearly identify as the final submission. Please don't call your folders FinalSubmission1, FinalSubmission2, etc. Make one that we can quickly eyeball as the final submission. The grading will be based on the following criteria: 1. Specifications - 60 Points  The program works and puts corrects output.  Meet all the specifications. 2. Readability - 10 Points  Organization  Readability 3. Reusability - 5 Points  The code could be reused as a whole or each routine could be reused. 4. Documentation – 10 Points  The documentation consists of embedded comment and some simple header documentation that is somewhat useful in understanding the code. 5. Delivery  When the assignment was submitted. If you have submitted after one day then you will be graded out of 90 and then on subsequent days score will decrease by 25% everyday. 6. Efficiency – 15 Points  The code is extremely efficient without sacrificing readability and understanding.  Also taking into consideration all wrong inputs. If you have any doubts please send me an email. In every program I make some test cases which I will be putting up after the submission date. Sriti Kumar

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