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Published on October 8, 2008

Author: wkuliteracy


Turning Ground Beef to Prime Rib: Grade “A” Testing Skills : Turning Ground Beef to Prime Rib: Grade “A” Testing Skills By: Brandon Minton LTCY 524 Fall 2008 Uh Oh! It’s test time…… : Uh Oh! It’s test time…… We have all been there. It’s Sunday night and we have a big test on Monday. This is the trap that so many college students fall into. The following strategies will help you make sure that this never happens to you. Tell me how to get ready so I can be a Grade “A” student. : Tell me how to get ready so I can be a Grade “A” student. There is no single correct method. Different study methods work for different people. The most important thing is to be prepared and think about the test that you will be taking. Different subjects require different mindsets and thinking. I’m in the classroom looking at the test. What do I do now? : I’m in the classroom looking at the test. What do I do now? Be relaxed and positive. If you are stressed you cannot think as well. A positive attitude also helps to breed positive results. Read all of the directions and look over the entire test to make sure that you are ready. Taking your time is important so that you can do your best but be reasonable. Don’t take up all of the test time. Now it’s time to get down. : Now it’s time to get down. Multiple Choice questions often give students trouble. Read the whole question first and think to yourself what the answer is. Read all of the choices for the answer. Eliminate incorrect choices and choose the one that best fits what you thought. If you come to one that you do not know then skip it and come back to it later. If you still can’t figure out the answer then guess. That’s better than leaving it blank. Here is a site with tons of test taking strategies: Still need a little more info? : Still need a little more info? Even if you feel prepared, you may not be. The following site is a gem that will walk you through how to study for and take a test. Multiple Choice Practice : Multiple Choice Practice Many text books are accompanied by a website or a disc that contains practice tests and info to help you study. USE THEM. Here is a little practice for you. Print and take this practice test on Chapter 1 of an Introduction to Psychology Text. Now, Here are the answers. See how you did. Now what about those darn Essay Tests!!!! : Now what about those darn Essay Tests!!!! Essays give many students problems too. Hong, Sas, and Sas 2006 state that high level learners are aware of and use strategies to prepare for tests. Essays take preparation too. Different types of Essays : Different types of Essays Different types of essays that you might encounter on a test are: Definition: Define a term or idea, show an example, and differentiate from other similar terms or ideas. Analysis: Breaking something down into parts and describing how those parts make up the whole. Cause and Effect: You are given a cause, state the effects and why they are effects of the cause. Different Essay types continued : Different Essay types continued Compare and Contrast: How does one thing relate to another and how are they different. Thesis and Support: State an opinion and support the opinion with factual information. This website gives examples of each type of essay and how to approach writing them. How to write the essay : How to write the essay First gather your ideas. Write down your ideas. Start with the introduction. What will you be talking about and why is it important? Then write your supporting paragraphs. Back up you info with examples. Make sure that you conclude your essay. Restate the information that you have shown and tell how that information can be used further. Try this website for an easy 5 Paragraph Essay Format: Practice, Practice, Practice! : Practice, Practice, Practice! Try this website. The first essay is free and it is only $9.99 for a full year to improve your essay writing skills. This site will help you write a good solid essay and would be good practice for all. Here is a TOEFL site that will give you a topic and grade your essay. Great practice for ESLI students. You Did it!!!!!!!! : You Did it!!!!!!!! By turning your Ground Beef testing skills into Grade “A” Prime Rib tools you are going to do better on any test that you take. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Bibliography : Bibliography Hong, E., Sas, M., & Sas, J. (2006). Test taking strategies for high and low mathematics achievers. Journal of Educational Research. 99(3), 144-155. Article provides study data where high and low level learners were studied. Results showed specific strategies that were used by high level learners that all students should use to increase achievement. Test Taking Tips (2008). Test Taking Tips will help improve your test taking skills & study skills. Retrieved Friday September 26, 2008 from: Site deicated to and full of great test taking strategies that will help all to become a better test taker. Study Guides and Strategies (n.d.). Ten tips for terrific test taking. Retrieved Friday September 26, 2008 from: Great flash animation that provides information about test strategies and skills. University of Manitoba (2007). Chapter 1: What is psychology?. Retrieved Friday September 26, 2008 from: Practice tests and examples to provide a student with solid information about Introduction to Psychology text with tests and answers. Bibliography Cont. : Bibliography Cont. Purdue University Online Writing Lab (2004). Writing essay exams. Retrieved on Saturday September 27, 2008 from: Website provides examples of every type of essay that a student might encounter and how to set up answers to those essays. Yahoo Geocities No Page Author Provided (2008). The five paragraph essay. Retrieved on Saturday September 27, 2008 from: This website gives the user information on hoe to set up and use a basic five paragraph essay format for various types of purposes. Merit Software (2008). Essay Punch. Retrieved on Saturday 27, 2008 from: Online program allows students to access writing prompts and form their essay writing process. With the pay version work can be saved and accessed from any location. TOEFL (2008). TOEFL Essay Writing Sample, Practice with score in real time, and daily changing essay title. Getting the TWE you need. Retrieved on Sunday September 28, 2008 from: Website provides ESL students with practice essay writing, tips, and scores the essays. Prepares ESL students for classroom testing and for the TOEFL test.

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