Grad orientation TMSS 2014

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Information about Grad orientation TMSS 2014

Published on March 7, 2014

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Grad orientation TMSS 2014

Tisdale Middle & Secondary School presents... Graduation 2014 Orientation Evening Wednesday, March 5, 2014

• To provide basic information to better prepare Grade 12’s and Parents for the celebration of your High School Graduation. • To identify the committees that are responsible for organizing Graduation. • To provide a timeline of events associated with Graduation • To answer any initial questions from parents and Grade 12’s and maintain open lines of communication.

TMSS Grad 2014 Thursday, June 26, 2014 • Approx. 71 graduates. (Numbers will be confirmed in April. This is based on the TMSS Graduation Policy.)

TMSS Grad Committees Invitation/Banquet Overall Planning Decorating Program •Grade 12’s are invited to sign up to work on these committees outside Mrs. Andris’s Room. •Sign up will be Thursday March 6th and Friday March 7th. •Grad Information wall is outside of Mrs. Simoneau/Mrs.Andris’s rooms NOTE: Grads can only sign up for One Committee

Overall Planning Mrs. Andris • Communicate with other committees

Program Committee Mrs. Simoneau • DUTIES – select music for Grand March – select people to say grace, sing O Canada, emcee – select toast presenters for banquet • arrange surveys for selection of: – – – – – valedictorian class album presenters guest speaker class song future plans • organize program for printing

Invitation/Banquet Committee Mrs. Messer & Mrs. Orr • Duties: -organize fee payment (forms, receipts) -organize invitations and tickets -organize seating plan -create placecards and table cards -select caterer -create record of DVD, photos and grad item sales

Grad Invitation/Fees BANQUET SEATS • Graduates are able to bring themselves and a maximum of 4 people to the banquet (so this is a total of 5 people at the banquet) • You will not receive paper banquet tickets. Instead, place cards will be set on the table for the number of plates you have purchased. • Total number of people attending Banquet (maximum 5 including graduate) • If you have extenuating circumstances (ex. step-family) and you need extra Banquet or Exercise tickets, please explain and Mrs. Messer/Ms. Andris will get back to you: EXERCISES • You are given a total of 10 tickets for the exercises. These tickets need to be presented at the door. If you have invited 4 people to the banquet that means you can invite an additional 6 people to the exercises (the people at the banquet need an exercise ticket). • Ex: If Peter invites 4 people and himself to the banquet, he can invite 6 more people to the exercises. • GRADS DO NOT NEED AN EXERCISE TICKET AND ARE NOT COUNTED IN THE TEN PEOPLE • Total number of people attending Exercises (maximum 10 including. banquet guests INVITATIONS • The number of invitations ordered does not necessarily have to match the number of people attending the Banquet and/or Exercises. You only order invitations you wish to send out or keep as a memento. • Number of Banquet and Exercises Invitations (formal invitations with envelope - $1 ea): • Number of Formal Exercises Only Invitations (formal invitations with envelope- $1 ea.): • Cost • • • • • • • • General Grad Fee __1__ x $57.00 = $57.00 (may be adjusted on final bill) Group Photo ………………………………………………_____ x $ 18.00 each = $____________ Banquet (plates) ………………………………………….._____ x $ 12.00 each = $____________ Exercises Only Invitations: ………………………………._____ x $ 1.00 each = $____________ Banquet and Exercise Invitations …………………………_____ x $ 1.00 each = $____________ Class Album Picture (receiving diploma and folio) ………_____ x $ 7.00 each = $ ____________ Grad DVD…………………………………………………_____ x $ 50.00 each = $____________ Make and Model of DVD player: ______________________________________________

Online Form • •

Decorating Committee Mrs. Clarke • Decorate for grad – – – – – Stage set-up Table Decoration (including setting of tables) Names for wall Picture area outside of auditorium Other as determined by committee • Will start right away. • First meeting will be next week

Technology Committee Mr. Janzen • Assists in technology set-up at grad o 2013-14 Reps – Tori Hayward & Brooklyn Dagg • Graduates – Please provide your baby picture to Tori Hayward or Brooklyn Dagg or you can email the scanned photo to or

Graduation Timeline M A R C H /A P R IL *E s t a b lis h p la n n in g c o m m itt e e s * S t u d e n ts w ill s u g g e s t id e a s fo r T h e m e /G u e s t S p e a k e r /C la s s A lb u m P r e s e n t e r s /V a le d ic to r ia n & V o te * C a p & G o w n P h o to s c o m p le te d * G r a d E l ig i b i l i t y L i s t F in a l i z e d A P R IL * C o m m it te e s d ig in a n d g e t to w o rk o n g r a d p la n n in g M AY * C o m m it t e e s s h o u ld b e f in a liz i n g t h e la s t o f t h e ir w o r k . * O r d e r a ll o f y o u r In v ita t io n s & s t a r t p a y in g g r a d f e e s JUNE * A ll fe e s s h o u ld b e p a id b y fin a l d u e d a te . * C o m m it t e W o r k s h o u l d b e m in im a l ( E v e r y t h in g s h o u ld b e a l m o s t d o n e !) * " T h e B ig d a y is a lm o s t h e r e !"

Grad Pictures • These are finished. If you got retakes watch for your proofs to arrive.

TMSS Scholarship Applications The TMSS Scholarship Fund will award $28,000 at our 2014 Graduation. However, only the students who apply are considered for these awards.  Two of them are specifically designated for person(s) attending technical schools.  If you have a 70% average or even think you might have, PLEASE APPLY.  Forms are available on our school web site under TMSS Students, Grad Scholarship Fund.  These completed application forms are due Friday, May 30, 2014 at 3:30 pm.  Give the application directly to Mrs. Lee. Late applications are not considered.

Graduation Countdown... • June 22 - Decorate/Set-Up Banquet Tables – Stay tuned for other set-up times • Wednesday, June 25th – Grand March & Class Photo Rehearsal – Meet in Auditorium at 1:00 pm • June 26th - Class Photo (4:30) / Banquet (5:00) / Exercises (8:00) / Clean-up (10:30) • June 27th - Finish Clean-up / Return borrowed/rented items

Projected Costs of Grad 2014 • • • • • • • General Grad Fee ……………………………... $57.00 Banquet & Exercise Invitations …..………….. $1.00 Exercise Invitations ……………………….……$1.00 Banquet Plates ……………………………$12.00-$15.00 Group/Class Photo ……………….. ….........…...$18.00 Class Album Photo ……………….......................$7.00 Grad DVD …………………………………….....$50.00

General Grad Fee Calculation Invited Guests: 60 x $15.00 $900.00 Class Albums (Generally $17.07x 64) $1092.48 Gift to Guest Speaker $50.00 Valedictorian Gift $50.00 Set-up/Take-down (Firefighters) $400.00 Miscellaneous (Stamps, Envelopes Recorder Thank-you) $150.00 Dozen Roses on Stage during Grad $75.00 Grad Programs $200.00 Decorations Budget $500.00 Tickets/Place setting paper and invitations for special guests $150.00 Place Settings (paper plates, cups, glasses, paper rolls etc – 450 people) $450.00 (decorations for the wall, tables, stage, flowers, napkin) TOTAL EXPENSES $4017.48 $4017.48 ÷ 71 Grads = 56.58 or $57.00

BUT ….. If the 2013 Safe Grad Committee donates to the 2014 Graduating Class, this number will be reduced

TMSS Alcohol/Drug Policy • TMSS considers the use of alcohol and/or illicit drugs to be a serious offense and will not tolerate students using nor being under the influence of such substances on school property or at school-sponsored activities. • Students who choose to use or are under the influence of alcohol at school or at a school sponsored activity can expect that there parents will be contacted and that the student will be sent home. The student can also expect the following: - A three-day out-of-school suspension. - A meeting with the school principal or vice-principal, the parent/guardians and the student. - The loss of an extra-curricular activity if the offending act took place during that activity. - The possible loss of all extra-curricular activity privileges. • As it pertains to Graduation day, if there is “sound reason” to believe that a Graduand is under the influence or in possession of alcohol and/or illicit drugs at the “school sponsored” Graduation Evening, the Graduand “will” immediately be prohibited from participating in any further Graduation activities and will be asked to leave the premises.

Graduation Tidbits... • • • • Parent Volunteers Grad Family Photos Safe Grad & Chem Free Grad Questions/Comments...

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