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Published on July 16, 2018

Author: grodvlz13


Slide 1: J u s t i n n   a n d I : O u r t i m e t o g e t h e r Gretchen Rodriguez ​ ​ July 11, 2018 ​ EEX4070 Slide 2: W o r k i n g W i t h J u s t i n n Sensory play with justinn to help develop motor skills Working on letter recognition Together we learned how to use scissor and cutting. Slide 3: Introduction: I teamed up with an ESE teacher at Sadler Elementary School in Orlando, Florida. The students name is Justinn . All my 15 hours of observation were done in an ESE classroom. I request an specific day off for a few weeks in order to be able to complete my observation hours. Since I am always substituting at Sadler Elementary, I was able to get in touch with the ESE teacher in charge of the ESE Summer camp. I have previously met Justinn because I substituted his ESE class before. I meet with Justinn for 3 days, and each day I was able to spend 5 hours with him and his peers. I had a special interest in Justinn because he was the only student with down syndrome. Slide 4: Student Demographics: Justinn is an 8 year-old boy. His parents are from Puerto Rico and Florida.  Justinn was born in Florida. Justinn first language is English. However, he repeats a few words in Spanish. Although, Justinn   does not understand Spanish. Justinn has down syndrome and is consider low-functioning. Slide 5: Engagement: Justinn and myself worked on letter recognition, I pronounced and sounded out each letter of the alphabet. Then, we play a puzzle game of connecting the letters with the correct animal. With my help, Justinn completed classroom writing/color/cutting activities. We worked on improving motor skills and becoming more  independent. I assisted Justinn during lunch time. He is extremely dependent on others. I help him open his food. However, Justinn can eat on his own. Justinn loved to dance. During class time we dance to Jack Hartmann. Justinn is extremely friendly, however he needs someone to be on top of him to keep him going. Slide 6: Perception of Differences: Working with Justinn was an eye-opening experience. I have worked with other students but I have never focused solely on one student. I was excited to work one on one with Justinn . I already knew Justinn , I know we will have a great time together. When in the classroom, all the students wanted my attention because they had me once before. We all had a great time learning. We had limited conversation due to Justinn not being able to talk much. However, Justinn was good at giving feedback with body expressions. Lastly, one thing I can definitely say is the course doesn't compare to what I experienced out in the field. I enjoyed the teacher in action project. Slide 7: Connection to EEX 4070: Wraparound service system : Involve using not only educational services but available community services to meet the individualized needs of children and their families. Family life cycle : transitions between life cycle stages can be often be stressful for families. Most parents are concern about what will happened to their child after they are too old to look after them or are deceased. Therefore, families can go through the process of guardianship. Learners with emotional or behavior disorder. Most children and youth with EBD aren't very good at making friends. Their most obvious problems is failures to establish close and satisfying emotional ties with other people who can help them. Slide 8: Civic Engagement: Aspect and purpose of service learning engagement helps serve the need of the community by assembling volunteers to participate in projects like this one. Not only that, it educates the community on individual with disabilities. As well as, it provide the chance for those with disabilities to be integrated with the community. In corporating service-learning as a method for learning complements one another when applying what you learn in the text versus working with them in person. This experience has driven me to become more involved because I have notice their needs are different from others. Not only that, I am able to help the individuals get absorb in civic activities to keep them involved in group setting in order to avoid isolation from the rest of the community.  By introducing other to these kind of situation they will become more aware of it, helpful, and sensitive to the many challenges and needs of those with disabilities Slide 9: By this experience, I have gained so much understanding of the need of individual with disabilities. The information I have gained has helped me to better understand the difficulties many individual with disabilities, school staff, and families experience when working with a individuals with different needs. However, I know I have to learn more to have a better understanding of the different kind of needs. Also, gain more strategies to help better assist the individual with disabilities. Furthermore, this experience has been truly amazing. I feel I can help better assist any individual with disabilities. Experience gained: Slide 10: Educators play viral role in educating people about individual with disabilities. I believe by people taking part in learning experiences like the teacher in action project is a great way to help us continue learning and experiencing different kind of situations. However, there is many ways for individual to get involve and learning about disabilities. By being part of the community and seeking out to different kind of organization is another great way to get involved. Reflection:

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