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Published on January 7, 2008

Author: Xavier


Slide1:  NOAA/NSTA Web Seminar: GPS and Geodesy LIVE INTERACTIVE LEARNING @ YOUR DESKTOP Thursday, April 19, 2007 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern time Virtual Globes for Geospatial Visualizations in the Classroom:  Virtual Globes for Geospatial Visualizations in the Classroom Presented by: Galen Scott National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) National Ocean Service (NOS) National Geodetic Survey (NGS) Learning Objectives:  Learning Objectives At the end of this session participants should be able to explain: What is a Virtual Globe? What online data resources are available for classroom use? How can Virtual Globes be used to engage students? What is a Virtual Globe? :  What is a Virtual Globe? A 3D software model of the Earth or another world. Provides the ability to move around in the virtual environment by changing the viewing angle and position. Overlays multiple views on the surface of the Earth, including: Geographical features – Mountain, Valleys & Oceans Man-made features - Roads and Buildings Representations of abstract data – Populations, Temperature, & Weather Patterns Poll Question:  Poll Question Have you used a Virtual Globe before? Yes () No (X) Which Virtual Globes Have You Used?:  Which Virtual Globes Have You Used? Use Your Stamps to Tell Us Which You’ve Used Mark all that Apply The First 21st Century Technological Revolution?:  The First 21st Century Technological Revolution? Free geospatial visualization & analysis for everyone Virtual Globes have proliferated due to widely available high-resolution satellite imagery and aerial photography. Virtual Globes are changing the way information is shared. Functionality of Virtual Globes: What do they do?:  Functionality of Virtual Globes: What do they do? Go anywhere in the world from anywhere in the world, instantly. Pan, Tilt, & Zoom into 3D images Search for anything on earth – your house, your school, famous landmarks, corner deli View images, text and 3D models from others Measure between points Label ANYTHING you find Upload your own images, text and 3D models to share with others Creating and Sharing Your Own Content:  Creating and Sharing Your Own Content Placemarks Digital photos GPS tracks 3D models (using SketchUp) Creating and Sharing Content:  Creating and Sharing Content Create and share models of your school or proposed development projects around your community, like this one from a student at Kealakehe High School in Kona, Hawaii Thanks Larry. Highlights of Selected Virtual Globes:  Highlights of Selected Virtual Globes Call for Volunteers:  Call for Volunteers Raise your hand to volunteer to share your use of virtual globes. Which one have you used and what do you use it for? First Things First: Find your House or School:  First Things First: Find your House or School To have Google Earth fly to a location, type the city, state, or country into the Search Text Box. Slide32:  Click to add a Placemark Explore the Layers in Google Earth:  Explore the Layers in Google Earth What Scientific Applications for Virtual Globes can you think of?:  What Scientific Applications for Virtual Globes can you think of? Type your ideas on the direct messaging window Some examples of Scientific Applications for Virtual Globes:  Some examples of Scientific Applications for Virtual Globes Post disaster imagery can be shared in near real-time enabling first responders and evacuated people to see what’s happening and where. Enables students and scientists to view and study complex environmental phenomena in context. Annotated maps and fly-through movies discuss environmental and social issues for education and advocacy. NOAA’s Hurricane Katrina Imagery:  NOAA’s Hurricane Katrina Imagery Footprints of aerial photos taken in the aftermath of Katrina. Click on the dots to download high-resolution images. Synoptic Perspectives of Environmental Processes:  Synoptic Perspectives of Environmental Processes Dust storm in Morocco Displayed in NASA World Wind using near-real-time imagery from Modis Satellite Social Awareness: Crisis in Darfur:  Social Awareness: Crisis in Darfur Layer Presented by: US Holocaust Memorial Museum and partners Global Awareness: Climate Change:  Global Awareness: Climate Change Global Warming Contribution by City Posted to Google Earth Community by bob_wenzlau Web Tour:  Web Tour Available NOAA data Your ideas of Potential uses in Classroom:  Your ideas of Potential uses in Classroom Ask for volunteers to suggest classroom topics Some other ideas for use in the classroom :  Some other ideas for use in the classroom Fly from one locality to another. What oceans are crossed? How far is it? Which direction was the flight in? How many borders do various countries have? Journey along a river from source to mouth. Trace the life cycle of a Product: pair of jeans or a cup of coffee Vacation Reports Use the ‘add placemark’ feature to plot places visited by the children. Locality studies Investigate geographical features nearby or famous places around the world. Other ideas here. Examples of NASA World Wind Classroom Resources:  Examples of NASA World Wind Classroom Resources World Wind Info World Wind Curricula World Wind Lesson Plans Brought to you by NOAA, the Nation’s Oldest Science Agency Your Federal Tax Dollars at Work!:  Brought to you by NOAA, the Nation’s Oldest Science Agency Your Federal Tax Dollars at Work! Thank you and Goodnight! Elluminate logo: Elluminate logo NLC screenshot: NLC screenshot Appendices:  Appendices Links and Classroom Resources Additional Examples Download Info & System Requirements Explore on your own:  Explore on your own Google Earth Sites Google Earth Community Google Earth Library Blogs Examples of Google Earth Classroom Resources:  Examples of Google Earth Classroom Resources Google for Educators site: San Francisco: Visualizing a safer city with earthquakes Google Touring Virtual Globe Applications for Biology:  Virtual Globe Applications for Biology Antweb Virtual Globe Applications for History:  Virtual Globe Applications for History Shackleton’s Expedition to the South Pole Posted to Google Earth Community by:pm77 Virtual Globe Applications for Literature:  Virtual Globe Applications for Literature Shakespeare’s Placemarks: Virtual Globe Applications for Archaeology:  Virtual Globe Applications for Archaeology National Geographic Article NASA World Wind helps to solve an ancient mystery. Where is the Ithaca described in such detail in Homer's Odyssey? The mystery has baffled scholars for over two millennia because Homer's descriptions bear little resemblance to the modern Greek island called Ithaki. But what if this mismatch has occurred not because of geographical errors by the poet, but because of geological changes in the landscape? What could have altered the layout of the Greek islands since the time of the Trojan War around 1200 BC? Using tools like World Wind scientists have been able to reconstruct the former layout of these islands and provide a compelling solution to the long established enigma of Homer’s Ithaca. Timeline and use of visualizations in finding Ithaca. Background information:

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