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Information about Gps for food delivery business

Published on October 31, 2018

Author: trackocoin


1. Evolution of GPS Powered by

2. How food delivery benefits from GPS tracking system

3. •Taking a cue from the entry of many food delivery companies in India, many restaurant & food places have also started their own in-house food delivery business. •Food delivery business is in a constant war with time. While making sure it delivers food within time, there goes a whole lot of operational procedures involving immense amount of efforts and workforce. •A technology upgrade like GPS tracking system can help these businesses by giving owners & consumers a complete control over operations, improving productivity while also saving costs & efforts, for business owners. The benefits & applications of vehicle tracking system in the food delivery businesses are mentioned below. Introduction

4. •A GPS or vehicle tracking systems firstly helps to choose the shortest or the most efficient route while delivering food. •A vehicle tracking system can help to avoid routes with heavy traffic & even pre-define a route for specific areas. •Pre-defining routes can save time as well as fuel expense, reduce confusion & efforts while increasing efficiency & productivity •Business owners can save fuel expenses with the help of trip history data and route planning, as well as unproductive work. Optimal Trip Management

5. Better Efficiency and greater ROI •Vehicle Tracking gives detailed data about fuel mileage, driver’s behaviour (over-speed, rash braking, etc.), and engine’s idle time, so that users are aware of the drivers work and errant drivers can be identified. •It also helps them reduce fuel consumption and unnecessary overtime costs. •In case an idle vehicle is identified, immediate trip can be assigned to it in that particular area. Thus more trips per day are made and more trips convert into more business. •Geo-fence alerts admin if any vehicle is being used beyond a virtual set perimeter during non-working hours or for non- assigned trips. •In case of accident or vehicle breakdown the driver can notify the admin with an alert upon which they can take immediate action and can save further time & losses. •Also, recorded data can help in taking business decisions efficiently. Also, costs saving & productivity up scaling areas can be identified and acted upon.

6. •The system helps managers to run the operations efficiently and effectively with its data & functionalities. •The automatically uploaded data is maintained by the system & can be used for analysis or billing accurately. •As admin can monitor the vehicles ‘Live’ and all the time, the safety of food, the delivery person & and that of vehicles can be preserved. •Also, drivers can be communicated in case of any need, and vice versa. Thus work operations can be done efficiently by such 2- way communication. •Data related to vehicles & drivers is maintained with the GPS tracking & it reminds the user well in advance for its update/renewal, saving user from further consequences. Enhanced Data Management and Communication

7. •In case of battery power-cut or loss of network, the devices are equipped with internal battery & memory back up that records the activity of vehicles and uploads it to the server when network restores. •The automatically uploaded data can be analyzed and used for taking business decisions •Sub-managers can be assigned to monitor & operate a set of vehicles depending on their routes through a vehicle tracking system, thus reducing workload on single admin.The access can be limited to admin set functionalities of the system, thus the security of system & its data can be preserved. •With the help of automated data & digital time keeping, billing accuracy is maintained. •Also, order dispatch timing can be helpful to avoid or resolve consumer issues. Enhanced Data Management and Communication

8. Conclusion • The vehicle tracking system helps to monitor & manage delivery vehicles efficiently and in a time-constraint work model. It also helps businesses assess their shortcomings, as well as identify opportunities for up scaling. • The systems help in anticipating forthcoming issues and solve them before hand and also communicate it to the drivers. • Thus, the system ensures top notch customer service while saving money on fuel costs & vehicle maintenance and making more trips each day. • Businesses can also enjoy ease of use, increased orders, cost saving & take better business decisions with the GPS tracking system.

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