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Published on July 21, 2009

Author: jdeese1014


Slide 1: Mountain States Service, Inc. Loveland • Colorado How your company can save $3684 a year / company vehicle by using our 24 hr Onboard Manager that pays for itself within 30 days to 6 months! Slide 2: Why GPS Fleet Management? First of all, don’t let the word “fleet” throw you. I’m talking about any company owned vehicles – whether that’s 1 or 1000. You know it costs a small fortune to operate and maintain company vehicles – especially those driven about by employees during the day and taken home at night. If you don’t really know what I mean, just finish viewing this video. Don’t misunderstand – vehicle tracking is NOT about “spying” on employees. Far from it. Vehicle tracking is really all about giving you the means to control a huge and important cost (and risk) for your company. It’s always an appropriate consideration but essential for bad economic times when your choices in controlling costs may even determine your survival. BUT YOU CAN’T MANAGE WHAT YOU CAN’T MEASURE. Slide 3: By the way, here’s a picture of “yours truly” and as you can see I don’t exactly work in the Executive Suite. I work in the trenches to make sure we achieve the results you need and expect. So let’s get started - - - Our sophisticated, Web-based GPS Fleet Management tool gives you both the means to measure and to manage your fleet’s performance - the true purpose of GPS Fleet Tracking! Plus, we give you these capabilities with minimal additional demand on your time – we call it “rule by exception”. Just watch the rest of this video to find out what I mean. Jack Deese Slide 4: It’s 9 O’clock and where are your Company vehicles? But GPS Tracking is much more than just knowing where your vehicles are at any given time. How about: - up to 6 months of 14 detailed reports. - notification when vehicles cross boundary lines. - alerts for special situations. - “rule by exception” - minimal time needed to monitor. ► Use our GPS Fleet Tracking Solution and you’ll know 24/7/365! Slide 5: How Does GPS Fleet Management Work? Our GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver is appropriately mounted in each of your fleet vehicles. We then use the timing of signal reception from multiple GPS Satellites to calculate your vehicle’s position and speed. This information is then relayed to our Servers and made available to you over the Internet. This means you need NO expensive software to use our GPS solution. Everything is Web based and all you need is your unique Username and Password and a world of information about your vehicle fleet is securely at your command. Slide 6: Maps – Heart of the GPS Fleet Solution Map View Slide 7: 1:15 PM Rob stopped here for 2.5 hours right in the middle of work day. Pulled satellite picture and saw Company van in parking lot. Address belongs to Lonigan’s Bar. How much are you paying Rob? Slide 8: Find “Stopped” event in question. Click on “Stopped” event to display map. Address of “Stopped” event is displayed in callout. Do FREE reverse address lookup at or have someone physically check out address. Slide 9: 2:20 PM This is the 3rd day Bob has gone home midday. He’s now been here 2hr 20 min. Reports show Bob speeds excessively thru deliveries, runs home a couple hours, and speeds thru remaining deliveries in the afternoon. Guess who pays for his speeding tickets? Guess whose insurance skyrockets if Bob is repeatedly ticketed? Guess whose customers complain of erratic deliveries? Slide 10: 3:45 PM Barry just ran a delivery and when he came out his Company vehicle was gone! Barry calls in a stolen vehicle report. No problem! You purchased our GPS tracking and after checking our maps for its current location, you notify police that it’s 10 miles east of town on I-80. Police recover your vehicle undamaged and arrest a notorious theft ring! Slide 11: 4:05 PM Your best customer calls with an emergency. They need a repairman immediately! You check our maps and at a glance you can tell which vehicles are the closest. In just a quick call or two you locate your repairman in the best position to service this emergency and dispatch him with routing instructions. The emergency is handled before 5:00 and your customer calls you with his gratitude and pledge of all future business! All this in one afternoon! Can you just imagine your headaches if you had not purchased our GPS Fleet Management Solution? Slide 12: With only a few clicks of your mouse you can track your vehicles on the Internet 24/7 in real time: Your choice of GPS location updates: 60-second, 2-minute or 5-minute plans 13 included reporting suites Satellite and hybrid mapping ► ► ► Slide 13: US coverage nationwide included (Canada and Mexico coverage available) 10 Capabilities: sensor monitoring included Interactive Voice Response System: locate your vehicles from any phone or PDA Directions and traffic flow for intelligent and efficient dispatching. ► ► ► ► Slide 14: How your company can save $3684 / year (conservative) / company vehicle by using our 24 hr Onboard Manager that pays for itself within 30 days to 6 months! Don’t believe it’s possible? Just check this out! Fuel Savings: The EPA estimates a fuel savings of 20% by slowing down just 10 mph from 75 mph to 65 mph. With our GPS Fleet Management System, YOU set the maximum speed for your drivers. Say your vehicles use an average of only 50 gallons of fuel per week. A 20% fuel savings represents 10 gallons per week saved per vehicle. At $3 / gal for fuel, that’s $30 saved / vehicle / week for a yearly total of $1,560 / vehicle. Slide 15: Unnecessary Driving: Our GPS Onboard Manager has proven to easily eliminate unnecessary driving by 10 miles a day for one vehicle. How? Simple. Employees that know they’re being watched and held accountable don’t use your vehicle for personal business or out of the way lunches! Only 10 miles a day saved adds to 50 miles saved per week. If your vehicles average 12 mpg that’s a savings of 4 gallons of fuel. At $3 a gallon that annualizes to $624 saved / vehicle / year. Increased Productivity: It’s common for employees that are NOT held accountable to take long lunches, run personal errands and treat company time as their personal time. Our GPS Solution forces accountability. If you gain only ½ hour of productivity / day / driver and you pay your drivers only $12/hr, that represents a $6 daily savings or an annualized savings of $1500 for each driver! Now let’s do the math. Slide 16: Example Savings Per Vehicle Fuel Savings: $1,560 Unnecessary Driving: 624 Increased Productivity: 1,500 Total Savings: $3,684 And we haven’t even talked about savings due to - Slide 17: Reduced Speeding: Speeding tickets and other moving violations are a costly component of fleet management. If you have drivers that receive multiple tickets it can end up costing you $1000’s in higher insurance premiums each year! Our Fleet Management Solution gives you a way to hold your drivers accountable and control speeding. Insurance Premium Reduction: Many of our clients are able to save 10% to 15% and more on insurance because of the tighter control our Fleet Management Solution offers them. Liability: Of course you realize you’re the one that gets sued if one of your employees moonlights or uses your vehicle in an unauthorized fashion and is at fault in an accident! Our Fleet Management Solution effectively eliminates this issue. Recover Stolen Vehicles: Should one of your vehicles be stolen with our GPS Solution on board, simply alert the police as to its location. Quick recovery! ► ► ► ► Slide 18: Be sure to review our FAQ section on our Online Report for many more savings! Fast Return On Investment! The costs of maintaining a fleet – even 2 or 3 vehicles – is staggering these days. The savings offered by our Fleet Management Solution are equally staggering and allow an extremely quick Return on Investment. Most of our clients get a full return on their investment in only 30 days to 6 months! Slide 19: QUESTION? During a recession, when does it make sense to spend money for a purchase? When that purchase allows your company ► to make more money ► to save money ► to increase productivity and efficiency. ANSWER! And you can quickly get a full Return-On-Investment! Slide 20: Our Fleet Management Solution meets all 4 requirements! You’ve seen how our GPS On Board Manager can save your company $1000’s each year. You’ve seen how we can also increase productivity and efficiency by offering you the reporting features that allow you to hold all your fleet drivers accountable. Our Fleet Management Solution can also increase your company revenue! Here’s only 1 way. Customer service becomes more and more important during hard times, don’t you agree? Just think how you can excel over your competitors by delivering to your customers faster and dispatching more intelligently. More deliveries per day + happy customers = repeat business = increased revenue! ► ► ► Slide 21: Two Final – but IMPORTANT - Points! POINT 1: No need to use your cash or line of credit to purchase our GPS Fleet Management Solution! Most of our clients achieve a full return on their investment in only 30 days to 6 months! We can finance your purchase with a 36 month, $1 buy-out lease and you gain all the advantages we’ve discussed RIGHT NOW! Slide 22: Get on the Economic Stimulus Train for 2009! POINT 2: Do you anticipate being profitable this year? If the recession deepens, how do you know you’ll be profitable next year? Doesn’t it just make sense, then, to conserve every single dollar of profit from this year? ► ► ► Slide 23: IRS Tax Code Section 179 allows businesses to write off up to $250,000 of equipment cost in 2008! (More for 2009?) Wait a minute! Consult with your Tax Advisor, but most of our clients find if they conserve their cash and finance our GPS Solution, they can deduct the entire cost of the financing THIS YEAR! POWERFUL STRATEGY FOR 2009! Your outlay is small but your deduction against 2009 profits is HUGE. There’s no way to predict your profit picture for 2010. Doesn’t it just make good business sense to conserve every dollar in 2009? Slide 24: So What’s the Cost? That depends on what you need to solve the particular problems for your individual business. And that’s why we need you, right now, as soon as you finish viewing this video, to: - scroll slowly to the end of this Online Report, - preview all the remaining information and - answer just a few questions on our Free, No-obligation GPS Evaluation Form at the end of the Report. However, we can say this: ► ► Slide 25: Although good GPS Fleet Solutions are very high tech and sophisticated, one can still find JUNK TOYS and TOOLS. You’ll find our solution is among the very finest of the TOOLS! In fact - - - Slide 26: USA Fleet Services Feature Rich Solution - Offers more benefit per dollar than any other GPS Fleet Management product on the market. Explore our many FEATURES and see if you don’t agree! Slide 27: That’s just how confident we are that our GPS Tracking Solution will be a true investment in your business and yield substantial benefits to your company for many years to come. Slide 28: SPECIAL OFFER Make your purchase by August 28, 2009 Installation is a significant portion of the cost of any GPS Fleet Tracking tool - - - true bottom line savings for you! For A Limited Time Only! RECEIVE FREE INSTALLATION! Slide 29: Right now, you need to - - - fill out the form below so we can get you your free, no-obligation: - Price quote as well as an eye-opening - return on investment calculation

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