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Published on April 3, 2008

Author: Manuele


GPMF - Background:  GPMF - Background Singapore, 20/02/2005 GPMF Steering Committee GPMF – Brainchild of PMI Globalists:  GPMF – Brainchild of PMI Globalists Originally initiative of six PMI members who corresponded to David Pells’ proposal to found a GPMF posted at PMI 94 in Vancouver Under PMI’s positive support and founders’ elaborate planning, the first Global Project Management Forum was successfully launched during PMI 95 in New Orleans with national representatives of 40 countries and total delegates of 300 To date, 14 GPMF congresses hosted in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific GPMF has fulfilled its original mission and objectives but is facing challenges GPMF Congress Record:  GPMF Congress Record Mission and Objectives of GPMF:  Mission and Objectives of GPMF To advance globalization of the project management profession by promoting communications and cooperation between and among project management organizations and professionals around the world. To provide leaders of the project management profession around the world with the opportunity to meet personally, face-to-face, to share and discuss ideas, issues and information on common global interest. To provide educational opportunities for participants to learn about issues, status of the profession and perspectives from colleagues from other parts of the world. To advance the project management profession in more geographic areas, industries, government and organizations, on a regional and global basis. To improve understanding of different needs of the project management profession and professionals globally. GPMF Steering Committee:  GPMF Steering Committee Elected publicly during GPMF Congress in Boston in 1996 from candidates nominated by Interim Chair David Pells David Pells elected as GPMF Chair; steering members representing PMI, IPMA, AIPM, SOVNET, ENAA elected; countries represented in this group included the USA, Canada, Japan, France, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, India, South Africa and Europe at large. Steering Committee shuffled after GPMF Philadelphia in 1999; Gilles Caupin elected as Chair and those who volunteered were additionally nominated to replace those who left. Current (end of 2004) Active SC Members Gilles Caupin, (Chair), Adesh Jain, Hiroshi Tanaka, Vladimir Voropaev, Sarallee Newell, Bruce Rodrigues, David Curling (Secretary), Paul Dinsmore With Gilles Caupin’s retirement from Chair at 2004-end, the SC has nominated Hiroshi Tanaka as Chair for two years till 06 Roles of GPMF Steering Committee :  Roles of GPMF Steering Committee Schedule, plan and organize future global forums Identify global issues and establish the GPMF agenda Identify project management associations worldwide and invite participants to the GPMF Coordinate and facilitate each GPMF Establish objectives and guidelines for future global forums GPMF Guidelines:  GPMF Guidelines GPMF congresses should be planned and conducted in a professional and culturally sensitive manner. GPMF congresses should be planned and scheduled in conjunction with major international PM conferences. All PM associations worldwide should be invited to participate. GPMF congresses should be open to the public professional community. Results or minutes of each GPMF event should be recorded and made available to all PM associations. Attendance and travel costs for attendees should be reasonable. Official languages of all GPMF events should be English. The hosting organizations of GPMF congresses shall be responsible for planning, logistics, agenda setting, invitations and project management of individual GPMF congresses. GPMF Current Challenges:  GPMF Current Challenges Obsolescence of contents/competition from other global congresses of PM associations staging global issues GPMF centering around casual discussions (lack of consistency and continuity) on the following subjects: Project Management Research / The Future of Project Management Global Project Management Standards Project Management Education – From a Global Perspective Project Management Certifications Global Project Management Cooperation Low marketability after 2000 (except Tokyo and Moscow) Slide9:  Time for GPMF to seek renovation!

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