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Information about GPEH, PCHR and MR Parsers - Innovile

Published on June 3, 2016

Author: aoztslide



2. WHAT WE PROVIDE? Innovile has various parser solutions for both 2G, 3G and 4G NSS and BSS elements covering Ericsson, Huawei, NSN and ZTE interfaces. Our parsers efficiently transform various standard (ASN.1, XML etc.) and vendor-based formats to database-ready formats and loads them to database tables efficiently.

3. BENEFITS OF USING INNOVILE PARSERS  Enhanced Error Handling  Enhanced Log Management  Secure FTP Connection if Desired  Multiple Parser Co-Existence for Different Versions of the Same Type.  Multi-threaded efficient operation.  Various Parser Modules Available. (RNC, BSC, GPEH, TRLOG, ENUM, HLR, MSU, FNR etc.)

4. DATA FLOW Fetcher Module Missing Fetcher Module Parser Module Loader Service Oracle Database Oracle Database Raw GPEH Files in OSS-RC

5. DESCRIPTION OF MODULES Fetcher Module connects to OSS and fetches the GPEH raw files to input directory of the Parser module. Missing Fetcher Module fetches missing files and passes them in to the input directory of the Parser module. This guarantees the completeness and the accuracy of data by handling any latencies caused by the OSS and ensures a trouble free operation. Parser Module decodes GPEH raw files and locates ASCII formatted output files in the input directory of Loader module. This directory is also an External Table’s Directory Object of the related Oracle Database. Loader Service loads parsed files to Oracle database efficiently using External Tables.

6. INSTANCE CONCEPT Our parser solutions are designed to run as instances for performance and modularity. An instance is a triple of fetcher, (including mis-fetcher) parser and loader services with their related configuration (conf) files. CONF File For Fetcher CONF File For Parser Fetcher Service Parser Service CONF File For Missing Missing Service Loader Service Conf file for loader service Oracle Database OSS-RC

7. WHAT YOU GAIN?  Cost-effective solution for various vendor interfaces.  Efficient and optimized data conversion solution without any need for expensive hardware.  Platform-free, easy-to-fit software for existing infrastructure.  Easy-to-use and easy-to-track modules making the life easier for admins.

8. GPEH PARSER - General  Ericsson GPEH (General Performance Event Handler) is a recording feature allowing operators to freely create subscriptions on various system levels.  The GPEH function handles the management and collection of predefined events in the WCDMA-RAN. these events are either node internal or inter-node as listed below:  RNC internal events  RBS internal events  RRC inter-node events  NBAP inter-node events  RANAP inter-node events  RNSAP inter-node events

9. GPEH PARSER - Events Three different types of events are available to the GPEH recording function: 1.RNC node internal events 2.RNC node external (protocol) events 3.RBS node internal events

10. GPEH PARSER – Sample Event  An example of a RRC inter-node event id-17 (Radio Bearer Setup complete) is shown below.

11. GPEH PARSER – File Size  GPEH file ROP is 15 minutes and each RNC produces 10 to 15 Gzip files.  Total unzipped files size is ~400 MB.  There are about 400 Events in the files.  Events could be filtered in OSS or through Parser Configuration files.

12. GPEH PARSER – Raw Output

13. CHR PARSER - General  Huawei CHR is a trace logging feature in GSM, UMTS and LTE. It collects call and cell information, radio measurement and messages for all calls in the network. The CHR log contains call trace from every call in the node.  As an example, RNC log files contains • User call log—Information about the call messages such as call setup, RAB setup,Handover and Call Release. • Cell Log—User load and Power measurement of the cell over time which includes RTP% and RTWP. • Internal RNC log—Internal signaling information which less interesting for RFengineer

14. CHR PARSER – File Size  CHR files are auto exported when ever compressed data size reach to 10 MB. Number of files depends on the BSC-RNC-eNodeB load.  Total files size vary between 100 and 400 MB.  There are about 40 Event Blocks in the files.  Events could be filtered through Parser Configuration files.  UMTS PCHR R17 is supported.  LTE PCHR R09 is supported

15. CHR PARSER – Raw Output


17. Contact FOR MORE INFORMATION +90.232.2820265 VISIT US AT

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