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Published on March 18, 2014

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Narrating your EU POWER POINT PRESENTATIONS: Narrating your EU POWER POINT PRESENTATIONS GOV 314 – Class on “The EU: How it Works” March 28, 2014 The EU: How it Works: The EU: How it Works Each team is responsible for posting a short powerpoint presentation on their assigned topic. Ch 2 - Executive Politics - Mac, Isaac, James Michael Ch 3 - Legislative Politics - Nico , Bart Ch 4 - Judicial Politics -  Emmie , Megan Ch 5 - Public Opinion - Taylor, Maria Theresa Ch 6 - Democracy, Parties & Elections - Clementine , Alex Ch 7 - Interest Representation - Christian, Tobey Preparation Stage: Preparation Stage Skim all the assigned chapters, and then read carefully your own chapter. Meet with your partner and prepare a powerpoint that has the following 3 elements Required Element 1: The Takeaway Points: Required Element 1: The Takeaway Points A highlight of the most important concept or framework presented in the chapter that for you constitutes the key "takeaway" or executive summary that you believe the other students should remember (this should be one or two slides only).   Required Element 2: The Key Components: Required Element 2: The Key Components The next section should outline, briefly, the component parts of your issue area, including any key historical developments that we should be aware of.  Required Element 3: Questions?: Required Element 3: Questions? Finally, your last slide should list 1-3 research questions that come out of the empirical area that you are covering.  What might be interesting research projects that would spring from the information contained in your chapter?  McNamara’s PP Rules: McNamara’s PP Rules Minimal Text Maximal photos/images Keep it simple Practice Recording your PP in Mac: Recording your PP in Mac Once you have your powerpoint finished, go to your first slide, in “ Normal ” on the View menu. On the Slide Show Tab, under Presenter Tools , click “Record Slide Show” Recording your Slide Show: Recording your Slide Show The recording will start automatically, but you can pause, reset the recording for the current slide, advance, & continue using the icons Recording on Mac: Recording on Mac See full instructions here: http:// /en-us/mac- powerpoint -help/record-a-slide-show-HA102928506.aspx Recording your PP on a PC: Recording your PP on a PC On the Slide Show tab, in the Set Up group, click Record Slide Show You can start recording from the beginning or from the Current Slide In the Record Slide Show box, select Narrations & Laser Pointer and/or Slide & Animations as appropriate. Click Start Recording , use pause as needed To end your recording, right click the slide and then click End Show Recording your PP on a PC: Recording your PP on a PC See full instructions at http:// /en-us/ powerpoint -help/record-and-add-narration-and-timings-to-a-slide-show-HA010338313.aspx Saving and Posting your PP: Saving and Posting your PP When you reach the last slide or exit presenter view, you will be prompted to save your work. Post your PP to the class blog, and your classmates can comment as they like on the site. Some Details: Some Details Please post your slides by Sunday evening, March 23. Please watch your classmates slides at your leisure. The End: The End I look forward to viewing them!

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