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Published on March 20, 2014

Author: BoulderSEOMarketing



Are you in charge of social media marketing at your company? It’s a pretty fun job, right? You get to tweet and retweet, post fun content to Facebook, start interesting discussions on LinkedIn, and more. Or, maybe it’s not so fun anymore because you feel like you’re winging it and don’t have time to find, schedule, and post good content? Not to mention the time required to analyze results (the not-so-fun part) to know if your dedicated, yet Herculean efforts are paying off.

According to an Altimeter Group study, only 17% of the companies surveyed have a ‘mature’ social media marketing strategy in place. That’s not so unusual for small to medium sized businesses who are just getting the hang of things, but for large businesses this statistic is surprising, given the importance of social media to a company’s potential revenues.

If you’re in charge of marketing at your small-to-medium sized company, or own your own business, wouldn’t you want to have a clearly defined social media marketing strategy in place? It’s sort of a no-brainer but we get it, it seems overwhelming and there’s never time. And what the heck does search engine optimization have to do with social media, anyway?

If you’re eager to learn how to get the most out of your social media marketing efforts, then we invite you to watch the replay of this webinar. In an informal and playful webinar, the digital marketing experts at POP! media studio and Boulder SEO Marketing will show you how it’s done. Beth Powell and Chris Raulf presented customer case studies and success stories, shared project templates, and gave solid tips on developing and implementing a strategy that’s clearly aligned with your revenue goals.

About the Presenters
Beth Powell is founder of POP! media studio, a content marketing firm that helps small businesses align their bottom-line business goals with custom strategy and content development. Specialized services include social media strategy and writing, email marketing, PR, web copywriting & editing, and WordPress website development. POP! media generates authentic, personality-rich, purposeful content intended to generate solid leads, inspired fans, and loyal customers.

Chris Raulf is founder of Boulder SEO Marketing, a boutique online marketing agency located in beautiful Boulder, Colorado. The company assists local, national as well international clients with all of their SEO, social media and content marketing needs.

Chris has 15+ years of digital marketing expertise under his belt and The Online Marketing Institute recently added him to their “Top 40+ Digital Strategists in Marketing for 2014” list.

[Webinar] Got Strategy? Awesome Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Just Happen—Do it with Purpose and Goals to Increase Your ROI    |     March 19, 2014 Beth Powell Content Strategy, Copywriting, PR Specialist POP! media studio Chris Raulf Online Marketing Expert & Founder Boulder SEO Marketing

Agenda   •  The  Big  Picture  Overview   •  Social  Media  Strategy   •  How  Does  Social  Media  Fit  Into  SEO   •  Customer  Engagement  and  Workflow  OpDons   •  Templates,  Process  and  Tools   •  Success:  Define  and  Measure   •  Case  Studies   •  QuesDons  &  Answers    |    

Quick  Poll   •  I  am  a  solopreneur   •  Small  business  (2-­‐50  employees)   •  Medium  business  (51-­‐500  employeess)   •  Large  business  (501+  employees)    |    

Quick  Poll   •  I  handle  all  MarCom  and  want  to   outsource  social  media   •  I  handle  all  MarCom  and  do  my   own  social  media   •  I  already  outsource  my  social   media  acDviDes    |    

The  Big  Picture:  Why  You’re   Here   •  MeeDng  You  Where  You’re  At   •  A  Social  Media  Presence  is  Necessary   •  3  goals:  AnDcipate  needs,  give  them  reasons  to   do  business  with  you,  foster  loyalty  to  your  brand   •  MarCom  -­‐  Content  MarkeDng  -­‐  Social  Media   •  OpDons  for  content  creaDon  &  implementaDon   •  SEO  &  AnalyDcs    |    

Assump.ons   •  You  have  a  website  and  a  product  or  service   •  You’re  a  SMB  owner  or  SMB  MarkeDng  pro   •  You  know  your  top  three  compeDtors   •  You  know  your  top  2-­‐3  buyer  personas   •  On  the  importance  of  buyer  personas    |    

Social  Media  Strategy:  GeFng  Started   •  SituaDonal  Assessment   •  Goal-­‐Se[ng  (Strategic  &  TacDcal)   –  S:  Brand  awareness,  leads,  promote  execs   –  T:  200  Twi]er  followers  by  May,  100%  increase  in   referral  traffic  from  LinkedIn,  500  email  addresses  in  6   months   •  Se[ng  ExpectaDons  Internally   –  Lead  Gen  vs.  Closing  the  Sale   –  Website  &  customer  journey  needs  to  be  awesome    |    

Social  Media  Strategy:  Social  Brand  Guidelines   •  Review  social  profiles  from  a  brand  consistency   perspecDve   •  Personality!  Human  face  to  the  world!   •  Develop  your  ‘voice’  (informal/formal  tone,  etc.)   •  Top  15-­‐30  keywords/phrases  (integral  for   opDmizing  content  &  be]er  SEO)   •  How  you’ll  use  imagery  in  your  posts   •  How  you’ll  involve  employees/colleagues  in   content  development   •  Who  ‘owns’  the  customer  service  engagements?    |    

Social  Media  Strategy:  Like  a  Good  Press  Release   Your  Strategy  Outlines  the:   •  Who   •  What   •  Where   •  When   •  How   •  Why  (You  Know  This  One!)    |    

The  5  Pillars  of  SEO   1.  Technical  Health  of  Website   2.  Website  FuncDonality   3.  On-­‐Page  Search  Engine   OpDmizaDon   4.  Off-­‐Page  Search  Engine   OpDmizaDon   5.  Social  Media  MarkeDng    |    

Teamwork  &  Workflow  Op.ons   •  Beth:  Content  Creator  &  Curator     –  Write  blogs  &  social  media  content;  curate  content   •  Chris:  Client  interface/SEO  Analyst/PM   –  OpDmize  blog  arDcles  with  meta  &  other  tags   –  Schedule/post  social  media  messages   –  Perform  analyDcs  &  report  to  client/manager   OR   •  Beth:  Content  Creator/Curator/Poster   –  Write  blogs  &  social  media  content;  curate  content   –  Schedule/post  social  media  messages   •  Chris:  Client  interface/SEO  Analyst/PM   –  OpDmize  blog  arDcles  with  meta  &  other  tags   –  Perform  analyDcs  &  report  to  client/manager    |  Social  Media  

Social  Media  Plan    |    

About  Me:   LinkedIn:  h]p://   TwiPer:  h]ps://twi]   Facebook:  h]ps://    


Process,  Templates  and  Tools   •  High  quality  content     •  Editorial  Calendar   •  Post  individually  or  use  tools    |    

The  10-­‐4-­‐1  Rule   10-­‐4-­‐1  Rule  (B2B  Social  Media  Book  by  Kipp   Bodnar  and  Jeffrey  L.  Cohen)     Out  of  every  15  social  media  messages…   -­‐  10  should  be  informaDon  about  other   people's  content   -­‐  4  should  be  about  your  content  (blog,   arDcle,  etc.)   -­‐  And  1  should  be  a  landing  page  on  your  site   (webinar  request  page,  white  paper   download,  etc.)    |    

Use  Google  Docs  to  Manage  your  Social  Media  Messages    |    

Measuring  Your  Social  Media  Success    |    

Measuring  Your  Social  Media  Success    |    

Social  Media  Monitoring  Tools   •  h]p://­‐10-­‐free-­‐social-­‐media-­‐ monitoring-­‐tools/   •  h]p://­‐top-­‐tools-­‐ social-­‐media-­‐monitoring-­‐analyDcs-­‐and-­‐management-­‐2013   •  h]p://­‐10-­‐social-­‐media-­‐ analyDcs-­‐tools-­‐the-­‐venturebeat-­‐index/   •  h]p://­‐media-­‐analyDcs-­‐ tools.html    |    

Case  Studies  and  Success  Stories    |     Example:   •  Bi-­‐weekly  blog  post   •  1  personal  LinkedIn  status  update  per  day   •  1  LinkedIn  and  Google+  company  page  status  update  per  day   •  2  Tweets  per  day   •  2  LinkedIn  group  posDngs  per  day    |  720.263.1736  |       Case  Studies  and  Success  Stories   •  Bi-­‐monthly  Webinar   or  Web  Panel   •  Weekly  blog  post   •  2  personal  LinkedIn   status  updates  per   day     •  1  LinkedIn  company   page  status  update   per  day     •  2  LinkedIn  group   posDngs  per  day   •  1  FB  /  G+  post  per   day   •  2  Tweets  per  day    |  720.263.1736  |       Case  Studies  and  Success  Stories   Results  in  addiDon  to  increased  referral  traffic  from  social  media:   •  ~15-­‐20%  organic  growth  rate  of  social  media  followers  per  month   •  150-­‐250  Webinar  /  Web  Panel  registrants   •  ~  35-­‐40%  new  leads  per  online  event  (deployed  LinkedIn  lead   generaDon  campaign)   •  4-­‐5  new  and  opDmized  pieces  of  content  for  website  per  event   •  Press  release  strategy   •  Increased  brand  recogniDon;  percepDon  as  industry  thought  leader   •  Recording  of  online  event  repurposed  as  on-­‐demand  content  on   the  website;  ‘recording  request’  pages  generate  60-­‐80  new   requests  per  month  

Case  Studies  and  Success  Stories    |    

April  8  &  29  in  Boulder  and  Denver     Get  $50  off  the  registra.on  fee  with  code  LIMC50  Learn  more  at:    |    

Got Strategy? Awesome Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Just Happen—Do it with Purpose and Goals to Increase Your ROI Questions? Connect with Beth Powell / POP! media studio: Facebook:  h]ps://     LinkedIn:  h]p://   TwiPer:  h]ps://twi]     Connect with Chris Raulf / Boulder SEO Marketing: LinkedIn:  h]p://­‐seo-­‐markeDng     TwiPer:  h]ps://twi]     Facebook:  h]ps://     Google+:  h]ps://    |    

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