Google Tag Manager - an Introduction

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Information about Google Tag Manager - an Introduction

Published on October 7, 2014

Author: liip



An introduction to the concepts of Tag Management through Google Tag Manager. Talk given at a meeting at Liip Fribourg on Oct 7, 2014.

1. Agile Web Development ! – Fribourg, 07.10.2014 GOOGLE TAG MANAGER Introduction and beyond …

2. Agile Web Development ! – GEOFFROY PERRIARD Web Developer, Liip AG

3. Agile Web Development ! – BENOIT POINTET UX Architect, Liip AG

4. Agile Web Development ! – TAG MANAGEMENT Yet another fad?

5. Why tag management? Tracking in the 90s and 00s was limited and easy - only pageviews - only web analytics - one tracking tag, o!en img tag - not likely to change - by webmasters for webmasters

6. Why tag management? Tracking nowadays is powerful, yet complex - pageviews, events, screenviews - web, app + things from the web of things - analytics, affiliates, personalization, audience measurement, retargeting, remarketing - tracking solutions evolve and emerge rapidly - tracking tags evolve constantly - tag pollution - marketing, IT, CM and BI department fights


8. Tag management solutions - Google Tag Manager - h#p:// ! - Qubit Enterprise TM aka Opentagmanager - h#p:// ! - Adobe Digital Tag Manager - h#p:// dynamic-tag-management.html ! - probably more coming …

9. Agile Web Development ! – THE SOLUTION


11. Tag Management Setup - On the page … a single tag - the GTM tag (similar to GA <script> snippet) - will inject other tags dynamically ! - On Tag Management Server - A management system to define … - what tag gets injected - on what page, - under what conditions, - with what behavior

12. Tracking Process with GTM 1. Browser loads page with GTM tag 2. GTM tag loads 1. browser-side tag management logic (JS) 2. all tagging for this site 3. tagging magic happens on the page => tracking informations are sent – according to tags – to GA, Webtrends, AdWords, …

13. Agile Web Development ! TAGGING MAGIC - ALA GTM – Where it starts ge#ing techy …

14. GTM Jargon - tag ~ what to inject? - rules ~ when to inject? - macros ~ ge#ers, contextual info - container ~ where to inject? ~ GA properties - versions - dataLayer - events

15. Container Big bag where you put all tags, macros and rules to management tracking on a domain/site. - ~ 1 container per site - 1 GTM user account can access many containers - container ID passed by GTM tag to server - versions - published/dra! container versions - publish changes once for all - don’t break tracking when updating it - preview and debug your changes before publishing them

16. Tags Code snippets to inject/instantiate on the page. - ready-made (GA, AdWords, …) or custom (for Piwik tag, …) - two types: listeners or trackers

17. Listener Tags Observe interactions and changes (DOM events) and throw gtm.Events. Not bound to a specific tracking solution. ! Listener tags available in GTM: - Link Click Listener - listens to clicks on <a> elements - throws gtm.linkClick event - Form Submit Listener - Click Listener - Timer Listener - JS Error Listener - History Listener

18. Tracker Tags Observe GTM event flow and perform tracking operations / sends information to specifc tracking solution / injects custom javascript. ! Examples: - Custom Tag, to add any tracker not known to GTM, like Piwik. - Google Analytics … - Pageview - Event - Transaction - Social - Timing !

19. Rules When-clauses that you can a!ach to tags to specify when the listener/tracker tags should fire. ! Examples: - "on all pages" - {{url}} matches RegEx .* - "when mailto link clicked" - {{event}} equals gtm.linkClick - AND {{element url}} starts with mailto: ! BEWARE: a tag with no rule a!ached will not fire!

20. Macros Accessors to element/event/page information. The double-bracket parts in rules … ! Provided out-of-the-box by GTM: - {{url}} - {{url hostname}} - {{url path}} - {{referrer}} - {{element}} - {{element id}} - {{element classes}} - {{element target}} - {{element url}} - {{event}}

21. Tracking Process with GTM - detailed 1. Browser loads page with GTM tag 2. GTM tag instantiates and loads both business logic and container tags, rules, macros (gtm.js). 3. gtm sets up and instantiates all tags 1. some tags like pageviews fire once and stay idle 2. listener tags now listening … 4. When a DOM event happens … 1. rules define which tracker tags gets fired and throws GTM events on dataLayer 5. when a GTM event happens on the dataLayer … 1. rules define which tracker tags are to perform

22. Tracking Process with GTM - visualized tracking APIs Google Analytics tracking tags dataLayer listener tags GA pageview Another Tool GA mailto link click gtm.load gtm.dom gtm.linkClick data Link Click Listener … DOM events swipe drag click submit …

23. Agile Web Development ! ADVANTAGES, LIMITATIONS AND RISKS – Ort, Datum

24. Risks Anyone with credentials and rights can inject harmful code - probability: very probable (marketing dept ≠ security freaks) - impact: legal trouble, loss of trust, loss of end customer private infos, loss of business infos - mitigation: allow only one user to publish versions ! "The marketing dudes will break everything!" - probability: it can happen - impact: injected code disturbs normal page behavior - mitigation: use of included tags is safe, get tech help when doing special stuff

25. Limitations GTM is not for page speed tracking - tags are lazy and late loaded ! Using GTM still needs some tech understanding - event listening, Regexp, …

26. Advantages GTM makes your page faster - lazy loading, yet advanced load se#ing per tag ! GTM lets you track and more and faster - clear separation of concerns and schedules

27. Advantages GTM plays well with Google Analytics - advanced tracking building blocks provided out-of-the-box ! GTM is for more than Google Analytics - display ads (DoubleClick, Mediaplex) - remarketing (AdRoll, AdWords) - search (AdWords, Marin) - audience (Advisor, Bizo, comScore, Dstillery, …) - analytics (GA, ClickTale, comScore) - A/B testing

28. Agile Web Development ! – Ort, Datum THANK YOU

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