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Published on August 9, 2007

Author: webhittler


Supposed to be celebrating: Children’s Day 2003. Reason for rejection: Too childish.  

Supposed to be celebrating: 150 Years of Cigarettes. Reason for rejection: Too politically incorrect

Supposed to be celebrating: 50th Anniversary of Product Placement. Reason for rejection: Starbucks didn’t pay enough.

Supposed to be celebrating: 5 Years of Google motto “Don’t be evil.” Reason for rejection: Too self-obsessed.

Supposed to be celebrating: 130th Birthday of Mondrian. Reason for rejection: Too abstract.  

Supposed to be celebrating: 90th Anniversary of the Copyright Act. Reason for rejection: Potential trademark infringement for using the © symbol.

Supposed to be celebrating: 20th Anniversary of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Reason for rejection: Severe complaints by the Pet Duck Association.  

Supposed to be celebrating: The 65th Birthday of Googol, a 1 with 100 zeroes. Reason for rejection: Too geeky.  

Supposed to be celebrating: This was one of two drafts to honor M.C. Escher. Reason for rejection: Too creepy.

Supposed to be celebrating: Two decades of the JPEG image compression algorithm. Reason for rejection: Compression too lossy.

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