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Published on October 29, 2013

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LESSON 1: Describing the Android Platform Thursday, August 1, 13 Instructor Notes: • The students should have already completed the Preface of this course and have their Android Studio installed and set up. 1

ANDROID STUDIO What you get with Android Studio based on IntelliJ IDEA Highlights of IntelliJ Highlights of Android Studio ‣ Full Java IDE ‣ On-device Developer Options ‣ Graphical UI Builders ‣ Develop on Hardware Devices ‣ Powerful Debugging ‣ Develop on Virtual Devices ‣ Native Development ‣ Testing Thursday, August 1, 13 Instructor Notes: • • Let the students know that throughout the course, they will be building Android apps using the Android Studio development environment. Through this process they will familiarize themselves with Android Studio. After this slide, students will participate in a lab, to get oriented with the Android Studio. Student Notes: • • • The Android Studio package is a powerful package with a suite of tools to help you through developing for Android, including UI builders, virtual Android device emulators, and a debugger. This includes a visual UI designer, build system, debugger, USB support, and an emulator. Again, it’s entirely possible to develop Android apps in other IDE’s. IntelliJ has Android, and there is a standalone download on the Android website for compiling from the command line. For this course, we will be using Android Studio. 4

LAB EXERCISE 1.1 Exploring Android Studio: Tasks ‣ Understanding the basic tools in Android ‣ Understanding the basic capabilities of ADT ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ ☐ Task 1: Navigating Android Studio Task 2: Experiencing the UI tools Task 3: Connecting Hardware devices Task 4: Connecting to Virtual devices Task 5: Debugging Task 6: Testing Thursday, August 1, 13 Instructor Notes: Tell the students to let you know as they complete each task, so they do not move forward in the lab until they’ve verified each task was done correctly. Have the student check off each task as they complete it. Switch to the Lab document. • • • 6

ANATOMY OF AN ANDROID APP Applications (built-in & custom) Application Framework Libraries & Davlik Virtual Machine Linux Kernel Thursday, August 1, 13 8 Instructor Notes: You may provide an example, such as: The Contacts app (top layer), which may use the Activity Manager and Content Provider (Application framework), are compiled into a readable file for the Davlik virtual machine to process and run. • Student Notes: Android is an open environment, which gives it an advantage over other operating systems which are based on proprietary software. Android is based on Linux (shown in red). The Android runtime is layered on top and includes core libraries that are necessary for your app, running a process virtual machine called Dalvik (shown in green). This is the software that runs the apps on Android devices. The Android class files are converted into compact DEX files (Dalvik Executable) before installation on a device, to conserve memory and processor speed. • • • •

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