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Published on February 5, 2013

Author: CIPR_Scotland


Proving the value of PR with web analytics

Andrew Bruce Smith Managing Director Escherman MCIPR@andismit #ciprsm #pranalyticsSearch for: Andrew Bruce Smith

…and PR planning“Data beats opinion”PR too often driven by untested assumptions andwonky metrics Google Trends and Insights Google Keyword Tool Google Consumer Barometer Google Analytics

Search = proxy for brand awareness

Google Analytics is a free data....

Google Analytics

Why GA?Ubiquity86pc of UK businesses have installed GA (E-Consultancy survey 2011)It’s free!A way to prove the direct and indirect value of PRand social mediaKey WIN areas: goals and attribution analysis

The PR marriageproblem.Or how attributionanalysis can showthe value of socialmedia. Or PR.

Google Analytics provides a way ofseeing the direct and indirectcontribution made by any channelagainst a specific goal

Some more things to consider What is the purpose of your website? No goals, no insight

Visitor flow analysis

Isolate sources: down to levelof individual coverage!

Better still: relate it tospecific goals

Real time analysis

There’s more to come…Universal Analytics: combining web analyticsdata with pretty much anything

Old vs newOld: our PR and social media activity created xnumber of OTS (opportunities to see)New: our PR activity directly and indirectlycontributed £x value in relation to definedbusiness and organisational goals

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