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Published on October 2, 2014

Author: AshraProduction


1. Andrew Goodwin’s Theory Suhena Begum

2. Lyrics and visuals She says ‘‘looking like a pair of clowns’’, pictures of her ex and his new girlfriend comes up which links with the lyrics and shows who she’s singing about. She says “I don’t give a shh”, she drops water on her ex which illustrates with her feelings that she doesn’t care. When she says “Remember all the things that you and I did first? And now you're doing them with her. This Links with the lyrics as the couples are in cinemas having fun which reminds her of the times her and her ex use to When she says have fun. “come on” her facial expressions links in with the lyrics emphasising her frustration.

3. Music and visuals Cher makes aggressive sounds which matches the beat of the music and exaggerates her jealousy. When she says “shh”, it matches the beat of the music and she repeats this throughout. Goodwin’s theory is conveyed in this music video as the beat of the music flows with cuts.

4. Genre characteristics Cher Lloyd’s music video is pop hence consisting of girly characterises such as sparkly high heels, perfume, make-up, balloons and camera. The artists wears pink, casual wear which conforms to the genre stereotype. Moreover, the setting for this music video is in a bedroom and variety of studios which relates to the song.

5. Voyeurism Through out the music video the artists looks directly at the camera which makes her the center of attention.

6. Close ups Through out the music video there is shots of close ups which is a way for the record labels to sell the artist. This is also a way for the audience to pay attention to her facial expression which links in with the message of the song.

7. Intertextual reference In this music video I could not spot any intertextual references however, this shows that not all music videos include all 6 aspects of Goodwin’s theory.

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