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Published on March 18, 2008

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Polish-Norwegian Cooperation:  Polish-Norwegian Cooperation Medical University in Lublin Oslo University College Polish –Norwegian Cooperation:  Polish –Norwegian Cooperation How it started? Norwegian project Present situation Polish- Norwegian Cooperation:  Polish- Norwegian Cooperation Linking up for Mobility in Europe A new bilateral programme promoting co-operation between Norway and the twelve countries aspiring to join the European Union Polish- Norwegian Cooperation:  Polish- Norwegian Cooperation Polish- Norwegian Cooperation:  Polish- Norwegian Cooperation Polish- Norwegian Cooperation:  Polish- Norwegian Cooperation Leonardo da Vinci Norwegian National Agency which operated then within the National Institute of Technology in Oslo was transferred the financial means for the implementation of the Linking up for Mobility in Europe programme by The Norwegian Ministry of Education, Research and Religion. Polish- Norwegian Cooperation:  Polish- Norwegian Cooperation Polish-Norwegian Cooperation:  Polish-Norwegian Cooperation In Poland , the Task Force for Training and Human Resources – Co-operation Fund was responsible for the implementation of the programme Direct beneficiaries: vocational education of the secondary and post-graduate level young workers/apprentices students of higher education institutions trainers and teachers Polish-Norwegian Cooperation:  Polish-Norwegian Cooperation The programme’s financial resources covered the costs of 2-12 week apprenticeships, costs of training the participants and providing them with the linguistic and culture-related preparation. Polish institutions were obliged to cover the cost of apprentice’s travel to the place of their apprenticeship in Norway. Polish-Norwegian Cooperation:  Polish-Norwegian Cooperation June 17-18, 2002 in Oslo a contact- making seminar with the participation of Norwegian partners and representatives of 7 EU candidate courtiers took place in a wonderful surroundings of Holmenkollen Park Hotel Rica. December 9-10, 2002 another contact–making seminar in Jachranka/Warsaw organised by Task Force for training and Human Resources–Cooperation Fund and the Leonardo da Vinci Norwegian National Agency. There were represented about 120 Polish institutions (40 higher education institutions). Polish-Norvegian Cooperation:  Polish-Norvegian Cooperation Polish-Norwegian Cooperation:  Polish-Norwegian Cooperation Polish-Norwegian Cooperation:  Polish-Norwegian Cooperation RESULT: a project managed by Oslo University College including students from several Polish higher education settings: Białystok- Teacher Training College of Rehabilitation, Torun –Nicholas Copernicus University, Faculty of Education, Krakow – Jagellonian University, Faculty of Education and Lublin- Medical University-Faculty of Nursing. Also staff members from Torun and Lublin were invited to supervise the programme in February 2003. Polish students’ visit to Oslo took place in February 2003. Polish-Norwegian Cooperation:  Polish-Norwegian Cooperation The students from the Faculty of Nursing took part in the: 1. Pre-placement seminar: - Lecture about the Norwegian Health System and the Education of Nurses, given by the international coordinator Kari Helene Kavlie. 2.Clinical placement: - Four-week clinical practice at “St. Hanshaugen omosorgssenter” – a nursing home for elderly people primarily with physical illness and disabilities, and Alzheimer’s disease. Polish-Norwegian Cooperation:  Polish-Norwegian Cooperation The aim of the clinical studies was to gain knowledge about: The functioning of a nursing home The functions and responsibilities of nurses The elder person’s physical, psychological and social needs for medical and nursing care Quality of life for the elderly person in a nursing home Communication; verbal and non-verbal with elderly person Nursing documentation. Polish-Norwegian Cooperation:  Polish-Norwegian Cooperation EVALUATION OF THE PLACEMENT/EXCHANGE The co-operation between the international office at the OUC and the international unit at the Faculty of Nursing worked very well. Very good information and co-operation at the beginning of the project made it a success. In their evaluation the students mentioned that next time they had a chance to study in Norway they would like to join the Norwegian nursing students in their regular studies and also clinical practice. Polish-Norwegian Cooperation:  Polish-Norwegian Cooperation Student’s report: Period of stay: 6th February- 5th March 2003. Expectations: “I decided to take part in the programme because I hoped to get acquainted with a number of issues connected with my future job. First, I hoped to learn the rules on which the Norwegian hospitals function and to compare the level of the health care services provided in Poland and in Norway. Secondly, I wanted to improve my practical skills by taking part in nursing actions undertaken in the wards. Last but not least, I envisaged to get to know nursing students from Norway as well as teachers and other people related with the profession”. Polish-Norwegian Cooperation:  Polish-Norwegian Cooperation Organisation: “During the stay I accommodated at a students’ residence hall the conditions of which were absolutely fine. The hall was located within 40 min by public transport. The money I was paid was sufficient to live on , I managed to pay all the expenses. „ I found the welcome meeting very nice. I appreciated the fact that there was a teacher waiting for me at the railway station so I did not have to find my way myself on the first day. All the information proved very useful and efficient” Educational value “I found my stay extremely valuable as far as my future nursing career is concerned. In the home for elderly I could analyse the documentation and observe the work of other personnel. Only I could have benefited more from the practice if I had had a chance to work in another unit where more actions are undertaken on regular basis. Personally I found it very useful to use the University library where I had an access to books and journals unavailable in Poland.” Polish-Norwegian Cooperation:  Polish-Norwegian Cooperation THE FUTURE The Faculty of Nursing and Health Science, Medical University in Lublin, signed a Bilateral Agreement with Oslo University College for 2005-2007 under the frames of SOCRATES/ERASMUS Programme. This agreement assumes the exchange of undergraduate students from Poland to Norway (2 students-nursing, physiotherapy- for 3 months) realizing a module in English “Care for the Ageing and People with Chronic Illnesses”. Teaching staff mobility (1 teacher a year). Polish-Norwegian Cooperation:  Polish-Norwegian Cooperation Bilateral Agreement for 2005-2007 involving the Faculties of Pharmacy of both Institutions including: – exchange of undergraduate and postgraduate students -exchange of teachers Polish-Norwegian Cooperation:  Polish-Norwegian Cooperation Polish-Norwegian Cooperation:  Polish-Norwegian Cooperation The Faculty of Medicine will start a new 6-years course in English for students from Scandinavia in October 2005 – on the basis of the Agreement with a Recruiting Agency Akuttmed/Henning Tollefsen (10-15 students/year) The curriculum corresponds to the European Programme of Medical Studies Students will be awarded the diploma of a physician upon completion of the course Polish-Norwegian Cooperation:  Polish-Norwegian Cooperation Polish –Norwegian Cooperation:  Polish –Norwegian Cooperation Maria Grudzinska The Office of Vice –Rector for Research and Foreign Co-operation Prof.Feliks Skubiszewski Medical University in Lublin 20-950 Lublin Ul. Al.. Raclawickie 1 Polish-Norwegian Cooperation:  Polish-Norwegian Cooperation

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