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Published on October 11, 2009

Author: Simmadi



It's the morning after for Mel, and it brings some frightening consequences.


. Before we get started, I thought I should say that this chapter has some sexual and mature concepts. So don’t read if that’s gonna bother you. Clickity! =>>>>>>

Dean and Melanie sneaked out of the party early, and drove to his house. Dean took Melanie down to his basement bedroom.

After a couple minutes of making out on his couch, though, Dean got bored. “I think we should go to the bed, Mel.”

Not waiting for a response, he grabbed her hand and pushed her down onto the bed with a strength he hadn’t used a few minutes ago.

He raised up suddenly. “What do you say you get out of that outfit?” “Ok,” she whispered quietly.

She shed her party clothes with her back to him, and turned around to find him undressed and waiting. She walked over to the bed again.

He pushed her down again, and kissed her more forcefully. Somewhere in the back of her alcohol-intoxicated mind, Melanie registered that he seemed detached, somehow. She would have thought that he had forgotten she was there, if he wasn’t hastily kissing her. One more kiss, and he drew the covers over their heads. *******************

Dean emerged from the covers, and smiled at Melanie. “Did you have fun?” he asked with a wink.

NO, Melanie thought. It was awful. “Y-yeah,” she answered, her voice shaking. The alcohol didn’t seem to be clouding her mind as much anymore. “It was great.” Her carefully styled hair had come loose. Dammit, Melanie thought. And I spent so much time on it. Although her hair was hardly the most important thing at that moment. Right then, all she wanted was to get out of his bed.

“I know I did,” he said, yawning and stretching. He touched her bare shoulder and slid his hand down her back. DON’T TOUCH ME! she felt like screaming. Of course she didn’t, though. She felt like it was important to play it cool, pretend like nothing was wrong. “You should probably sneak on back home. I’d drive you there, but the noise would wake up my dad. He hates it when I bring someone home,” Dean said, indifference in his voice.

“Yeah, o-ok,” she replied. “Cool,” he said. “I’ll see you tomorrow.” He closed his eyes. Melanie slipped out of his bed and gathered her clothes. She dressed hastily and tiptoed up the stairs, heading home. *********************

Having sneaked quietly upstairs to her bedroom, Melanie slowly sat down on her bed. She didn’t dare turn on the lights. She didn’t have the energy to lie to her parents about where she had been. She contemplated how she felt at that moment. She felt bruised. Disgusting. Used. Stupid. Things she had never expected to feel after being around Dean.

Taking a deep breath, she stood up shakily. A dry sob escaped her throat. Then the tears came. She covered her eyes with her hands. His words kept echoing in her mind, peculiar words that seemed so out of place after what should have been such a romantic moment… My dad hates it when I bring someone home…

“How many have there been, Dean?” she asked her dark, empty room. The only response were her parents’ muffled snores across the hall. Oh, God, she thought. What would she say to her parents? She would just have to keep everything quiet. She would do her best to pretend nothing had happened.

Feeling an overwhelming sense of dirtiness, she quickly walked into her bathroom and turned on the tub. Having ensured the water was sufficiently scalding, she slipped off her clothes for the second time that night, pulled her messy hair back, and gingerly lowered herself into the bathtub.

She washed the smudged mascara off her eyes and scrubbed herself vigorously.

After sitting in the boiling bathwater for nearly an hour, Melanie slipped into pajamas and walked across her room, unsure of what to do next. She slid down her brightly wallpapered wall and sat there, not thinking, just feeling horribly numb.

Her exhaustion won over her numbness after a while, though, and she dragged herself over to her bed and settled in.

Her head hit the pillow and she slipped into a dreamless sleep. *********************

Melanie awoke late the morning after. Realizing she had 45 minutes to get to school, she launched herself out of bed and found an outfit lying on the floor of her closet. *******************

At the end of the school day, Melanie sat in the school gym watching Angelina and Charlie playing basketball together. She heard someone beside her. “Hey,” they said. Melanie cringed at the voice. She knew who it was.

“What, Dean?” “Hardly the response I expected. But I just wanted to say hey. And that last night was…amazing. Was that your first time?

“Shut up, Dean!” she snapped. Angelina looked up from her game with Charlie. Obviously, something was wrong with her best friend. “Whoa! Damn, ok. I’ll just…go, then. Let you get over yourself in private.” He walked away, muttering something that sounded like “Virgins…”

Angelina walked up the stairs to the bleachers, and sat down cautiously next to her best friend. She noticed Melanie was hastily trying to blink back tears. “Mel? Something wrong?”

“Yeah,” Melanie said hesitantly. “Well?” Angelina prodded, after realizing Melanie wasn’t going to continue on her own. “You have to promise not to tell ANYONE, Ang!” “Of course not!” Angelina replied, taken aback.

“Dean and I…me and Dean…” Melanie started, her voice low. “We…” “Yeah?” “We…had sex last night.” Angelina sat there, speechless. “We sneaked out of the party early and he took me back to his place.” “Oh, Mel…”

“It’s ok,” Angelina said. “It’s not! I feel horrible,” Melanie replied. “Don’t worry about it. It was one mistake. If it makes you feel any better, Charlie and I were thinking about…doing that ourselves soon.” “What? Really?” Melanie asked, her eyes, shining with tears, suddenly wide and disbelieving.

“Yeah,” Angelina replied. “So don’t get yourself all stressed out about one night. That is, unless you get pregnant,” Angelina said jokingly. “What?!” “Calm down, Mel! I was kidding.” Melanie thought back to that morning…

Whether her nausea was from her head-pounding hangover or something else, something far more worrisome…

…she wasn’t sure she wanted to know right then.

“I’ve got to go!” Melanie said, and ran quickly out the gym. “Mel!” Angelina yelled after her. Angelina had a feeling Melanie wasn’t going to forget her pregnancy comment. ***********************

THE END! Yes, I know I’m evil. MUAHAHAHA!

Comments are welcome! Chapter 3 will hopefully be out sometime next week. Maybe early next week. I’m on a writing kick. See y’all soon!

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