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Information about Gomaata

Published on January 21, 2016

Author: panchajanya5555

Source: slideshare.net

1. Gomaata Part-1 By: Dr.Panchajanya Kumar. Deevi. (M.S) Ay.

2. Contents • Introduction • Gomaata(cow) • Mythological • Cultural • Domestic • Medicine • Disasters • Conclusion.

3. Introduction • Gomaata(cow):Scientific classification • Kingdom: Animalia • Phylum: Chordata • Class: Mammalia • Subclass: Theria • Infraclass: Eutheria • Order: Artiodactyla • Family: Bovidae • Subfamily: Bovinae • Genus: Bos. Species: B. taurus .

4. Cont. • Cow is highly domestic animal round the globe. • It is one of the best milk giving animal among the mammalians(which feed their baby with milk). • Cow gives milk almost having the qualities of mother milk.

5. Gomaata • Cow was given utmost respect with the word maata as suffix . • No other animal on earth can be compared with cow. • Again if you see the 5 elements of universe only prithvi is called as bhumaata. • This is clear that inert or live which will be sustainer of all living and inert things can be called as maata. • Mother always love her children all alike whether they give respect or hurt. • Just like that cow also love and live for us.

6. Mythology • Kaamadhenu which is a celestial cow having all powers just like creator, origined from Ksheera saagara manthana.

7. Cont. • In Dwapara yuga lord Krishna done Go samrakshana . • Lord venkateswara primarily feeded by cow milk in valmika take the beaten stroke of cow master him self to protect cow.

8. Culture • In India every auspicious program just started with cow eg: griha pravesha. • Yaaga sthali the place where sacred mantras are chanted and offerings to the god given is first smeared with cod dung and urine to gain auspiciousness. • Cows milk, ghee, curd, dung, Mutra are called as pancha gavyas , which are frequently used in different cultural activities. • in some cultures go daana offering cow to Brahmins and learned persons as a token of honor, at the same time the giver get punya.

9. Domestic • Due to benefits gained from cow ,they are highly domestic animals compared to other animals in animal kingdom. • Milk and its products of cow are healthy, that’s why these products are used in even in babies and in medicine preparation. • Cow dung is useful in making manure and production of gobar gas. • Cows urine is best anti microbial and disinfectant for both plants and human. • Bulls which are backbone to farmers in agriculture are given by cows.

10. Medicine • Cows milk is just like ambrosia for mankind, it consists of essential nutrients and mineral needed for health. • Its milk can be used as an eye drop in sever eye ailments for soothening and healing. • Its ghee used as base for many number of herbal formulations. • Milk and milk products are rich source of vitamins like vitamin A&D which are mainly useful in growth and bone strength.

11. Cont. • Urine of cow is mostly used as medicine in humans suffering with unknown chronic and dread full illness like carcinoma. • The medicines titrated with cow urine are enhanced in their potency. Eg: gomutra hareetaki. • Even in vrikshayurveda many number of pests are controlled with cow urine after mixing it with turmeric curd etc. • After its death ,the parts like hoofs, horns, hair all are used for different medical purposes in Ayurveda.

12. Disaster • Disasters which are caused by human by himself due to ignorance and irresponsible nature. • Eg: Bhopal gas tragedy in which all the people living near to that plant died and current generations are also suffering with deformities, few are un affected with in the same radius. They do Agni hotram (Havan) with go Ghrita and cow dung cakes are safe because of protective aura generated from Havan. • Cow dug can absorb all 3 rays alpha beta and Gama rays and protect form radiation.

13. Conclusion • Gomaata is protected by god by himself in his incarnation. • They are not meant for beef -they meant for our life. • Don’t kill cow for food it will feed you for your entire life with its milk. • It is time to open eyes- Gavau rakshati rakshitaha.

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