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Information about Golf Swing Analyzer iPhone App

Published on October 20, 2017

Author: swingprofile


Slide 1: Swing Profile - Golf Swing Analyzer Visit: Slide 2: The Swing Profile Golf Swing Analyzer, Training Aid and Coaching App is the most innovative solution for golfers of all level. This handy iPhone app comes with latest functionalities to record, replay and analyze golf swings. It lets you start your golf training or coaching with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device only. Again, it is the most preferred tool for the golf coaches worldwide. Download the app to fine-tune your golf swings ! Slide 3: Swing Profile Features Swing Profile presents the world’s first golf swing analysis software that makes Golf Digest-style swing sequences automatically on your mobile device .  Slide 4: Auto Replay Swing Profile automatically detects your golf swing, and plays back your swing video in slow motion after the shot. Auto Capture   Swing Profile  automatically trims the videos to keep only the 2-second swing motion, making the video more compact and easier to analysis. Slide 5: Auto Swing Sequence Swing Profile automatically generates a Golf-Digest style swing sequence every time a swing is detected and captured . Auto Draw Reference Swing Plane Swing Profile automatically draws standard reference lines you can immediate see and improve your swing plane Slide 6: Auto Synchronize Swing Videos Every recorded swing can be synchronized and compared with any other swing allowing for comparison between professionals or monitoring progress . Coaching Features Coaches can record voiceover video of themselves analysing a student’s swing video with audio and on-screen drawing tools. Team Chat Coaches and students can chat and send swings privately using Swing Profiles  Team Chat  feature. Slide 7: HALDANE LEE NZPGA Professional, NZGOLFDOCTOR, Teaching Golf Professional at Maungakiekie GC Swing Profile is so simple to use and gives you back instant results time and time again. I have used another software program for a few years now and honestly thought it was the best. Thanks Swing Profile for bringing your awesome technology to golf. You are a true game changer. Testimonial Slide 8: Swing Profile Pricing FREE Experience Swing Profile Completely Free. What are you waiting for? ELITE $ 99.99/yr * 17% off one year subscription * Or $9.99/month COACH $ 199.99/yr 17 % off one year subscription* Or $ 19.99/month TEAM PACKAGE (New) Use Swing Profile cutting edge golf analysis to train your students and enjoy a massive bulk discount ! Slide 9: Swing Profile Tutorials Swing Profile Basics Hardware and Platform Requirements First Use and Basic Navigation Capture Screen Library Screen Team and Community Importing Videos Auto Capture Setting Up Capturing Swings Twin Cam Setting Up Capturing and Synchronizing Swings Auto Replay Setting Up Capturing and Reviewing Swings Analyzing Swings Analyzing a Single Swing Comparing Multiple Swings Slide 10: Email : Phone No : + 649 5230080 Address : PO Box 17338 Greenlane, Auckland New Zealand

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