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Published on November 19, 2007

Author: bwaldby


PowerPoint Presentation: What is the History of Golf? By Jordan Bruce By Jordan Bruce GOLF PowerPoint Presentation: Introduction The Inventors of Golf How the game was played in the 1100’s Famous sights Famous Courses Top 5 PGA pros Bibliography Golf Joke CONTENTS PowerPoint Presentation: Hello, and Welcome to my assignment. Through-out this Power-point presentation I will be giving you a clearer understanding of the game, Golf. I will be covering the basics of golf, the equipment, the history and last of all some of the great players of the game such as Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. ENJOY!!! INTRODUCTION INVENTORS OF GOLF: INVENTORS OF GOLF The inventors to this day are still to be known. The origin of the game is argued by three main countries. They are China, Netherlands and Scotland. However, the most traditional golf history is said to be that of Scotland. They presume that it was developed around the 1100’s. A game that was similar to golf was mentioned in Dongxuan Records. (a Chinese book of the 11 th Century) Today, In our modern society is considered to be a Scottish Invention. HOW THE GAME WAS PLAYED IN THE 1100’S: HOW THE GAME WAS PLAYED IN THE 1100’S Using the ancient history dating back to the 1100’s. It is believed that Scottish noblemen were the first to play the game and used equipment such as sticks and pebbles. The aim was to hit the pebble with this stick to the target point in the fewest strokes, who ever achieved this point would win. Golf has followed this technique through-out the years up until the present day. In the present days the rules have changed but the aim of the game has still been kept the same . What do I need to play golf?: What do I need to play golf? GOLF CLUBS Golf Clubs are one of the most important piece of equipment of the game. Golf clubs come in all shapes, sizes and lofts (angle). These lofts determine the distance of which the golf ball will travel. The more loft that the club has means the ball will travel less distance but will go a lot higher. The main clubs in the bag are 1x Driver, 1x wood, 9xirons(all different lofts) and 1x putter. All these clubs help to hit different shots on the golf course. The putter should only be used on the green but it can also be used on the edges of the green. (just off) What do I need to play golf?: What do I need to play golf? GOLF BALL A golf ball is an other key element to the game of golf. During the early days of golf the golf ball would have been replaced by a pebble of some sort. As the years passed people came up with new designs of a golf ball made of wood. The wooden golf ball was first made by a Scottish bow maker in the 16 th century. The next ball to used was the Feathery golf ball. This ball consisted of two materials these were, leather and duck feathers. Supposedly there was enough feathers in each ball to fill a top hat. If you have one of these today it would be worth about $50,000. What do I need to play golf?: What do I need to play golf? GOLF COURSE Golf courses are found in almost every part of the world. They are all different in length and all have there special features situated around the course, wether it is a huge bunker a beautiful water hole or even a heritage clubhouse. For example: St. Andrews has the Swilken bridge, the Road Hole bunker and the beautiful Royal and Ancient clubhouse right on the first tee. TPC Sawgrass has that classic 17 th hole which has got to be the most astonishing hole in the world. Famous Sights: Famous Sights R&A The Swilken Bridge R&A: the Royal And Ancient is one of the most important places in golf, simply because, this is where the rules of golf are made. (without the rules there would be no golf.) This is a beautiful building situated at the first tee of the Old Course THE SWILKEN BRIDGE: The swilken bridge is a must see tourist attraction situated on the St.Andrews Old Course Famous Courses: Famous Courses St. Andrews TPC at Sawgrass Carnoustie St. Andrews: St. Andrews St. Andrews is a small town situated in a town called Fife. St.Andrews as we know is classified as the home of golf. There is no record kept to show evidence when it was first built, but there is a record of the first game ever played on the course and that was in the year of 1552. Many of the British Open Competitions are played at St. Andrews manly once in every 3 years or so. St. Andrews: St. Andrews The St. Andrews Old Course, alone is probably the most famous Golf Course in the world. It is a major tourist attraction for manly all of the American golf fanatics. Through-out the summer months of June and July The town of St.Andrews is packed to the brim with tourist. Many of these people bring there golf clubs to play either of the four golf courses situated around the Old Course Links. TPC at Sawgrass: TPC at Sawgrass TPC at Sawgrass is a golf resort situated in Ponte Vedra Beach in Florida, USA. It was Established in 1980 and contains the luxury of two 18 hole golf courses. It also has a must see hole which in number 17. It is clearly, a signature hole for almost every professional golfer. It is called ‘The Island Green’. It is also a very difficult hole. The Island Green Carnoustie: Carnoustie Carnoustie, is yet another course situated in Scotland. In Fact this year it held the 2007 British open where pro golfer Padraig Harrington won. Carnoustie has a record of when the first game of golf was played and that was in the year of 1527. This means that Carnoustie is Quarter of a century older than St.Andrews. TOP 5 PGA PROS: TOP 5 PGA PROS JACK NICKLAUS TIGER WOODS BEN HOGAN ERNIE ELS PHIL MICKELSON JACK NICKLAUS: JACK NICKLAUS Jack Nicklaus is the best golfer ever to play the game. He has 18 major championship victories and an absurd 73 PGA tour wins. Both these records have been untouched up until this present day. Jack or should I say The Golden Bear, has retired from the PGA tour golf but he now plays in the senior tour. Jack Nicklaus was an icon to the game al the fans just loved watching him play with that beautiful swing of his. TIGER WOODS: TIGER WOODS Eldrick Woods AKA: Tiger, has got to be one of the golfing greats that has came to life over the course of this century. He has won so many tournaments that I have actually lost count. Tiger started his golfing career at the age of 1 year old. His fathered was the one that inspired young Tiger to grow up to be this golfing great. Sadly his father past away on May 3 rd 2006 but this didn’t hold Tiger back one little bit. In fact the next tournament he played after his fathers death he WON!!. BEN HOGAN: BEN HOGAN Ben Hogan is Another legendary golfer who, like Jack Nicklaus has won many tournaments through-out his career. He is known for the fabulous way of which he used to strike the golf ball. Ben Hogan had 64 PGA tour wins stuffed up his sleeve and 9 major championships tucked neatly under his belt. On February 1 st 1949 Ben Hogan and his wife were driving along a foggy bridge when they had a head on collision with a bus. This nearly cost Ben Hogan his life let alone his golfing career. Sadly Ben Hogan died aged 84 on July 25 th 1997 ERNIE ELS: ERNIE ELS Ernie Els or ‘THE BIG EEZE’ is known mostly for his smooth swing that he has. Els has been very successful through-out his golfing career as he was once No.1 up until Tiger came about. He has won 15 PGA tour tournaments, 23 European tournaments and 22 other tournaments. He still lives in South Africa which is where he originally comes from but he now lives in Wentworth England, George. PHIL MICKELSON: PHIL MICKELSON LEFTY . As you probably have guessed that Phil Mickelson is a left-handed golfer, believe it or not he is right handed but he is a very good golfer as well. In-fact he is ranked the 2 nd best golfer in the world. Phil Mickelson is mostly known for his spectacular golf swing and his deadly short game (chipping and putting). Mickelson has won 32 PGA tour tournaments, double that of Ernie Els and three major championship victories. Phil Mickelson is now married and has three kids all three of them being girls. Some day I may be a pro!!: Some day I may be a pro!! Me and some of my golf trophies BIBLIOGRAPHY: BIBLIOGRAPHY INTERNET Information on courses and 5 PGA professionals Pictures of courses and Golf professionals FAMILY My dad gave me advice on Which 5 Golf Pros I should Do. He gave me a clearer Understanding of the history. GOLF JOKE: GOLF JOKE This is my first golf lesson The school teacher was taking her first golfing lesson. "Is the word spelt p-u-t or p-u-t-t?'' she asked the instructor. "P-u-t-t is correct,'' he replied. "Put means to place a thing where you want it. Putt means merely a vain attempt to do the same thing."

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