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Published on February 15, 2014

Author: MagnificentMagnusMan




RECOMMENDED VIVA EYE TABLE-TALK QUESTIONS FROM ANY <4th Year MBBS=T0P-5/100 ::BOOKs:VAUGHN^ASBURY+PARSON’S+KANSKI+ABC of EYEs+Latest^InterNet=Research+Misc! **************SECRET$ of OPHTHALMOLOGY For The Gold,$ilver,Bronze************* Q.1*”Panda Eyes”=Darkened Contusion Colours around Eye-Lids>Lid-Contusion^Sub-Conj.Haem. Q.2*”Vossius-Ring”=Ring of Pigment=Iris-imprint=onto Ant.Lens Capsule >Blunt Trauma! Q.3*”Krukenberg’s spindle”=Pigmentation-patch onto Corneal Endothelium in Pigmentary Glaucoma! Q.4*=”Sampaolesi’s Line”=pigmented-band onto the TM on Gonioscopy in Pigmentary Glaucoma! Q.5*=”Amsler’s Sign”= A/C Haemorrhage on Paracentesis in Fuchs’ Heterochromic Cyclitis! Q.6*=”Khodadoust-Line”=’Corneal Endothelial Rejection-Line’ in Corneal –Graft Rejection! Q.7*=”Boat-shaped PupiL’=in=IRiDODiALYSIS in the radial-line of the ‘Irideal-Tear’! Q.8*=”Bruckner’s Red-Reflex”=DDO=Paediatric Ophthalmology=To Rule-out Retinoblastoma! Q.9*=”Snow-Flake” Cataract in Labile Uncontrolled Juvenile IDDM[“Diabetes”!] Q.10*=”Sun-Flower Cataract” in Chalcosis Bulbi=IOFB=Copper^’s disease! Q.11*=”Kayser-Fleischer Ring” in Wilson’s disease=AR=Cupric oxide within Descemet’s membrane! Q.12*=”Fleischer-Ring”=around Base of ‘KeratoConus’! Q.13*=”Christmas-Tree Cataract” in ‘Myotonic Dystrophy’! Q.14*=”Snow-Banking”{in Vitreous}=”Pars Planitis”! Q.15*=”Shaffer’s Sign”=”Tobacco-Dusting”=in=Retinal Detachment if without any Trauma or Eye-Surgery! Q.16*=”Watzke-Allen”Sign=S/L Beam shows a ‘Depression-Split’ as it slices across Macular Hole in PP! Q.17*=Latest Trend=Waiting FDA-Approval=in Rx of KC=Keratoconus=”Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking”=CCC! Q.18*=Special Side-Effect of Riboflavine +UV irradiation{30 Min.} in CCC is “Blurring Xanthopsia”! *Special Adult Points for the Distinction-Holders in Ophthalmology from My Think-Tank at Random in 10 MiN!*NQ*

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