Going Social: The Basics for HR Pros

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Information about Going Social: The Basics for HR Pros

Published on November 9, 2013

Author: robinschooling

Source: slideshare.net

+ Going Social! The Basics for HR Pros Robin Schooling, SPHR Christine Assaf August 2013 @RobinSchooling @HRTact

+ Who are they... ... and why are they talking to us? #gbrshrm



+ A question of access.... SilkRoad survey  43% completely open  24% monitor access  16% blocked AND........ 75% EEs check SM sites via mobile more than once per day gbrshrm #

+ What social media means to me...

+ “it‟s not about technology – it‟s about the experience” #gbrshrm “it creates connections without the limits of geography”

+ Agenda  Why Social?  Facebook  LinkedIn  Twitter “the who, the how and the why” #gbrshrm

+ Why social? Personal   Meet other HR pros Share your ideas      (Finally?) see what all the fuss is about Professional Get answers to your questions  Access content and information – webinars, resources, conferences, etc. Support your hobbies/interests See breaking news...when it breaks! Expand your network #gbrshrm

+ General stats  72% of online adults use social networking sites  Who is “online”?    77% of people ages 50 to 64 54% of people age 65+ SM users:  89% of internet users ages 18 - 29  78% of internet users ages 30 - 49  60% of internet users ages 50 to 64  43% of internet users 65+ (tripled in the past 4 years) Pew Research Center Internet & American Life Project (2005) – update: August 5, 2013

+ facebook

+ What is it?  Social networking service  Founded in 2004  September 26, 2006 – opened to general public  The LEADING social networking site based on monthly unique visitors #gbrshrm

+ Who uses it?  1.11 Billion users  1 of every 7 people on earth  750 million access via mobile  665 million people are DAILY users  1 of every 3 people in the US visit FB daily!  Average time spent per FB visit = 20 minutes  Jobvite (2012 social job seeker survey)   52% of job seekers use FB to help them find work 25% of job seekers update FB profile to add professional info

+ Setting up your account (part 1)  www.facebook.com  Name  Birthday  Gender  Email Address  Set a password  NEXT: #gbrshrm e-mail confirmation

+ Setting up your account (part 2)  Find your Friends  You can search/link via your email contacts  Fill in your profile information  School, employer (optional)  Upload #gbrshrm a photo

+ Setting up your account (part 3) Privacy Settings(** access via upper-right hand corner on any FB page)  Select the audience for what you share    Public, friends or “only me” NOTE: only you or your friends can post to your timeline Manage settings for how you connect    Who can see your posts Who can send you friend requests Review things that others tag you in  Activity Log (photos) gbrshrm #

+ Lingo baby – “like a boss”....  Timeline  Public display of your info (status updates, pictures, etc)  Privacy settings allow you to set who can/can‟t see  Friend  Someone you‟re connected to  Connect with others via “Friend Request”  Status Update  Post on your timeline  Comments  Responses to status updates, pictures, etc. #gbrshrm

+ Lingo baby – “like a boss”....  Cover Photo  Image at top of your Timeline  Profile Photo  The image that appears next to your comments and updates  News Feed  List of status updates and activity  Includes your friends and subscriptions #gbrshrm

+ Lingo baby – “like a boss”....  Fan Page  Similar to timeline  Used by business, public figures and orgs  Group  A community of people/friends created around a shared interest or purpose  Apps  Applications designed to add additional features  Includes 3rd party software and games #gbrshrm

+ How will you...?  Benefit?  Good source of news and updates  Quick place for answers  Quick place for sharing YOUR info (work or personal)  Realize that FB is where your candidates are  Realize that FB is where your competitors are! #gbrshrm  Find the Time? “know the content you want to see/share and know the content you don‟t want to see/share”

+ LinkedIn

+ What is it?  Social website designed for professional networking  You can:  Build and maintain a network  Search for jobs...RECRUIT for jobs  Share information via 3rd party apps and updates  Collaborate in communities (groups) #gbrshrm

+ Who uses it?  225m+ LinkedIn users (200+ countries)  178.4m global users  65.6m US users  35% access daily  More  50%  than 1 million groups of Fortune 50 companies hire through LinkedIn Bullhorn survey of 160,000 recruiters:  97% use LI to find candidates  64% use LI exclusively! #gbrshrm

+ Setting up your account (part 1)  Name  Real first name and real last name (per LI User Agreement)  Photo  Use a professional image  LI findings: profiles w/ photo viewed 7X as often  Headline  Search results on Google  LI search results  Invitations to connect  Suggestions i.e. “People You May Know”  “About You” (in groups, etc) #gbrshrm

+ Setting up your account (part 2)  Websites  You can add up to 3 custom links in your profile  “Company Website” “Personal website” “Blog”  Summary  3rd party apps like Slideshare and Portfolio Display  Experience, Education, Skills and Expertise  Current and past titles optimize the search capability #gbrshrm

+ Lingo baby! – “show me the money”  Connections   other registered users you “connect” with (each accept connection) Second Degree Connections    the connections of your connections Me Matt Charney Barack Obama („2nd connection‟) Third Degree Connections  any connections of your 2rd degree connections #gbrshrm

+ Lingo baby! – “show me the money”  Profile Page    Your personal “landing” page Options: public (LI users and/or public) vs. private URL/Vanity URL  Customize your URL: www.linkedin.com/in/robinschooling #gbrshrm

+ Lingo baby! – “show me the money”  Recommendations   Endorsements   Your connection writes a testimonial you can post on your profile Endorse the skills of your connections.... (meh.....) Introductions  i.e. Matt Charney can “introduce” me to Barack Obama #gbrshrm

+ TIPS Contact Info Stay active Share content 1x per week = 10x likelihood to be viewed #gbrshrm

+ How will you...?  Benefit? and collaborate with industry pros and leaders  Find a job  Recruit for a job  Build a network!  Find the Time?  Connect #gbrshrm “you‟ll get out of it what you put into it”

+ Twitter

+ What is it?  “Micro-blogging”  origin platform – Short Message Services (SMS)  Limited to 140 characters  Started March 21, 2006 #gbrshrm

+ Who uses it?  500 million users (200 million active users)  China has the most twitter users (35.5 million)  400 million tweets sent per day  60% of users access via mobile  40% growth in active users over last 9 months  18% of online adults in US on Twitter  Typical twitter user: 18-29 affluent, educated, non-white male #gbrshrm

+ Setting up your account (part 1) FULL NAME  Your real name – it is searchable and visible EMAIL ADDRESS  Private but can also be searchable (if you allow it) #gbrshrm PASSWORD  You can set double verification if you like USERNAME  The name people will use to follow you. Keep it short.

+ Setting up your account (part 2) NEXT... Email Confirmation @BobSmith @HR4Realz70809 @Robert_HR @bobinHR @Bob_in_HR #gbrshrm AND NOW...... Build Your Profile

+ Setting up your account (part 3)  Name:    The “full name” you entered upon registration Can be anything you’d like it to be Location:    Can either be dynamic or static Helps to build a sense of localization and community Website:    The primary non-Twitter destination of your choice Websites, blogs, LinkedIn profiles, etc. Bio:  160 characters  Your Twitter “elevator speech” #gbrshrm


+ Lingo baby! - “we‟re a wolf pack...” “Tweet”  a single message Following/Followers  when you “follow” someone, their tweets will appear in your timeline  when they “follow” you, your tweets will appear in their timeline #gbrshrm

+ Lingo baby! - “we‟re a wolf pack...” @[username]  used to communicate directly with an individual  also how you see who‟s been communicating with you Reply  used to respond to an individual‟s tweets #gbrshrm

+ Lingo baby! – “we‟re a wolf pack...” Direct Message  private platform (also called “DM or DM‟ing) Retweets – “RT”  how you share someone‟s tweet with your followers Hashtag - #  used to “tag” a concept, theme or event  searchable; used to drive community and collaboration #gbrshrm

+ TOP TIPS Take Time to Learn! Engage! Grow the Relationship! #gbrshrm

+ How will you...?  Benefit?  Powerful  Find the Time? search engine  Recruiting  Stay current on legislative issues  Connect and collaborate with industry pros and leaders “be smart and purposeful in your social engagement” ...and what the heck is a twitter chat?


+ “being socially connected IS the new „networking‟ “ #gbrshrm “being social brings us clarity, immediacy and meaningful connections”

+ Thank You! Robin Schooling, SPHR Christine Assaf Silver Zebras, LLC Waste Management robin@silverzebras.com HRTact@gmail.com @RobinSchooling @HRTact HRSchoolhouse.com HRTact.com

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