Going Green Commercially Part 3 of 4

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Information about Going Green Commercially Part 3 of 4

Published on November 28, 2016

Author: AngieTabone

Source: slideshare.net

1. Going Green- Commercially An overview of what it entails for a company to go “green”

2. Why to Hesitate going Green: The Disadvantages- Conversion Expense Costlier Products Lack of Support Going Paperless Customer Backlash Compiled by Author form Sources: smallbusiness.chron.com Image Source: Google Images

3. Why to Hesitate going Green: The Disadvantages- Decreased Productivity Going Green is a Hot Trend Keeping Up •Complex Business Model •Juggling Hats Compiled by Author form Sources: smallbusiness.chron.com & ecopreneurist.com Image Source: Google Images

4. Why to Hesitate going Green: Conversion Expense-  Can be costly for a business to go green  The initial costs to switch over to new systems like solar or thermal  The installation of installing new fixtures and equipment like low flow toilets or energy star computers  Cost reductions in energy savings gained are not always enough to offset the initial upfront conversion costs  It may take several years to initial costs to be offset

5. Why to Hesitate going Green: Costlier Products-  The switch to using green materials can lead to more expensive products for consumers  Sourcing green material may lead to sourcing more expensive production costa  A rise in production cost is usually passed on to the consumer

6. Why to Hesitate going Green: Lack of Support-  There can be an “entrenched bias” against companies that want to go green  There are several laws and regulations that make it difficult for business to go green  It can be difficult to obtain certification that verifies energy-saving implementation measures  Many grant and governmental programs will require proof of green measure in order to gain funding

7. Why to Hesitate going Green: Going Paperless-  A common method of going green is to minimize or even eliminate the use of paper  Companies will need to properly back up their computer files  A system failure could prove disastrous  This can pose some drawbacks if employees lose or experience theft of equipment  Sensitive information normally be kept in a locked paper file could fall into the wrong hands

8. Why to Hesitate going Green: Customer Backlash-  Companies may intentionally or unintentionally participate in “greenwashing”  When a false claim is made regarding the environmental friendliness of products  If consumers become aware that a company is engaging in greenwashing the brand equity can be effected

9. Why to Hesitate going Green: Decreased Productivity-  There can be a slight decrease in worker productivity  It’s easier for employees to toss paper, plastic and other items into one trash than it is to sort- If a recycling program is add to the office it may take extra time  If the purchasing department may end up spending more time purchasing products if they are required to search for and verify the green status of products and vendors

10. Why to Hesitate going Green: Going Green is a Hot Trend-  Business going green is considered a trend  Trends come and go  Green businesses that market, position and brand themselves as “green” as the main message may struggle latter on  Knowing how to stay hot without relying on “green” as the key differentiator is crucial

11. Why to Hesitate going Green: Keeping Up-  Green businesses are here to stay and need to keep ahead of the competition  Finding ore creating new green technologies and strategies can be quite challenging at times  In the ‘90’s being green meant recycling paper and using soy based inks  This is no long considered new and exciting- It almost expected

12. Why to Hesitate going Green: Complex Business Models-  It’s hard enough to focus on just one bottom line- profits  Green business focus on three- The Triple P’s Green businesses focus on: Their profit Their impact on consumers Their impact on the planet Compiled by Author form Sources: smallbusiness.chron.com & ecopreneurist.com Image Source: Google Images

13. Why to Hesitate going Green: Juggling Hats-  Many green business owners are traditional business people OR environmentalists  Rarely are they both  For a green business to thrive, its owner(s) must be great at both

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