Going Beyond Your Mandate: A Case for Making Business Cases

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Published on November 7, 2008

Author: AmyCueva

Source: slideshare.net


The Business Value of Experience Design
Well designed experiences can lift the organization to the next level, often impacting the bottom line, and thrown together experiences can have certain negative effects on the organization.

There are times when experience design gets exposure with and is valued by higher ups within the organization. They understand the possibilities, want to push the envelope, and hold people accountable to a certain level of quality.

In other cases, experience design is not understood or valued within the organization. The value may not be clear, or amongst the company’s deep list of priorities, user experience is not a focus.

Linking Business Objectives with Experience Design
Through the user centered design process, experience designers develop a keen sense of what the audience is looking for, what drives them, what will bring them satisfaction, and what will cause them to return.

If that knowledge is brought to bear against what the organization is trying to achieve, the implications to the experience become clear:

Conversion: Delivering enough persuasive information to assist customers in making their decision.
Lead Generation: Integrating a "carrot" for the prospect while also setting appropriate expectations.
Adoption/Utilization: Making the capabilities, value and output of the interaction immediately evident.
Engagement: Finding that one compelling feature that will get them coming back for more and telling their friends.
Satisfaction Retention: Making their primary goals seamless, and linked to their overarching workflow.
Awareness/Volume: Moving from dealing with incoming requests to a destination site and towards outreach via a coordinated digital communications strategy.
Channel Migration: Enhance the awareness around and ease of use for the self service channel.
Internal Resource Optimization: Understand real workflows, integrate systems improve tools.

Telling the Story
In some situations, we are brought in during a research, strategy and planning period, where we can make recommendations which will craft the experience roadmap for the organization. In other situations we are engaged for tactical deliveries against an existing roadmap.

In either situation, the initiatives on the roadmap can be prioritized based upon impact to the user, relative impact to the business, and cost associated with design and implementation. Usually with some investigation, business goals can be tied to something measurable and in some cases a dollar value can be estimated.

A simple business case for an enhancement, or larger initiative may include the following details:

What is it?
What value does it create for the user?
What business goal does it address?
How will we know that it has been successful?
What is the approximate corresponding business value?
What is the approximate cost to implement?

After this information is put together, it becomes very clear where the organization should focus their design and development efforts.

GOING BEYOND YOUR MANDATE: A CASE FOR BUILDING BUSINESS CASES Prepared by: Amy Cueva – Founder and CXO 603.436.7177 May 28, 2008

Things we will cover… Why should we go beyond our mandate? How to… Work with the business. Build your case and tell the story.

Mad*Pow Clients

Why should we go beyond our mandate? Put simply: Rulz. Experience Design Rulz. Smaht. We are Supah Smaht.

Why should we go beyond our mandate? Business Explanation: Customer experience can position our orgs for success. If knowledge is power, then we have a lot of it.

Why should we go beyond our mandate? Has this ever happened to you? You are given a project to make a specific flow or page more user friendly. You do research, and come up with some design options.

Why should we go beyond our mandate? Has this ever happened to you? You realize that although minor improvements can be made, the larger issues do not exist within that page or flow. You wonder why you were given this assignment. What were the motivations?

Why should we go beyond our mandate? Has this ever happened to you? You find yourself wondering where the project should start and end, or even worse… You come up with a really great idea. Your instincts are going haywire, and there is a peculiar spring to your step. You think this idea could really make a difference.

Why should we go beyond our mandate? What should you do?

Why should we go beyond our mandate? Don’t be Milton.

Why should we go beyond our mandate? We have the power… multi- - We work at the crux of a multi-disciplinary team. - We know our users. - We can harness our creativity to solve not just user problems, but business problems as well. - We know the business and can effect the business.

Setting the Stage. Work with the business. What is their goal? Conversion, Cross Sell, Up Sell, Increase Average Order Size, Adoption, Utilization, Engagement, Satisfaction, Retention, Lead Generation, Awareness, Repeat Visits, Increase Volume, Channel Migration, Internal Resource Optimization.

Setting the Stage. Work with the business. Integrate process. multi- Form a multi-disciplinary core team. Have a kick off meeting. Ask the right questions. Facilitate clear goals and metrics.

Setting the Stage. Work with the business. Know your audience. Who are your allies? Who are your adversaries? Who will be willing to participate?

Setting the Stage. Work with the business. Educate them on the value of XD. Make past success clear. Apply Peer Pressure to the value of x. x = Competitor success + cross organizational support.

Setting the Stage. Work with the business. Involve them in the solution. What are their ideas and sources of inspiration? What parts of the process can they participate in?

Setting the Stage. Work with the business. Help them prioritize. May I please see your roadmap? How do we figure out what is most important to attack first? Are we missing something?

Setting the Stage. Work with the business. Consider other factors. Is bonus season coming up? What is the spirit of top down pressure these days? What will make the core team and sponsors look good? Other cultural factors and project drivers?

Build your case and tell the story. So you’ve done all of the pre-work. pre- Now it’s time to build the business case and pitch your idea.

Broad & Heavy Opportunity Online Business Issue: Company.com (CAG) is not “living up to it’s potential” Our Goal: Leverage the web via manifesting and infusing the brand evolution into the Web to drive the Company.com NPS score up 10 points over the next 5 years from the current score of 33.

Broad & Heavy Why Now? The industry is waiting … 75% agree that the web will play a much larger role in their practice over the next 3 yrs. 35% of panel vets indicate they go to the web daily and 83% go once of more per week. Company Customer Insights Group; “Web Usage Study, July 2007” 74% of self-identified early adopters purchase via web identified 33% seek industry data online daily (increases to 45% of early adopters) VIN usage activity highlights a degree of comfort using web as resource and venue Based upon stakeholder interviews VetConnect is already a “daily target” Total of 476,158 visits in Q2 07 -- growth of 53% compared to Q2 06 Company NetTracker Data: “2007_06Metrics” Providing value to early adopters now is critical to reaching bulk of audience 63% prefer to wait and see what others think before trying a new product or service Company Customer Insights Group; “Web Usage Study, July 2007” Time is required to “get through” to significant volume LaserCyte as example: 3 years to get through the 4314 customers (16%) that constitute early adopters Company Customer Insights Group; “LaserCyte Adoption Rate”

Broad & Heavy Why Now?

Broad & Heavy Why Now? Online channels are mature across other industries Forrester March 2007, Trends “eBusiness Managers’ 2007 Outlook” Necessary to cement position as leader, innovator, and dedicated partner “In what seems like record time, the Web has gone from a focused, if galvanizing, revolution limited largely to activities performed online to a force that's transforming how consumers interact with brands, search for products, and relate to one another another.” Jeffrey F. Rayport, “Demand-Side Innovation: Where IT Meets Marketing”

Broad & Heavy Why Now?

Broad & Heavy Potential Approaches Based on business stakeholder interviews and a review of industry trends Centered on customer needs and drivers of NPS Serve as hypotheses that need to be validated with targeted customer research

Broad & Heavy Process Alignment with Business Objectives Focus on Customer Needs Manifest Brand Attributes into Business Objectives Approach, Infuse Brand Impact, Style, Personality Easy to do Business With Increase Product Penetration + = Dedicated to Veterinary Medicine Optimize Internal Investment World Class Customer Support Drive Utilization

Broad & Heavy Approach Alignment with Business Objectives Improved Usability Personalization Communities Digitize Sales Channel www.Medstory.com www.Google.com www.Amazon.com www.myAlli.com www.CDW.com www.eol.org/demonstration.html www.mySpace.com http://vettechs.blogspot.com/ Content-Rich Website Expanded Self-Service Continuity of Experience Business Objectives: Increase Product Penetration Optimize Internal Investment Drive Utilization www.BankofAmerica.com Microsoft.com, Gadgets, Staples Easy Button Desktop

Broad & Heavy How will we measure success? Increase in repeat visits Increase word of mouth and viral marketing Increase in level of engagement: length of stay, content views, training & event participation, newsletter/feed subscriptions, and customization Increase in quality of call center inquiries Increase in online self service Shortened sales cycle Increase in qualified leads

Specific & Light Idea/Initiative Title: Overview Initiative Gist: Provide customers with personalized products and pricing to increase Larger Strategy Tie In revenue and sales force effectiveness What is it? • Idea/Initiative is a turnkey system that provides Success Measurements: • % of new customer acq Internet publishers with widgets and stuff site • Revenue growth • functionality on their own sites. The system # of affiliates and quality enables Internet publishers to distribute and sell Level of Effort Company stuff that resonate to their audience Level of Effort while providing broader distribution for Company’s High stuff and marketing message. • The product adds stuff sites and ecomm Revenue Potential functionality to an existing website that chooses to be an affiliate Medium • Stuff and the transaction are still owned by Company, revenue would be shared with the Risk affiliate based on performance High Why do it? • Niche stuff sites have begun and will continue to siphon stuff postings away from large stuff sites • *Business Case under development Broader distribution of stuff enables engagement of the higher value passive person • Target Live Date: TBD Increase the number of truly “qualified” people Owner:TBD

Prioritization User Need Prioritization Tier 1 - Immediate informational needs Improved navigation and usability (site search, expanded hierarchy, link link-rich landing pages, usability updates) Expanded reference lab and product support content Integration of VetConnect, LearningCenter and Company.com Practice management section Tier 2 – Added Value as Traffic Increases My Account Personalization (Mail preferences, ROI wizard, Company contacts, PDP points, client Ed) Desktop icon/mini app/gadget Self service review of invoices Tier 3 – Lowest Current Demand, Potential Future Usage Online forums Scientific data repository

Build your case and tell the story. What should your story include? - What is your idea? - What problem does your idea solve? - What value does it create for the user? - What business objective is addressed? - What is the approximate value of the idea? What is the cost? - What are the risks associated with the idea? What is your plan for overcoming them? - How will success be measured? Validity tested?

Build your case and tell the story. What will you show? - What will be most compelling to your audience? - A prototype? What fidelity? - New tech? Bells & whistles? High design? - Metrics & graphs? Other Facts and Figures? - “Soft” indicators?

Build your case and tell the story. Who will help you? - Can someone in product management, marketing or finance help you prove your idea? - Can someone in creative, design or marketing, help develop the eye candy? - Can someone in technology stand behind the feasibility of the idea, and maybe build a POC?

Build your case and tell the story. Take your show on the road. - Who will you make the pitch to? - In what setting? A meeting, email, over lunch? - Will any of your adversaries pitch as well? - Consider what aspect of your idea will resonate most with your audience for each “pitch”.

Build your case and tell the story. Tip 1 - Test your theories. Use time with users to vet ideas. Be open and evolve the idea. Document compelling tid bits. Audio & video help.

Build your case and tell the story. Tip 2 - Words count (buzzwords that is): Buzz, engagement, exploration, ideate (gag), innovate, new solution, out of the box, social networks, stickiness, web 2.0, wow, oh my!

Build your case and tell the story. Tip 3 - Get fired up, but don’t get fired. Don’t put your job on the line or all of your eggs in one basket. There is no harm in providing options. There is power in numbers.

Build your case and tell the story. Tip 4 – Do not accept defeat (at least mentally) Even if you don’t get exactly what you were looking for, your effort will: - Achieve even the slightest smidgen more value for the user or the business. - Create the momentum and climate for the vetting of future ideas.

Want a Copy? Drop your card or visit: www.madpow.net

Questions? Questions, comments, war stories, and verbal tomatoes are all welcomed.

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