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Published on August 30, 2008

Author: cmoore13

Source: authorstream.com

Slide1:  Corporate concern about sustainable business practices, once taken seriously by a handful of prescient companies, has hit both Wall Street and Main Street as businesses realize that they ignore environmental and social concerns at their own peril. Consumers Today are Driving Corporate Cultures In a way Unprecedented in Businesses of Yesterday IN THE NEWS:  IN THE NEWS Saving approximately 50,000 tons of carbon dioxide, 5.1 million gallons of gasoline, 220,000 tons of hydrocarbons, 1.7 million tons of carbon monoxide, and 110,000 tons of nitrous oxide. AT&T Employee Telework Program New York, New York U.S. EPA Climate Protection Award, 2000 Teleworking among AT&T employees reached an all-time high in 2000. During that year, the employee telework program avoided 110 million miles of commuting… IN THE NEWS:  IN THE NEWS Verizon Communications Inc.: Energy Management New York , New York U.S. EPA Climate Protection Award, 2002 Since 1999, Verizon has realized- The telecommunications company has an energy team and a cross-departmental Energy Board of Directors sustaining its energy-management program. In addition, Verizon is working with the U.S. EPA to create a benchmarking tool for its telecommunications switching centers. Savings of $60 million through 18,000 energy-efficiency projects in 7,500 locations. Slide4:  Thinking “Green” A Corporate, Fiscal & Environmental Responsibility IN THE NEWS:  IN THE NEWS From 1995 through 2003, GM reduced its total energy use by more than 21 percent, as it aimed to meet an internal reduction goal of 25 percent by 2005. In 2003 alone, total energy savings amounted to a 6 percent reduction from 2002, despite an increase in the heating requirements. General Motors Corporation Reduced Energy Consumption Detroit, Michigan U.S. EPA Energy Star Sustained Excellence in Energy Management Award, 2004 GM’s savings are equivalent to the profit margin from the sale of 100,000 vehicles or planting 241,600 acres of trees, which is nearly three times the area of the city of Detroit. GM won its first ENERGY STAR award in 2002. IN THE NEWS:  IN THE NEWS Overall, at full load, the converted chiller uses 56% less electricity. Bank of America Cooling System Overhaul San Francisco, California Cool Companies Case Study, 1999 Before overhauling the cooling system, managers of the bank building first took steps that cut the cooling load, allowing for a converted chiller that was 40% smaller than the old one. At the same time, the chiller's full-load efficiency was increased more than 25%. Companies CAN BE Environmentally Friendly & Save Money :  Companies CAN BE Environmentally Friendly & Save Money Tax rebates, incentives, and credits Reduce the need for excessive heating and air-conditioning and associated costs of purchase, maintenance and electricity LEED incentives Recycling the core and shell of existing buildings and materials Using energy-efficient devices Maximize use of natural energy sources Protect operating budgets from increases in energy prices IN THE NEWS:  IN THE NEWS Change a Light, Change the World Campaign Ace Hardware included Change a Light messaging in one million circulars, advertised ENERGY STAR qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) across its participating regions, and hosted eight "Bulb Sales" in cooperation with its regional energy efficiency partners. Ace Hardware Corporation Change a Light, Change the World Oak Brook, Illinois U.S. EPA Energy Star National Product Campaign Award, 2004 More than 800,000 CFLs were sold during the campaign period. IN THE NEWS:  IN THE NEWS The base replaced 643 air-to-air heat pumps with geothermal heat pumps in family housing. In addition, the base implemented nine energy-conservation measures that include upgrades to lighting, insulation, and centrifugal chillers. Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland U.S. Department of Energy-Energy Efficiency/Energy Management Award, 2002 These energy-efficiency measures have resulted in annual savings of $1.74 million. IN THE NEWS:  IN THE NEWS The FNB mission statement includes a commitment to preserving and improving the environment. Among its environmental accomplishments, the bank recycled almost 200 tons of materials in three years, while reducing its materials consumption by more than 21 tons. And they installed energy-efficient lighting in all its facilities in 1996, a project that significantly reduced FNB’s energy consumption. First National Bank and Trust Company Waste Reduction & Energy Efficiency Treasure Coast, Florida Governor's Sustainable Florida Award, 1999 The project paid for itself within four (4) years. IN THE NEWS:  IN THE NEWS Bestway supermarket decided to slash its energy costs by: converting an open freezer to an enclosed case. Replacing standard fluorescent lighting with highly efficient metal-halide lamps. Tuning up the store's heating and cooling system Insulating a hot-water tank and piping Bestway Energy Reduction Program Hemingway, South Carolina Energy Star Small Business Award, 2000 The total energy savings rings up to $12,000 annually -- a 33% reduction in energy costs. Slide12:  Are your “Power Reduction ” Goals looking Blue & Blurry? A&R Out of Focus? Need a Kick Start ? NexBay Inc. “Your Kick Start”:  NexBay Inc. “Your Kick Start” Slide14:  Decommissioning Equipment, Cable Mining & Upgrading Inefficient Equipment, Systems and Lighting Consider “Responsible” Choices COST OF SPACE IS AT A PREMIUM!:  COST OF SPACE IS AT A PREMIUM! Removal of unnecessary equipment and abandoned cable enhances the ability to install new equipment and run cable to NEW OPEN space on the existing MDF, Switch and Transmission Areas more efficiently. Removal of unnecessary equipment and cable opens up space and eliminates the need for new buildings or expansion. Slide16:  If you have 7000 working lines should you be powering 17000 lines? Different C.O. Same A/C Vent Issue NexBay Onsite Survey Identifies Unnecessary Equipment High probability this is happening now. Power Reading Before Network Grooming:  Power Reading Before Network Grooming Slide18:  Different C.O. Same A/C Vent Issue Network Grooming Identifies & Removes Unnecessary Equipment Power Reduction from Network Grooming:  Power Reduction from Network Grooming After removal of unnecessary equipment and cables 500 AMPS! Slide20:  Central Office Maintenance A “Necessary and Unavoidable” Cost “Avoidable” costs are much steeper! But what about those “Hidden Costs”? Why Worry about “Lack” of Efficiencies in the Central Office?:  Why Worry about “Lack” of Efficiencies in the Central Office? Stress on A/C equipment Increased Electricity Cost Heat related problems skyrocket Increased Repair & Returns Increase Phantom Issues Increase in Customer Complaints Increase in troubleshooting costs Slide22:  NexBay Survey Identifies Opportunities To Save Power & Money! ANOTHER REMINDER Safety=Corporate Responsibility:  ANOTHER REMINDER Safety=Corporate Responsibility Abandoned cable stresses the load limits of the grid system supporting the cable. Possible fire hazards also exist. FACT Slide24:  Grid Damage from Weight Stress Slide25:  They always say “I’ll come back for it”. But… Slide26:  …they rarely do. Slide27:  Lower Expense=Bigger PROFITS Different C.O. Same A/C Vent Issue Dollars & Sense of Green Maintenance & Ideas Less Power Consumed=Reduced Expense. Slide28:  A/C “Was” RUNNING 24 HOURS A DAY AND FOR 7 days a week! Slide29:  Project site - After (18)vent installations Benefits From Cable Mining:  Benefits From Cable Mining Project (A) Actual: Start temperature - 82 degrees Completion temperature - 78 degrees Project (B) Actual: Start temperature - 82 degrees Completion temperature - 76 degrees Our recommendations are all “GREEN” MOST Importantly 24/7 COOLING IS NOW ON A NORMAL CYCLE! **Costs were reduced significantly.** Before & After Cable Mining 24 Hour monitoring of Central Office Temperature & Humidity. Only Experienced Central Office Crews Remove Cable:  Only Experienced Central Office Crews Remove Cable Total Lbs. Removed Per Project Project A- 1172 lbs. Project B- 1220 lbs. Project C- 6799 lbs. Project D- 3129 lbs. Project E- 883 lbs. Project F- 686 lbs. Project G- 6427 lbs. Project H- 5381 lbs. Project I- 4400 lbs. Project J- 21459 lbs. Project K- 280 lbs. Project L- 11503 lbs. (still active) Total to-date 63,339 lbs. Project names withheld for confidentiality purposes Network Grooming:  Network Grooming POWER: CAPITAL: COST: PAY BACK: Power consumption was reduced by 500 AMPS Equipment retired was valued at a total of $7,000,000.00 *******($7 Million!)********** SAVINGS: Property tax savings (cost reduction) valued at a total of: $140,0000 year over year Total Costs associated with this project was $60,000.00. Total pay back time to Customer is estimated at 3.6 months. Power Invoice (cost) reduction was $26,000.00 per year The art of merging lines to reduce the amount of equipment running “Kick Start” Team Certifications You can be confident that only the most seasoned Central Office Switch Engineers leading experienced Crew Members enter your facilities. :  “Kick Start” Team Certifications You can be confident that only the most seasoned Central Office Switch Engineers leading experienced Crew Members enter your facilities. Dantel Lucent Ciena Siecor Alcatel Marconi OC 3 OC 12 OC 48 OC 192 Nortel Fujitsu Quality of Service is Top Rated. NO such thing as service interruptions with our crew . Our “Kick Start” Team & Your Soon to be ”Green” Team:  Our “Kick Start” Team & Your Soon to be ”Green” Team CSO Maintenance Switch Engineering Transmission NOC COE Installation Buildings/Planning Procedures continually include utilizing input by teaming up with your professionals in the following departments. Quality and Safety:  Quality and Safety Team Leads have an average of 15 years central office experience. Specialized cable mining tools used on all projects. Team focus is on goals of 0% customer interuptions and 100% customer satisfaction Your Kick Start in Motion:  Your Kick Start in Motion Prior to the start of a project the our Switch Engineer and Contract Project Manager meets with local CSO Supervisor to complete the following: Site Survey and Recommendations. Gain approvals and schedule project. Review the planning worksheet and methods of procedures. Determine the building access requirements Establish work-window hours / initial start & completion dates Define any high-risk activity/Review Safety Issues Identify staging area for removed cable Exchange 24 Hour Emergency Contact Names / Numbers Review Emergency Escalation and Restoration Plans Notables: :  Notables: Site Survey’s include recommendations for optimizing local, federal and state incentives to assist in reducing payback time. CO room temperatures are documented before & after showing proven results. NexBay crew will responsibly remove excess cable and equipment and dispose of properly. Additional air circulation vents will be installed in existing equipment line ups and specified new growth areas. NexBay “Project Review Survey” will be sent for final acceptance. Site surveys will be on going during first project to establish priorities for continuous progress to reducing power consumption in central offices around the country. LEEDS Certification Benefits :  LEEDS Certification Benefits Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ The option of getting certified allows you to take advantage of a growing number of state and local government incentives, and can help boost press interest in your company. LEED certification, which includes a rigorous third-party commissioning process, offers compelling proof to you, your clients, your peers and the public at large that you've achieved your environmental goals and your building is performing as designed. IN THE NEWS-----We can see it now!:  IN THE NEWS-----We can see it now! Your Company Name HERE! Your City, Your State U.S. EPA Power Reductions Award, 2009 Projects coordinated nationwide by Your Company CO managers backed by a strong commitment from corporate makes your company the leader in energy conservation in the Telecom industry. Let NexBay be the Kick Start Your Company needs!:  Let NexBay be the Kick Start Your Company needs! The future of the success of lowering your power expense, saving valuable facility space, and increasing the bottom line is in your hands. Contacts:  Contacts Rusty Burrell Project Coordinator/Incentive Liaison 407-697-6664 Rburrell@NexBay.com Eddie Blankenship Engineering Manager 407-889-6309 EB@NexBay.com Clair Moore Project Manager Cmoore@NexBay.com

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