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Published on June 29, 2008

Author: griggen1

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God's Holy TitheText: Leviticus 27:30-32 : God's Holy TitheText: Leviticus 27:30-32 The Significance of the Old Testament : The Significance of the Old Testament While some feel that the tithe is unimportant because it has its roots in the Old Testament, there are some very important facts we must consider. Inasmuch as the Apostles did not yet have the New Testament, they HAD to preach from the Old Testament. As a matter of fact, EVERYTHING we believe is rooted in the Old Testament. “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine” (2 Timothy 3:16) “Now all these things … are written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come” (1 Corinthians 10:11). Moses’ Three Laws : Moses’ Three Laws The Jews fit into three distinct categories and had three distinct “laws” or sets of laws for each. The Civil Law was their form of government, and dealt with crime and punishment, caring for the poor, treatment of strangers, and such like. The Ceremonial Law as their form of worship, and dealt with animal sacrifices, dietary rules, holidays, and such like. The Moral Law dealt with what was Holy and what was profane, what was right and what was wrong. They were a Jewish Nation, which required a Civil Law. They were a Jewish Religion, which required a Ceremonial Law. They were God’s Children, which required a Moral Law. Moses’ Three Laws and the Church : Moses’ Three Laws and the Church Let us see which (if any) of these apply to the church today. We are bound by U.S. Civil Law which sets the rules for crime and punishment, caring for the poor, and such like. The Ceremonies instituted within the Christian religion (communion, foot washing, baptism, and worship on Sunday) make up OUR Ceremonial Law. God’s Moral Nature never changes. What was once right and wrong still is! The Church comes from many nations, each having their own Civil Laws. The Church is Christian in Religion, and does not follow the ceremonies of Judaism The Church is God’s People, and we ARE bound by the Moral Law. Moses’ Three Tithes : Moses’ Three Tithes Under Moses, there were actually three separate and distinct “tithes” which the Israelites were required to pay. Notice how each of these tithes fall under one of the three categories of law. The Poor Tithe was a part of civil law, just as our civil government today provides for the poor. The Feast Tithe was a part of the ceremonial law, inasmuch as it was ordained to provide transportation to the Jews’ Holy City during their Holy Days. The Levitical Tithe, however, was “holy unto the Lord”(Leviticus 27:30) The Poor Tithe, which was designed to take care of the widows, orphans, and other poor (Deuteronomy 14:28-29) The Feast Tithe, which was ordained to pay the Jews’ observance of Holy Days (Deuteronomy 14:22-27) The Levitical tithe, which went entirely for the livelihood of the Levites (Numbers 18:20-24) The Levitical Tithe : The Levitical Tithe Even when it was more than the Levites needed, the people didn’t cut them back to a percentage and keep the rest. Rather, they established a “storehouse” from which the Levites could draw at a later time when there was a need. This is the equivalent of a modern day “Tithing Account.” The erection of new buildings, as well as maintenance and repairs were paid for exclusively by the free-will offerings of the people. It was never predicated upon the need (or lack thereof) of the Levites (2 Chronicles 31:4-12) It was never used to finance buildings, etc., but was always used exclusively for the livelihood of the Levites (Numbers 18:20-24 ) New Testament Tithing : New Testament Tithing Jesus plainly stated that you “ought” to pay tithes! When Jesus said, “Render to Caesar,” and “Render to God,” He was holding MONEY! Paul used the Moral Law to show that God has appointed certain rules for the support of those who labor. He referred to the Old Testament method of ministerial support, applying it to the New Testament system. Hebrews puts tithing in the present tense. Jesus Taught Tithing Matthew 23:23, 22:19-21 Paul Taught Tithing 1 Corinthians 9:9-11, 13-14; 1 Timothy 5:17-18; Galatians 6:6 The Author of Hebrews Taught Tithing Hebrews 7:8 The Practiceof Tithing : The Practiceof Tithing To not practice tithing is to steal from God what rightfully belongs to Him. “Muzzle” means to “restrain, restrict, or to suppress.” Inasmuch as the Tithe is “Holy unto the Lord,” God threatened judgment on those who came “nigh” unto it. There is no difference between laity trying to control the tithes, and Uzzah touching the Ark. God instituted “the fifth part” as interest – that is 20%! You Must Not Keep the Tithes Malachi 3:8-10; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 You Must Not Control the Tithes 1 Corinthians 9:9-11 Numbers 18:21-22 You Must Not Spend the Tithes If you do, you owe God interest! (See Leviticus 27:30-31) A Prepared Offering : A Prepared Offering To return that which rightfully belongs to another is NOT an act of “giving.” Jesus said we are “unprofitable” until we go ABOVE what is required. Israel NEVER gave to God haphazardly, but always prepared something ahead of time. We often want God to bless us so we can give. We should rather give so God will bless us. If the widow had not been willing to give, she would not have been able to live! You Have Not Given Until it is ABOVE the Tithe Luke 17:10 Consider How Israel PREPARED Their Offerings Numbers 15:5-12 God is Not Obligated to Give to You Until You FIRST Give to Him Luke 6:38 God Spares Those Who Give 1 Kings 17:10-16

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