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Published on September 26, 2018

Author: bignametheory

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2. Bigname is developing communication identities combining unique names with clear and consistent visual language.

3. Based in Europe, working globally 200+ branding and naming projects 60+ countries for name evaluation Strong advertising background Helping start-ups to Fortune TOP 100 companies 2

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19. Our Services

20. Naming

21. Get yourself a new company or product name along with the visual concept of how you wish to communicate it; to give your new brand a bigger bang. Naming creation Campaigns last a few weeks, logos for years, but names, great names endure forever. A strong verbal identity is a solid platform for building great brands that last generations. It doesn’t stop with a company or product; you can strengthen your brand incredibly by de- fining sub-brands in new categories or fitting them into existing ones in your portfolio. • Product naming • Company naming • Service naming • Platform naming • Ingredient naming • Technology naming • Pharmaceutical naming Name Consultancy Are you planning to rebrand and need help with brand name architecture, or are your colleagues battling over the right decision making process? We will be more than happy to share with you our 12 years of experience, answering your ques- tions and bringing peace and direction to your team. The outcome for you is a meeting report with all the information you require. Name Audit There are more than 15 crucial points that can either make your name a success, or weaken it if you miss them. • Is your name positioning the brand? • Can customers in many dif- ferent countries easily say it? • Does the word’s structure and rhythm have linguistic strengths? • Does it fulfil domain-name requirements? • Can it survive changing busi- ness models? • Is it ready for sentiment measuring and social moni- toring? • Does the name contain a brand story layer for PR? • What about trademark and evocation screening? Bigname will prepare a deep report with recom- mendations you can pitch to your management and for making the right decision Naming protocol Control how your people and partners use your brand names, providing exact rules for: • Master brand versus sub-brand • Creating new brand family names • Creating freestanding names • Consistent naming procedures • Co-branding and partner branding

22. Branding

23. 21%of customers try a new product because they like the brand Communicating Identity Having a logo or visual identity is not enough. Our focus is on communicating an identity - combining an idea and design to give your brand amazing consistency in all marketing channels. You will be amazed how great it looks and feels. Your new identity is worth nothing unless there is excitement at its implementation. To success- fully transform your visual and verbal assets and rules, the identity needs to be easy to understand and utilise. We will create you a guide that does exactly that. Packaging When you need to refresh a name or give it a fresh new start, we will help you to create a package with the right combination of: • Shelf impact • Using the right material • Practicality • Share/photo readines • Value added marketing • Evoking a brand personality • Extending a line of products • Checking rules and regula- tions For businesses and entrepreneurs looking for a guarantee of excellence, “art of font” lettering ensures theirs will be both aesthetic and dis- tinct. A visual or logotype created by an artist can differentiate the company from the main- stream and highlight the nature and message of the advertiser. Text posters, visual web con- tent, magazine covers, logos ... If you need to write something people will read and say “it’s beautiful”, such artistic lettering is for you. Handwriting & Calligraphy If lettering is about free “word painting”, calligraphy is about perfectly written letters. It requires a precise control of craft and cal- ligraphic tools to achieve perfection in the cho- sen style. Calligraphy is behind the decorative handwriting on greetings, wish cards, invitations, certificates, awards, and more. It has a greater “wow” effect then ever in the post-digital age, highlighting the status of the connected event. 49%of customers pay more for a product from their favourite brand

24. Linguistics

25. Protect your company and product from problems faced in foreign markets. Checking cultural meaning and linguistics We now review for cultural and linguistic impact in more than 60 countries. Think global from day one and save yourself a lot of money while avoiding embarrassment and negative media attention due to a “howler” or mistaken expression. • Local translation specialists inspect names for potential issues such as: • Cultural and urban language risks • Pronunciation and spelling difficulty • Offensive historical or con- temporary issues • Negative meaning and con- notations The outcome is a “presentation ready” analysis with recommendations from our specialists.

26. Trademarks

27. We provide the same services for registering a design. Trademark Pre-screening All names are checked by us through simple pre-screening before your presentation so you present the right names with a higher probabil- ity of you loving them, and also legally owning and protecting them. In-depth Trademark Research Save time and money with a search of possibly conflicting trademarks before you apply to reg- ister yours. Our lawyers specialise in protection of intellectual and industrial property rights. The outcome of such research is a list of similar names classified in the same Nice Classifica- tion as your business together with a legal opin- ion and the probability (in percent) of success- ful registration for each name. In general, it takes more than a year and half to register a trademark, which is why it is better to have a certain kind of assurance before starting the registration procedure and spending lots of time and money marketing your new logo, name or product. Where we can help you: • Global trademarks • Local trademarks • EU trademarks (EUIPO) • USPTO trademark database • Google due diligence screen • CTM • WIPO Madrid Protocol • Industry-specific databases • Registration strategies • Pre-calculation of registration costs Trademark Registration Protecting your brand with a trademark is a crucial step toward building a valuable asset. We are able to help you with any type trademark registration via a local, European or global property office, which lets you profit from the highest form of protection: an exclu- sive right to use your name or logo. We can either work with your trademark attorney or connect you with an experienced specialist. Trademark disputes Do you have a trademark registration issue? Has someone filed a notice of opposition against your trademark application? Or do you think your trademark rights are being infringed? As name creation professionals and designers working with an experienced trademark law attorney always ready to counsel in legal and administrative proceedings, we can support you in the resolution of such issues through an analysis of the situation.

28. Workshops

29. Select one-of- a-kind cours- es provided by from top-flight instructors cus- tom designed for you and your company. Calligraphy workshop An intensive calligraphy course taught by instructor Rudolf Letko, whose art has been personally admired by famous calligrapher Luca Barcellona, the workshop is designed for both individuals and corporate staff members to incorporate uniquely creative teambuilding. Learn the rules for hand-written scripts and experience the beauty and pleasure of being able after just a few hours to “paint” with a cal- ligraphic pen. The courses are intended for be- ginners and anyone who wants to expand their creative techniques. 10 is the maximum number of participants that can sign up for the calligraphy course. All the necessary tools will be provided at the course.

30. Team

31. Our clients appreci- ate the combination of the practical approach, linguistic and marketing experience, and legal services provided by one team.

32. consulting@gobigname.com Contact us

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