Goals ~ To be successful, you must have measurable goals to guide you.

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Information about Goals ~ To be successful, you must have measurable goals to guide you.

Published on March 6, 2014

Author: dshamrow

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What are measurable goals? How can they help me be successful? Long term and short term goals will help you stay on task. Goals are realistic expectations of yourself.

Goals You need them to be successful!

7 Areas  Financial  Career  Spiritual  Physical  Intellectual  Family  Social

Long term Goals  Each long term goal should have more than one short term goal.  Long term goals should be revisited often.  Are the end result to a group of short term goals.

Short term Goals  Short term goals should be made often; a schedule of when these will be made helps, i.e. weekly, daily, etc.  Set time limits; deadlines.  Includes action words.  Exercise, call, write, e-mail, etc.

Measurable  Be Specific: Examples:  I will exercise for 20 minutes every day.  I will call five potential clients every day.  I will write 2 blog posts per week.

Deadlines and time limits  Give yourself adequate time for the goal(s), but be strict with yourself on the deadline.  Different goals will require different time limits.  Revisit your deadline often to make sure you are on task.

Own your goals  Your goals should be yours, not what someone else wants from you.  Prioritize them  Take pride in achieving them

Action Plan  What steps will it take to achieve the goal(s)?  Do you need to prepare for any of the steps involved?  Do you have time for the steps?

Realistic  Do you have the financial means for the goal(s)?  Do you have the talent/skill(s) to succeed in achieving the goal(s)?  Have you thought the goal(s) through?

Purposeful  Why is the goal(s) important to you?  What do you hope to gain?  Will others gain anything?  Will future goals build upon this one?

Accountability  WRITE THEM DOWN!!!  Share with others- anyone who will listen, tell them your dreams, goals, and how you will achieve them.  Reflect on the goals you meet and those you don’t.

My Personal Goals  I took all seven areas and wrote 3 long term goals for each with a deadline of a date in the current year.  I will create short term goals weekly based on these long term goals.  If I achieve a goal early, I will create a new one

Keeping it Real… Blue Rule Consulting  Check us out at www.thebluerule.com  E-mail usdfleming@thebluerule.com

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