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Published on March 15, 2014

Author: starten

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How Goal Management leads to promotion


 Goal : thing that we want to achieve.  Can be personal or organisational.  They are always inter-related.  Achieving one helps achieving other.  Setting goal and achieving it is two different thing.

 Short term goals  Long term goals  Personal goals  Organizational goals  S.M.A.R.T. we all know this Achieving them is the difficult part lets see how to do that

 8 points that helps you understand how to reach your goal.  These points are monitors towards your goals.  Following them will give you sure shot results.  These points are already known you all of us.  Just a rearrangement and rethinking is required.

 Punctuality  Think Solutions not Problem  Focus  Organized  360 degree approach  Place, Locality, Area, region  Position, Situation &Task  Express leadership

 Being on time is common sense and manners.  Just because some one is late need not mean you can be late as well.  Punctuality starts the time you wake-up.  It also applies on your activities that have dead lines (project, assignment & meeting).  Time & tide wait for none.

 In problem people tend to go mad, panic and frustrated.  First step is to think positive & enthusiastic.  Remember there are always solutions.  You need to be optimistic, positive and creative.  Few get become CEO because rest don’t positive.

 Distraction is one of the major reason for not achieving your goal.  Distractions are private, public & universal.  Focus is something we are tough since child.  Not everyone can focus in same way.  They key is to maintain attitude that was thought in above step.  Maintaining positive attitude helps in focusing.

 Lightning can strike anytime, so you have to be ready.  Ready with plans, plan B’s, delay & review.  Ready with literature, documents, etc.  Ready with speeches, announcement, comments, remarks, taglines.  Everything that has to do you your activities you have to be prepared for it & with it.

 Approach the goal from all direction.  Indirectly make a 100% attempt .  People tend to leave their chase in middle.  Change their path and follow other.  Get influence by others and try and do what they do.  The right thing is to make 100% effort.

 You should always be aware of the place you are working.  Knowing the area gives you confidence, comfort and positivity.  All these help in making a personality.  In short knowing the territory where you work is always better and advantageous.

 When two drunkards are fighting on street, we generally avoid getting involved.  Some thing similar here as well.  Always remember the place you are ? & what is your purpose there ?  Do not give away your attitude in unfriendly situation.  Stay calm and remember your aim & objective & regain your attitude.

 Expression of leadership is all about taking control of the situation.  You should always be aware of the things that happen in past, present & future  It also give you a recognition.  There are maximum chances of thing going in your favor.

 Following these steps look easy but are difficult  Few who follow get promoted  Faster you hit your goal better is your chances of getting promoted  More goals hit, better chances of you being a winner  For further explanation of these points get in touch with us.

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