Go on Char Dham Yatra With All Comforts Available in Excellent Camps

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Information about Go on Char Dham Yatra With All Comforts Available in Excellent Camps

Published on March 11, 2014

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Char Dham Yatra With All Comforts: Char Dham Yatra With All Comforts Traditionally, devoted Hindus, just like the devotees in other religions, have travelled extensively on pilgrimages. Especially in the case of the Hindus some of these pilgrimages have been very tough and arduous as the conditions of the journey were far from being comfortable. Special mention must be made in this context of the Char Dham Yatra. Website: http://www.leisurehotels.co.in/chardham/ Char Dham Yatra - Hindus: Char Dham Yatra - Hindus When translated Char Dham means the four places of pilgrimage for the devout Hindu. These four places are Gangotri, the origin of the majestic River Ganges, Yamunotri, the origin of the River Yamuna, Kedarnath, the earthly home of Shiva and Badrinath, the abode of Vishnu another Hindu God. Website: http://www.leisurehotels.co.in/chardham/ Chardham Camps: Chardham Camps A Char Dham tour has been the aspiration of all devoted Hindus for thousands of years. While earlier these tours were tough mainly on account of poor living conditions especially near the destination, today thanks to the creation of Chardham Camps the pilgrim has no complaints as the conditions offered at these camps are luxurious and most comfortable. Website: http://www.leisurehotels.co.in/chardham/ The Rigors of Char Dham Yatra: The Rigors of Char Dham Yatra The Char Dham Yatra can be completed in more than one way. One can embark on the tour from the temple town of Haridwar while others can leave from the sister city of Haridwar, which is Rishikesh. Yet another possible route is from Dehra Doon. Irrespective of the route taken, the Chardham Camps have been set up at places where pilgrims must pass in order to reach their destinations. Website: http://www.leisurehotels.co.in/chardham/ Pilgrims: Pilgrims These camps are set up at Joshimath for pilgrims headed for Badrinath, Guptkashi for those that would like to visit Kedarnath, Barkot for pilgrims going to Yamunotri and Harsil for those headed for Gangotri. The rigours of the Char Dham tour are all absorbed at these well-established camps. Website: http://www.leisurehotels.co.in/chardham/ The Comforts at Char Dham Camp: The Comforts at Char Dham Camp The entire Himalayan area is eco-sensitive. Any accommodation therefore has to be created keeping this in mind. The pilgrims for the Char Dham Yatra as well as those that visit the general area famous for its natural beauty will find the accommodation excellent in terms of comfort. Website: http://www.leisurehotels.co.in/chardham/ Roof Cottage Tents – Chardham: Roof Cottage Tents – Chardham The camps are also superior in the standard of conditions offered when compared to any hotel in Chardham area. The accommodation is spacious and everyone gets to stay in weather proof luxury thatched roof cottage tents. These tents have attached baths and toilets with running hot and cold water. Hot water bottles are supplied each day at sundown. Website: http://www.leisurehotels.co.in/chardham/ The Food Served at the Camp: The Food Served at the Camp Multi-cuisine dining facilities on these Char Dham Tours serve delicious vegetarian wholesome food from regions in the southern parts of India as well as from Gujrat and Rajasthan. Website: http://www.leisurehotels.co.in/chardham/ CharDham- Leisure Hotels Ltd: CharDham- Leisure Hotels Ltd Website: http://www.leisurehotels.co.in/chardham/

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